Charlene Wittstock Current Events Part 10: January 2008 - June 2011

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Charlene Wittstock in Bunte this week:
BUNTE – Das Heft Nr. 08, 2011: Inhaltsverzeichnis - BUNTE

Interview on Carte Blanche TV
Part 1 and 2: Carte Blanche > M-Net
Lovely pic! Pitty she has such broad shoulders, the pic then would be perfect.
Well, sometimes she doesn't look like she has such broad shoulders...maybe the angle of the pic makes this effect?

CW seems so much happier "at home" than in Monaco and that troubles me. After all Monaco is supposed to be her home now.
It kinds troubles me too, but i think it's natural to feel happier in home than in any place.
For me it is not a pity, she has broad shoulders, it can not planing, it is better then she has broad shouldres as the shoulders look like a coat hanger,
.but seriously I use to see her on the monaco info, the look of Charlene is different from photos to movies.
This interview in South Africa is very well, how she explains, South Africa people are open and they say what they are feeling. And in Monaco, the protocol want that the sovereign don't show their feelings. Charlene learned the rules of the protocol as she said in an interview, and I think she is afraid to make a fault and she is less natural than in South Africa. I think that she will be more relaxed at the return to monaco, but what I see, she was very well in that interview, and I listen too the interview she gave at a south Africa radio , she said she was very happy and she described her life in Monaco
[QUOTE Interview on Carte Blanche TV
Part 1 and 2: Carte Blanche > M-Net[/QUOTE]

This interview answers a number of questions about the relationship, Charlene's mother being in Monaco, and Charlene's view about becoming royal. I found it interesting to hear her talk about these things, and I was left with the impression that she is much more intelligent than she has been portrayed in the media. Check it out!
In fact, even though she has broad shoulders, she is still beautiful and really for the little I've seen of her (I mean, in interviews she made and video from reports) She seems like a nice woman who really brings happiness to her relatives and her friends. Have you seen the video about her in Prise Directe? She was such a joyful woman and she was so hardworking (with her sport). She is not perfect but I'm sure she will be a good princess and BTW we need new blood in this family (I can't wait to see their future children :wub::wub:)
This PR is absolutely what Charlene needed, and i think she did a great job!

Though i don't like that long dress at the hotel, it's wayyyyyy to long.
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I believe the broad shoulders are essential for championship swimming and swimming develops them further. She has the figure of an athlete- beautiful.
It was nice to hear CW's voice and to observe her way of speaking.

She seems quite modest.
That carte blanche interview was great! Charlene came across very well. Soft spoken, but strong at the same time. And she looks good on camera.
I believe the broad shoulders are essential for championship swimming and swimming develops them further. She has the figure of an athlete- beautiful.

I totally agree. Her shoulders are broad but lean, and she carries them well. Her figure shows years of dedication to her sport. Also, she presents another ideal of femininity and beauty -- athletic ladies need not be dismissed as manly or unfeminine just because they have muscular or sturdy bodies.
Derek: "Already people are saying you bring back memories of Princess Grace?"

In the case of being reserved and well spoken, she could be compared to Princess Grace.
I like her voice. Very soft. She was very calm in this interview.
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I wld have never guessed such a lovely and bubbly personality from Charlene's earlier photos. I just love her more and more. And her accent can just so wonderful at times.
I particularly enjoyed hearing about her surprise at the proposal and about how when Charlene first met Albert, she was not blown away because her focus was on swimming. A lot has been written about her being a gold-digger and many on this forum question her motives behind the relationship- while we will never know this for certain, it seems that she was simply a girl focused on an athletic dream who happened to meet a prince along the way.
I think we will see Charlene come into her own as being the wife of Prince Albert II, she is taking on a big challenge becoming the wife of Albert after Grace, and I think she is dutiful woman and shoud be given the chance to prove herself and so far I think she has:princess3:
I think that the interview answers to all the questions that were written on her. Yes she is not a gold digger, her life was focused on her swimming job and her dream to win in the olympicd games, so many persons critized her and said lies about her. I always think that Prince Albert was not a mad man to marry with a wife who would be a gold digger, he had all the women he wanted, but he choose Charlene, and it last during many years His sisters agree with him.Princess Stephanie said, Charlene is honest right,I have the best sister in law.Charlene said in the interview of Tatler that she wanted that the family is united
Thx for the pix, Nathalie. I enjoyed them and I love those trousers...
She's looking radiant and relaxed. I really love her subtle taste in jewelry/accessories.
Thanks for those photos! :flowers:

I really think that this is the right way for CW to be heading with her clothing style. Dressy sporty casual I would call it! With her height and build it works to me.

CW's hair I am not as sold on in these photos. I think her hair is very fine, and a little flyaway. If she is growing her hair out so she could wear it up for the wedding I hope she starts using some good protein conditioner to stop the static, build it's strength, make it very shiny. Otherwise I prefer her hair to be in that shorter style she had it in a while back which was sporty yet more elegant and worked on her for some reason. :)
Wonderful pix, how bad we can't enlarge them !
Is it me, or has CW lost a lot of weight? :ohmy:

Anyway, even though she will never please 100% of people, she seems to really be putting forth an effort to do her best.

I think she will do a very decent job as Albert's wife.
Pics 8 and 15 show Charlene with her prospective de Massy relative...
there is a video on the event of the ladies lunch where Charlene Wittstock came to support the dance accademy'Princess Grace.
The link is: the riviera woman. and in the case calandar there is the subcase local events and you will find a little video on the ladies lunch at monte Carlo where Charlene attended there is a little interview with her
On the VTM .Be channel a flemish channel there is also a video on Charlene Wittstock, there is a part we didn't watch, she visited a orphan house in a township in South Africa, I think it is an orphan house that Monaco supports
Well, at least we won't have to worry about that now....

People mag uses this phrase:

"...her conversion allows her to enter into a sanctioned marriage.....
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