Bowing and Curtseying

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I know I've seen other pictures where Marie is curtseying and Margrethe isn't looking. I'm not sure if there are any like this with Mary? If not, maybe there is a pattern there, but on the other hand, the photo is taken in one quick second, so it's hard to establish anything.

True, pictures are not a good indication of the sequence of events. However, I have seen several videos of Marie curtseying to Margrethe and Henrik, and they have already moved away from her as she curtseys. Maybe they're just in a hurry!:ermm:
Last year (if i'm not mistaken) at this event, the same was said about crown princess Mary, that when she was curtseying to Queen Margrethe she (the Queen) didn't look at her. So i think that's the hurry of the day!
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President Obama bows to Emperor Akihito

President Obama makes low bow to the Emperor

"President Obama has been branded the ‘Groveller-in-Chief’ after giving an exaggerated bow to Japan’s emperor Akihito - the son of the ruler who authorised the
1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.Coming so soon after Remembrance Day, the deep bow caused an outcry in the U.S.
While it was seen as a sign of respect in Japan, Mr Obama was attacked in America for ‘bowing and scraping’ to a foreign leader, particularly a Japanese one. Wartime scars are still raw for many Americans."

Pic and read more:
"The Year In Bows" - A lot of royals!

The Year in Bows - The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast has this gallery of pics - 2009's most interesting "bows." Of course, since most bows are based on royal position, they would be of interest
Thank you for the link. Very interesting pictures. My favourite was the one in which Mr. Obama bowed to the Emperor Akihito....I thought that was a beautiful gesture and a very appreciated one in Japan from what I've heard. A bow is as common in Japan as a hi in america and to show respect and awareness towards the customs of another country should be respected not condemned. Whatever a bow might mean in america in japan it is definitely not a sign of subservience. Its a matter of good manners.
I still find that problematic. Yes, it may just mean "hello" in Japan, and I think it's important for heads of state to be polite and culturally sensitive while travelling, but the fact remains that most Americans don't know what a bow means in Japanese culture. They see it and see a head of state making a royal sort of bow to another head of state, which traditional protocol doesn't call for, and they're offended to see their president showing what they take as subservience. I think any president should be concerned first about how a gesture will play in his own country before he considers how it will play in a foreign country.
If President Obama had bowed to the Emperor on US soil, then I would agree with you, Maura. I have always had a problem with that; we fought a whole war about it. Two, actually.
Typically of these people they eshcew what is protocol and do what they want, such as bowing or touching the Queen of England. But, since they can do no wrong and are the Saviors of Earth, they protected and we are told, "oh, it is perfectly ok." Had that been a leader of the recent past and his wife, the media would have eviscerated them into oblivion.

Must be nice to do what you want and get away with it.
Lady Gaga bowing to the Queen of England was a hoot. I'm just glad that Gaga decided to be relatively covered up when greeting HM.

The pictures of the King and Queen of Spain greeting the Sarkozys were also fascinating. Quen Sophia is so refined in her posture and body language.
I understand it may perhaps be a problem Maura but with popular culture and Japan themed blockbusters and travel and everything I think most Americans are more than aware of the significance of bowing in Japan.

The bow was viewed positively by the people and press in Japan, even the ones who were indifferent to it did not say anything bad about it for all the bad press he recieved in America and Europe. I was in Tokyo during that period and my Japanese friends were somewhat impressed because it was totally unexpected . The Emperor and the Empress are still viewed with respect in Japan even with the imperial family's private matters being fodder for tabloids recently.

Showing respect towards an Elderly constitutional head of a country in which culturally ceremony and protocol still hold importance was an astute move by the president. He wasn't that smart in China though.
If I were an American I would be more worried about the bending over backwards that happened in China. Of course thats just my opinion.:flowers:

Also, well president Nixon bowed to Emperor Hirohito once though not so deeply. As I see it that would've been much more problematic than this is.
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Crown prince of Tonga (now King George Tupoa V of Tonga) during the Thai King's 60th anniversary of accession to the throne ceremony.

Queen Sofia of Spain

Henrik, Prince consort of Denmark

Prince Andrew

TRH Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway. (I must admit this is one of the best bow and curtsy)
Would Grand Duchess MT and Grand Duke Henri bow to the kings and queens? Or would they not have to since they are also leaders of a country?
Would Grand Duchess MT and Grand Duke Henri bow to the kings and queens? Or would they not have to since they are also leaders of a country?

I'm not sure. In theory because they are both Sovereign royals they should be equal but the title disparity maight mean that they have to.
As a rule Reigning Monarchs don't bow/curtsey to other Reigning Monarchs.
In their positions as Reigning Monarchs, Prince Hans Adam, Grand Duke Henri, Queen Elizabeth II and Emperor Hirohito are 'equal'.

I was watching the new doccumentary on DRF and I've noticed, nor her children or her sister courtesey QM, but her daughters in law do? Whyyyy?
Thanks for the video HRH MAZA. That was a very deep curtsy Mary did.

I was watching the new doccumentary on DRF and I've noticed, nor her children or her sister courtesey QM, but her daughters in law do? Whyyyy?

They do in an official capacity, ie: In public.
I think it was either Queen Elizabeth or King George VI who did away with the practice of monarchs having to be bowed/curtseyed to by their children. However, a King or Queen is of higher rank than a Prince or Princess so Princess Diana curtseyed to King Juan Carlos of Spain.
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