Charlene Wittstock Current Events Part 10: January 2008 - June 2011

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I wish Charlene would be so secure in Monaco like she is in SA. The events last days were good and helped to have a better image of her.
So I really hope the next years she will grow into her role as a Princess.
I wish Charlene would be so secure in Monaco like she is in SA. The events last days were good and helped to have a better image of her.
So I really hope the next years she will grow into her role as a Princess.

I agree with you but Charlene really has a long way to go.:flowers:
An article in Nice-Matin (Friday 11th) with CW looking relaxed after a job well done....
Nice frock and pose, and she pointed out to journalists that she was there not for competitive swimming, but for charitable purposes.

She was due to attend a rugby match with the Sharks of Durban.

Monaco: Charlène Wittstock de retour en Afrique du Sud | Nice-Matin

After looking at this photo, I went back to view previous picture posts. How did I overlook this blue outfit and necklace. Love it, love it, love it. She's going to bring back macrame!!!

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Here's an Hola article about the swimming event:

** Charlene Wittstock recuerda su etapa como nadadora durante su visita a Sudáfrica **

** gallery ** translation **
The second photo kind of shows that perhaps she has NOT had cosmetic surgery on her face. She's a knockout!
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The Svenskdam picture where CW wears the nice blue dress is perhaps her best so far, IMO.

Sadly, I'm still worried for her because of her thin figure. Is she being persuaded to lose weight for the wedding?
All athletes are thin. They burn up 100's of calories working out every day and have very little body fat. It's all muscle. She said she practiced 1 1l/2 hrs every day to get ready for this event. And if you think Charlene has big shoulders you should see a pitcture of the 41 year old US swimmer, Dara Torres. Her arms and shoulders are huge. She is an otherwise very pretty woman. It's the price you pay for being an Olympian.
I think the training makes her losing weights but happily, she is not like Kate who lost a lot of weights
There is a video on the Charlene's race on the site" Glanzundgloria schweitzer tv"
and for those who are in Europa there is a report on her travel in South Africa on the news on the site "Monaco en ligne", it runs at each hour until 19h in the evening where there are others subjects
I saw this in january on french tv, and it"s fine to see in videos on dailymotion, there are several parts incluing Prince of Savoie, prince Jean of France, the life of french noblesses and talks about monarchy with Stephane Bern, the report of Point De Vue, very interessing
Thanks to Melina for the brilliant Dailymotion clips - I didn't know that Emanuele Filiberto can "sing" as well as playing the fool..... :))

The feeding frenzy of the media has well and truly begun for the two happy couples ... let's hope they will still be happy after all the circus has died down.
Anyone knows anything about the interview Charlene had to give to Jenny Crwys-Williams, talk radio host of a South African radio?.
Jenny tweeted that Charlene never showed up, and that she had to wait 2 hours for her and nobody came.
Tweets on Charlene

I know it's elegant to appear 5-10 minutes late, but never appear? Mmm?
Uh Oh...sounds like a possible calendar mix-up.
KittyAtlanta said:
Uh Oh...sounds like a possible calendar mix-up.

Must be because now tweets say they did chat- eventually!
Why is Prince Albert not following her, because she has stated many time sharing his events all the time but why it was not happening vice versa in South Africa.
he had this last week end two bigs events one at Bale the environnement and food and in Monaco on february the 13th and 14th a meeting on two days about the Mediterrannée with many personalities, ministers of many countrys around the Mediterrannée.The planning was fixed more one year ago and he could not change the date. Charlene was in South Africa from February 4th and Prince Albert said that this year he had much work with weedding preparation and the duties.
It is a good thingh that Charlene could proove that she is abble to do caritatives events alone and she was very smiling when she gave awards saturday and sunday evening, I think it was a succeed for her
I learned this week that she will be with Prince Albert at the official trip in Ireland for the 4 april to 6 april
Charlene Wittstock gave an interview to the You Magazine while she was at the Beverley Hills Hotel. The interview was briefly about her life in Monaco, the wedding and her family. Her mother now lives in France and her father visits occasionally and her brothers every few months. She also discusses her childhood briefly and her swimming career and also her relationship with Prince Albert although nothing too personal.
Article written by Alet van Zyl
I read the interview of Charlene Wittstock, but I don't read her mother is living in Monaco, I read that she had an interview on SA radio, where she said that her childhood hero was Zorro

to know more you can go on the Channel 24 title:Charlene Wisttock talk about royal life
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There is a second set of pictures at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga, I'm not
sure whether the agency links will stay, so here is that second set:

** Charlene **
I love this second set of pix... she looks very well and happy !
She looks lovely. Zorro was the masked averger in a fairytale, so to speak.
She is very fine here, her dress is not black and she looks very happy and well.IN Point De Vue, there is one photo where she is with a little baby in her arms, it was taken during her privat part of her travel.She visited an orphan house in the township. I search on the sites of the photos and I don-t find it,
this photo is only published by Point de Vue.But I think we will see more further in the months coming because, Jerome Revon said that his team will follow Charlene Wittstock in South Africa to make a documentary about Charlene Wittstock and to show at the tv before the weedding.The interview of Jerome Revon was in the newspaper of monaco
The jeans CW wore were not my favorite (a little too legging like and needed a longer top I think).

I'm sorry to those who like the necklace but to me it seemed a little big, sort of out of place with the clothing she was wearing. I really don't like it. Good to see something other than all black. I think the casual style suits her better, but she needs to dress it up a little more to be appropriate for the things she was doing (other than swimming of course).

CW seems so much happier "at home" than in Monaco and that troubles me. After all Monaco is supposed to be her home now.

In these photos I find her much more likable seeming. She needs to let that show more in Monaco.
thank you Florencia for this interview, Charlene is well, confortable.There is a difference between the first interview with PPDA and the south Africa Reporter, she has much learned about the making of an interview, I found in this travel that she is most relaxed when she is alone, perhaps in Monaco, she is afraid to do a fault . I hope to see her like this in Monaco,
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