Brazilian Imperial Orders

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Aug 13, 2004
The order of the Rose was founded by the Emperor Dom Pedro I. on October 17, 1829, on occasion of his second marriage to Amalie Princess of Leuchtenberg.

Two days after the engagement, October 17, 1829, the Order of the Rose was founded.

Some say the order was founded due to Pedro saying: "...beautiful as a rose", looking at Amalie.

The other theory was the fact that Amalie liked the Rose's very much and he surprised her giving her a diamond set grand cross badge upon her arrival in Brazil. The last version should be the correct one.

I find it Beautiful - picture

You can read more about this Order here
Regina and Elsa, thanks for the wonderful pictures. But, I was wondering, what would someone have to achieve to be awarded the Order of the Rose?
what would someone have to achieve to be awarded the Order of the Rose?
The order itself was to reward those who had proven their allegiance to the Emperor and the State. It included several "ranks"... but, for example, one of the people who were awarded was a man who gave assistance to the imperial family, when they were involved in an accident. Also several witnesses of the "Grito do Ipiranga" (D. Pedro's declaration of independence from Portugal, on September 7th 1822) were awarded, as well as some politicians and personalities like the Brazilian writer Machado de Assis, etc.
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