Bowing and Curtseying

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I don't see why anyone would object to modern displays of reverence to a monarch. It's nothing like it use to be, heck for the men it is basically a glorified nod. No one is asking to be treated like the Emperor of China where everyone had to get on both knees and touch their head to the floor nine times. Even the curtsies have gotten pretty minimal. I've seen the real thing at the debutantes ball in Dallas; those little blue-blood beauties curtsy with their nose almost touching the floor.

I don't know what is or is not allowed for Muslims, I've never seen any bow but I've seen them make some gesture with their hand that seems to be a display of respect though I don't know what it is or anything about it. I would say though that most countries (from what I have read) show their reverence to a foreign monarch as they would for their own rather than always follow the local custom. British officials simply bowed to Chinese emperors and Asian envoys often kowtowed to European royals.
I saw only a handshake from First Lady Michelle Obama to the Queen. Am I wrong?
As first lady of a country, I think she is right in not bowing. At least I have never saw a first lady doing this!
No it doesn't matter. The duke, being a consort, has an equivalent rank to the other princes, queens or even Empresses consort but has to bow to a reigning monarch (king, queen or emperor).

As for the Fisrt Lady of a country, the curtsy to the Queen is appreciated but not expected.

Getty Images - Queen And Bernedette Chirac,80385842,80385784,80385565,80385561|120

In the special french case(Mrs Chirac and Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy), it's was a personnal mark of respect toward the Queen.
I'd say he's trying very hard to convey respect without bowing to HM in a way unnecessary/unbecoming to his own role.
Well, thats Sarcozy (sp.?) not Obama, so different kettle of fish. And its Camilla, not the Queen...
I think since there was so much criticism of how Obama handled Gordon Brown's visit to the US they were trying very hard to be proper and appropriate with the Queen on this trip. Some in the administration had made some statements that might have ruffled British feathers and so I'm sure the President was trying to be careful to convey the message that the US & UK are allies, good friends and everyone likes everyone else & all that.
I absolutely LOVE it! And to be reciprocated is something quite unprecedented indeed! It's lovely.
Wow! The news here in the U.S. was just going on and on last night about the Obamas meeting the Queen and Prince Philip - I have always thought of Prince Philip as being tall but he was positively dwarfed by both Obamas.
Of course, the piece de resistance, was Michelle Obama putting her arm around the Queen - I had not realized that the Queen has put her arm around Michelle's waist.
I am sure that the American Protocol Chief had drilled both Barrack adn Michelle a million times over the fact that no one touches the Queen.
By the way, when greeting the Queen and Prince Philip, the Obamas gave what the press described as a "glove" handshake - they grasped the both the Queen's and Prince Philip's hand with both of their hands - the British press said that that was just too familiar a handshake and not proper.
As I recall, I believe that it was Prince Andrew who gave the Queen an IPOD several years ago. The IPOD which the Obamas gave the Queen yesterday is a visual IPOD and shows her recent visit to the USA. It is also programmed with royalty themed pop music like Abba's "Dancing Queen", "If I ruled the World" ...
It must be hard to come up with a gift for the woman who has everything!
That is really interesting. :ermm::ermm::ermm::ermm: I wonder what an explanation for such deep bow might be.
Surprised me!

I was surprised to see this on CNN but it does appear that HM didn't object and made a reciprocating move.
Michelle Obama's warm touch with queen draws gasps -
The thing that surprised me as well was during the photo op when Michelle Obama stood between HM and Prince Philip. I would have thought it more appropriate to move to the outside and "bookend" them.
In this video you can see many Royals bowing to the Danish Regent couple and the Danish Crown Princely Couple during M&F's wedding

NRK Nett-TV - hastighetsmåling

You can see it at about 2:55:40

You can see Letizia bowing to the Danish Queen and later to the Crown Princely Couple (-> Something we won't see again ;)) .
I don't know for sure, but it appears that Thomas Peterssohn, CEO of a Swedish news agency is bowing to Daniel Westling.

ANP Beeldbank
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