Caroline's Future Role in Monaco

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Not sure it'll be as simple as all that.

I can see Caroline continuing working in the Arts, frequenting literary salons, supporting and grooming young artists and musicians, etc.

But these fields of activity would not suit Charlene at all, I suspect.

Equally I can't really see Caroline doing serious water sports or other sporting pursuits.

So, there is little chance of either of them to "poach" on each other's territory :)
Princess Caroline should live in France starting a new life. Stephanie will help Charlène in Monaco I am sure.
Princess Caroline has a life – whatever for would she need to "start a new life"? She will be of far greater help to Charlène than Stephanie anyway. I think soon enough, once the dust settles down, roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined. They all seem to get along just fine, and besides, PA would never have married Charlène without his sisters' blessing. And they were all very much aware of the consequences in terms of everybody's roles. Charlène would be wise to look at Caroline as a mentor of sorts.
I found maria-olivia's suggestion a bit heartless.
Why on earth should Caroline and her kids be uprooted from the Monaco home???
Princess Caroline should live in France starting a new life. Stephanie will help Charlène in Monaco I am sure.
I'm really sorry for you but i highly doubt that's gonna happen. In what can Stephanie help Charlene? Stephanie almost do nothing as a Princess. Caroline was first Lady for almost 30 years.
I think Caroline will remain in Monaco will do any cultural thing. Charlene might do charities and sports related things.
Yes, Charlene won't get in Caroline's way. She won't have a clue how to organise a ball, and she strikes me as a bit unfocussed in several respects.

So it'll be Caroline who will still be First Lady of Monaco !!
Yes! It is Caroline who chooses the theme every year for the Rose Ball, she suggests the designers and then they are in charge of the decoration, music, all the atmosohere. I remember when she thought of the theme Tango, which is very related to my country you know. She appeared in a dress by Chanel inspired in this danse, the decoration was perfect and the widow if a renowned musician was invited. This is what I mean by "having knowledge of the world".
With all due respect to Caroline, that's not particularly a hard thing to do. I do agree that Caroline's world and life experiences allow her to have knowledge of different cultures but its not rocket science. Is about traveling and educating yourself to other people, events, cultures, countries, etc. THat's something that Charlene can in time pick up. What might be hard for Charlene in regards to Caroline's cultural background is her lack of education that Caroline might have picked up in finishing school and/or college.

Furthermore, Caroline probably has a staff that helps with the vision and is making the calls regarding the bands, the food, the decorators. Most likely they are coming back to her with the prices, the set ups, etc. And she is making the final decisions. Again, not rocket science.

Its worth noting that at one time Caroline too wasn't familiar with the particulars of the Rose Ball but she had to learn with time as well. I am not trying to belittle Caroline's experience as well as her contribution to Monaco's cultural affairs.

One shouldn't assume that Charlene can't do the same or at least have advisors who make suggestions to her as well.
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Well, it was just an example. She is in charge of many things, and the Rose Ball is only one of them. I could have mention the Prince Pierre Award, in which meetings she participates and debates( that was told by a member of the French Academy). If she still does it, I dont´know. I am sure CW cannot perform some duties, even if they do not require scientific knowledge, they require a wide cultural background. And if you don´t know who Placido Domingo is, I guess that is a bad start.
With the reactions of some people here, i see that some cannot accept the fact that Caroline won't be the Fist Lady of Monaco from now on. I don't think that's a big deal. Well, at least for me. And i think that with some lessons i would also learn how to organise some parties and balls. What i want to say is that the experience is something that all people can get some day. I don't think that it'll be difficult for Charlene either. For god's sake.. she is not going to compete in a difficult math test!:flowers:
Don't forget that Caro grew up with all this culture and philosophy being in her house since she was a little girl. We don't know how much effort she made in order to learn these. Maybe she had an easy start, maybe not. Plus, we don't know how many people she had/has by her side to advise her.
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Either way - regardless of who exactly organised this or that part of a Ball or other function - "The Monaco Princesses" will be there on the night ! Perhaps not all of them every time.....

