Charlotte Casiraghi and Family Current Events Part 39: January 2014 - December 2015

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Raphael's parents may marry soon, I think.
Lordy....her posture is so awful. She needs to not slump and stand up straight.

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Uhm... not enough!!! We want photos of the christening gown, of the ceremony, of the guests outfits... We want it all!!! :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:

I do not think we will have more pics, it would be nice to have at least one official, but very few chances, for Sacha we did not had either.
Magazines Hola and Semana published more photos of baby Raphael's baptism... that is... we can see the family arriving to the ceremony but neither the ceremony itself nor the baby. Still, here they are[/IMG][/I[/IMG][/I[/I[/IM[/IMG][/IMG][/I[/IMG][/[

Baby Andrea and baby Sasha[/IMG][/IMG]

Sorry if some pic are repeated. I lost track of what i'd already posted...
:previous:thank you for sharing:flowers:

they always look like a united family.
and what a funky car lol
This family always seem to have so much fun together. Does anyone recognise or can identify the young man over Andrea's shoulder in the car?

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Lovely relaxed pictures. Thank you for sharing.
What a lovely casual event, the way they prefer. I loved Charlottes dress. Thanks for all the pics.
Doesn't look Gucci to me. I'd put my money on Giambattista Valli, but I could be wrong.
The dress is lovely, unfortunately a bit spoiled by Charlotte's terrible posture. It seems to be getting worse and worse.
After pregnancy seemed to improve her posture .. all ther photo has a good posture, but this is awesome .. will also have horse riding .. strange that do not do something to improve. As spokesperson for Gucci now even more 'she should
Classical elegance. She looks stunning.

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Looking at the video I am struck how much she resembles Princess Caroline in her facial gestures and general way of carrying herself (not, sadly, in her posture).

And someone please tell me she is not marrying the old guy who fathered her child...please?
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As for marrying Gad, for the moment nothing is announced, maybe later, who knows.
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They were taken during their winter holidays in Zürs, Austria, at the beginning of this year and have also been posted at the forums back then :flowers:
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