Books on the Hellenistic Kingdoms before and after Rome

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I went all over the threads to find where this fits, books on ancient royals, and opted to create my very first thread in here on Books on the Hellenistic Kingdoms before and after Rome

This book that I've seen for years in Amazon is so rare is sold for $114.81 USA dollars. So, I never bought it despite of my fascination with the time period and the client-Kingdoms of Rome.

And I think in a Reddit and YouTube' Useful Charts genealogy fans the Mithradates are somehow connected to the current Georgian and Armenian Bragation royals via maternal lines. The most prominent in modern times is Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirova of Russia.

To my luck, the book is available to read for free online in Google Books! So here is the link to the longest title for a book you had in the Royal Forums:

Wealth, Aristocracy and Royal Propaganda Under the Hellenistic Kingdom of the Mithradatids in the Central Black Sea Region of Turkey (Colloquia Pontica)
The Poison King: The Life and Legend of Mithradates, Rome’s Deadliest Enemy

This audio book is one of my favorites because its narrated as if it was an action movie. Some of the reviewers didn't like the style. For me it was what made me listen to it twice because it's pleasant, like old fashioned oral history with lots of cliffhangers to keep your attention going.

Bear in mind the royals from Pontus, like some royals in pre 1918 Germany Hannover royals, reused the same name over and over again. In this specific book the story relates to Mithridates VI Eupator ruler of the Kingdom of Pontus in northern Anatolia from 120 to 63 BC, whose descendants found their way into the Georgian and Armenian royal lines on present day.
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I forgot to mention I'm getting the above book, but I noticed there's a discrepancy between the Kindle version I prefer to the physical version. After I figure it out, I'll place the order and review it.

Re the Kingdoms in the Hellenistic Age, one of my favorite channels has a series about it:

000: Introducing the Hellenistic Age - Beginning at the End
Here's an interesting video about one of my favorite historical periods in ancient times which is the saga of the Macedonian kings and the kings and emperors that succeeded in the Balkans, Egypt, Anatolia and Persia until Roman times. I find the video tolerable because, when compared to the distortions we see in movies about Alexander the Great, at least here the forced drama is kept in check.

The Incredible Rise And Fall Of Alexander The Great
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