Each Princess has secretarial staff (see Palace website).

And, if all fails, there's always Virginia Gallico to give sage advice.
Heart and soul - If Charlene loves wht she is doing, and she puts her heart and soul into her new life, she will enjoy what she is doing, feel rewarded an learning new things will be a pleasure.
I am no expert on the Princely Family and I also don't like speculation, but I think that it's possibly too early at this stage to come to a concluded view as to how Caroline's role will now develop.

Much as we all deplore tabloid trash reporting etc, on a worse-case basis, if the tabloid rumours about fresh paternity suits etc are true, and unpalatable as it may be for us to think this, if Charlene decides that she no longer wants to remain in the Principality, then Caroline's presence will continue to be important. This is how I see it possibly developing:

Like I said, I don't want to speculate unnecessarily and neither do I want to take the thread off topic, but I feel that 'this tale is not yet told'. Princess Grace arrived in the Principality unable to speak much french and she found a very different life waiting for her and to start with by her own account she found things very hard. But at least she did not have to contend with paternity suit rumours etc. The success that she made of her role is truly inspiring. Fast forward to this summer and I keep looking at the wedding photos and to me the overall picture is that Charlene did not look a happy person. Who knows what she is experiencing behind the Palace doors? It did chill me to read in The Times that Prince Albert's aides were united in saying that [if the paternity rumours are true,] then Charlene's duty is to support Albert; well that is ok up to a point, but I would have preferred it if they had been able to say 'These are completely untrue rumours and Prince Albert will be suing'. Instead we hear of Princely displeasure with the Palace moles etc. Sneaking is deplorable, but it would have been unnecesary if the rumours were without foundation! If, therefore, it then turns out to be true and that Albert had concieved a child [or perhaps more than one] at the same time as his relationship with Charlene, then I foresee great trouble ahead and I can almost see Charlene leaving the Principality [regardless of whether she did so just before her wedding] and rushing home. Caroline will then find herself charged with the responsibility of holding everything together.
I see P.Caroline as being P.Charlene's rock. Caroline has had her share of bad press and hindsight is always 20/20. I get the feeling that some want Charlene to leave Albert RIGHT NOW. I think she is a much stronger person than that.

If it is found that Albert had relations with another woman while engaged to Charlene, I still don't think she will leave him. Same circumstances after the marriage would be a different story, but I don't think Albert is stupid enough to do that.

Caroline has a young daughter to raise, to which I think she will devote all the time it takes. I think she will also continue to fulfill duties as her brother asks.

All in all, I think things will go along just as always, with Charlene in the mix.
KittyAtlanta - I think you're right - Caroline may well be the only person to drag the cart out of the mud....
But Caroline (as you said) is - to all intents and purposes - a single mum, albeit with plenty of help.
Here in Spain , it is said that Princess Caroline will only devote to AMADE and to the Literary Prizes of the Prince Pierre Foundation. If it is true or not .... I don´t know :ermm: .... Although it is clear that after Prince Albert wedding Caroline´s role will undoubtedly diminish.
For me it´s not clear at all. After the wedding Caroline attended two events.
Caroline can attend whatever events she likes. She is a free person.

And let's not forget that she is an S.A.R. :) Even PA and CW can't aspire to the "Royal" title.
Sa Altesse Royale, which is Her Royal Highness ;)
I believe it's french for H.Royal.H whereas Albert and Charlene are only H.Serene.H.
Caroline can attend whatever events she likes. She is a free person.

And let's not forget that she is an S.A.R. :) Even PA and CW can't aspire to the "Royal" title.

I don't think a courtesy title for a deposed House can outrank a real one.
This little controversy about Ernst's title has been around for a while, and probably will go on and on.

The point is that everyone who knows Caroline also accepts her title.
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