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Apr 20, 2004
United States
Who do you think is the hardest working royal?
Well, for the Windsors that would the Princess Royal, Anne.
I would say yes.
In my opinion, HM Queen Elizabeth II, the Princess Royal, Anne, and Prince Charles.
In my opinion:Queen Elizabeth II,Princess Anne,Countess Sophie,Prince Charles,Princess Victoria.
My opinion is Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne the Princess Royal, and Prince Charles the Prince of Wales
Very nice to list the hardest working royals in the UK.

That does not do "justice" though to the hardworking royals in the other royal countries !

If the "Royal Country" list is


who would the "three hardest working royals" in each country be ????
I can't make a top 3 lists of all the countries since I don't know the calendars for all of the royals in their countries - but here's what I think of some of them:

Denmark - Queen Margrethe & Princess Alexandra are the ones who are the most busy ones and according to me doing a superb job! I hope to see Crown Prince Fredrik & Crown Princess Mary becoming equally active soon, and I think they'll do just as good a job as the others. What we have seen of the couple this far at least seems promising.

Great Britain - The Princess Royal, Queen Elizabeth & Prince Charles always have full calendars indeed. I can't believe how much they actually do, and I think they're also doing a good job.

Norway - King Harald & Queen Sonja of course, but Crown Prince Haakon & Crown Prince Mette-Marit have also been doing quite a lot of things. And I think they're doing a great job.

Sweden - King Carl Gustaf & Queen Silvia are the most busy, and they're just so good at their job! Sweden couldn't have much better representatives. Crown Priness Victoria is the third most busy person, and also she is really great! She represents the country and her family very well, and always wants to do her best and help out as much as she can.
I would say Queen Margrethe and Princess Alexandra for Denmark; The PRincess Royal, Queen Elizabeth for UK; CP Haakon and Mette-Marit for Norway
I knew that late Princess Diana been working hard before she died she been visit sick people and kids, traveling and lunch funds, etc i would give her as dedication!

Sara Boyce
Yes Diana was pretty great, and perhaps just as importantly, she really made the causes she supported well known around the world.

Unfortunately, its not enough just to work tirelessly if one can't bring some exposure to the charities by your association... I suppose perhaps Princess Anne is a testament of this. Its probably very likely that Princess Anne did did more work than Diana but because she isn't able to make the causes she supported known worldwide, she wasn't able to have as much of an effect as Diana did (but that's only my opinion).
Great Britain:Queen Elizabeth II,Prince Charles,Princess Anne,Countess Sophie,Duke and Duchess of Gloucester,PrinceMichael of Kent.
Denmark:Queen Margrethe,Princess Alexandra
The Netherlands:Queen Beatrix,Crown Prince and Princess,Princess Laurentien
Sweden:Queen Silvia,Princess Victoria
Norway:King and Queen,Crown Prince and Princess.
In my opinion:
Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Margrethe and Princess Alexandra

Though then again, it depends on what you define as "work". For royals this definition is pretty fluid, i.e. would studying be included as work even though it's different from charity work.
In Spain, i say that's King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. Then, definitly CP Felipe and Infanta Cristina is the busiest infanta ;)
BELGIUM: mathilde is doing a very good job

DENMARK: alexandra, surely


the NETHERLANDS: maxima

LUXEMBOURG: henri and maria teresa

MONACO: caroline

NORWAY: harald and sonja

SPAIN: sofia

SWEDEN: victoria
"Unfortunately, its not enough just to work tirelessly if one can't bring some exposure to the charities by your association."

This SO reminded me of a line Edina says in "Absolutely Fabulous" when she's disappointed to learn that Anne will be attending her fashion show instead of Diana:

"I need a princess with a press following and a designer dress on her back!!"

It is true, you need to create interest in large part to create impact. Anne does great work, but can't create the necessary "buzz".
This is my list about who I feel are the hardest working royals.

United Kingdom: H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
Norway: Crown Prince Haakon
Sweden: Crown Princess Victoria
Denmark: H.M. Queen Margrethe II
The Netherlands: H.M. Queen Beatrix
Belgium: Crown Princess Mathilde
Spain: H.M. Queen Sofia
Monaco: Princess Caroline
Liechtenstein: Prince Hans-Adam II

I don't know if the European newspaper have the horiid habit like they have in Britian of counting engagements and then declaring one lucky royal the hardest working and the other's lazy louts.
I really disaggree with this idea. simply because it doesn't do justice to waht royals really do. 90% of what they do is behind the scenes and not in front of the camera and because of this they don't get thanked for thier hard work. It's like saying ministers onlyu work on Sunday. My point been: The number of engagements doesn't meaning the hardest working.

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the most hard working in our country is the king mohamed VI and his brother prince moulay rachid but the most hard working is the king due to his hard responsabilities and he must stay eye awake with everything because he is the first responsible about anything happen in the country he work like a horse .
Most active royals

I have noticed that the most active royals (who are not CPs) are the two spanish infantas. I seem to see pictures of them more often than, for example, Laurent of Belgium, or Caroline of Monaco, etc. Is it only my imagination?
Other than Crown Princes I would say Princess Anne of Great Britain is quite active, although her activities are much less publicized.

Princess Alexandra of Denmark also usually has a pretty rigorous schedule.

Princess Astrid of Belgium doesn't do as much but I do find her to be a constant at most galas hosted in Belgium.

I think it's a matter of what publications you look at and how much media attention certain royals get. Infantas Elena and Cristina likely get a bit more attention because of the volume of Spanish-language magazines but I don't think they are as well known as Princess Anne on a broader scale, yet the numerous public duties and patronages Princess Anne is a part of get a lot less attention.
CP Mary of Denmark gets alot of coverage so i guess she is somewhat 'active'...
hillary_nugent said:
CP Mary of Denmark gets alot of coverage so i guess she is somewhat 'active'...
More coverage doesn't necessarily equate with being active.

Mary could make one appearance in two weeks but because she is a new royal, young and attractive the images from that one royal duty could be carried for several days.

As I mentioned in my previous post, some royals naturally get a lot of coverage, such as new the Crown Princesses -- which was what the original query was diverting from, asking other than CPs who else was active with their royal duties.

Princess Anne is a very active royal but gets significantly less coverage than Mary, Letizia, Maxima, Mette-Marit, Mathilde, etc.
Alexandria said:
More coverage doesn't necessarily equate with being active.

Princess Anne is a very active royal but gets significantly less coverage than Mary, Letizia, Maxima, Mette-Marit, Mathilde, etc.

You are correct about the Princess Royal (Anne) being one of the most active, especially for Save the Children. However, she doesn't get nearly the same type of coverage that the Crown Princesses. I remember when Diana was in the picture there was a commentary that she did more charity work than the Princess of Wales but didn't get any publicity.

According to The Royalty Report, Princess Anne is patron of 220 organizations. In 1997 she carried out 447'official' engagements. in 1998 she carried out 679. Then in 1999 she carried out 1,138.(This number we now know is incorrect). Correct number is approximately 700 according to the BBC. She is definitely a hard working royal!
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Princess Anne is generally acknowledged for being the most active Windsor even though the Queen is closely behind. . But I would say that of the crown princesses Maxima is probably the most active with Mathilde closely behind. Of princes, I would say Charles is the most active. Philippe and Willem-Alexander are also quite active. It´s really kind of hard to say because many royals do their work without the coverage as Alexandria has noted.
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i have red somewhere that the king and queen of sweden attended 400 events last year
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