Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 39: January 2014 - December 2015

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Yes, she is still smoking, you can see it in the yesterday pics.
I ve noticed that she always have the same body guard.
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extremely beautiful! i love her simple style
Charlotte's and Gad's son Raphaël, was baptized on Sunday at 11:30 at the chapel of the royal palace.
Albert, Charlene and all the royal family were gathered around Charlotte, Gad and Raphaël, Caroline and her children Andrea and his wife Tatiana, Pierre with his wife Beatrice and Stephanie and her children were present. The mother of Gad Elmaleh and his son Noah were also there. After the baptism, a lunch was given in the palace gardens.
Le fils de Charlotte Casiraghi et Gad Elmaleh baptisé à Monaco Dernière minute Corse-Matin
Judaism is transmitted through the mother, so I think Raphael will will be brought up as christian.
That's interesting. I was under the impression that Raphael would be raised Jewish, even though as others have pointed out Judaism comes through the maternal side.

I wonder who was chosen as god-parents?

This little boy was born in Monaco and has now been baptized in Monaco, at the Palatine Chapel no less. All that's left for him to be included in the Succession is for Gad and Charlotte to marry.
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I'd love some pix and info.... frustrating....
She has lived in Monaco for up to 4 years. Immediately after the death of his father moved to St.Remy where he attended public school until 1999, then moved to Paris with her ​​mother's marriage with Ernst .. Despite this' is closely linked to Monaco and his uncle. Unlike Di Andrea, Charlotte has chosen to give birth to her child and baptize in Monaco and has also had plenty of privacy. I like his choice.
Royal Blog. Gad & Charlotte. Fêtes de famille à Monaco - Paris Match
the article describes extensively the choice of the Christian faith and some details of the ceremony

The article states that Gad agreed to have his son baptized and raised Catholic as a sign of his love for Charlotte and his respect for the Grimaldis. The gesture will strengthen his ties with the Princely family.

Charlene and Albert were chosen as god-parents because Charlotte is very close to both of them. Charlene held Rafael in her arms as he was anointed.

Gad's mother and his oldest son attended, his father and his brother Arie did not.
when did the ceremony take place?

i don't Charlotte's posture and she seems like she cannot walk those heels. But i like the white dress, although it is a bit weird!
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