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Book on Princess Diana's Wedding Dress

Hey all. About a year ago, I remember hearing about a book that talked about Diana's wedding dress and came with a sample of the type of fabric used to make it. I did some searches but couldn't find any thing. Am I going nuts or was this a real book? :flowers:
Hi VuMom, this thread is about that book. The "limited edition" includes a swatch of the weding dress material.
I do not see how the publishing of the book can be sad. It is an account of the dressmaker of her bridal dress and has as such historical value for later generations. Can not see Diana objecting to them publishing it (and earning money from it)

i think this is truly sad. :sad:

Elizabeth Emanuel Home

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Another one cashing in on the Princess.
I'm searching for Jayne Fincher's book : Diana, Portrait of a Princess. I've been looking around to find it new but I only managed to get used ones. I'm not sure to keep it for myself, perhaps I'll make it a Christmas present for a friend of mine so I can't take the chance to buy it used. Can someone help me to find it new ? It would really be useful. Thanks in advance :flowers:
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I read the two Andrew Morton books, some time back. I've no interest in the dirt put out by her ex butler, Paul Burrell or James Hewitt.
Princess Diana Book


I have a new Book in my Collection : DIANA -LIFE OF A PRINCESS -
This Book is as big as a Book by Jayne Fincher ( Portrait of a Princess ) . The Pictures are very nice and all of good quality. All Photos are large ( not small Pictures) Continue to be 2 CD`s.

I have scanned the Cover and a part of the Index in my Album by Photobucket ( Books ). The Cover is very nice.Dianaprincessoftheheart images, Dianaprincessoftheheart pictures, and Dianaprincessoftheheart videos on Photobucket
sorry, my album is now private ( Guest Passwort )
really new?

I had seen that as well. I wonder is it a new book, or the "Unseen Archives" book with a new cover.
Diana Book


I think it is not the Book ( Unseen Archives ) or better said, I hope it !:sun:
That would be the third edition. Who still buys ???

We wait from June :wub:
I will have to find a way to figure out if it's the same book as the Unseen Archives.
If it's the same book, I won't buy it.
I will only buy if it is a new book!
I think it really looks like the same book but with perhaps some text beside the pictures.

the pictures from the cover is from the Book Unseen Archives. I hope this is not a bad sign.

I will buy the Book is only new.
The same was also the Book Diana The Portrait.:bang:
"Diana Unseen Archives" Daily Mail 2008

Hi,I am new here.

Firstly,cover and back of Diana Unseen Archives by Daily Mail Scan/cover.jpg

I bought the book from Taobao net,it is said to be the Special 10th Anniversary Commemorative Edition.

Here comes the back.
She smiles so sweet.
I love the brief introduction.

"Diana Unseen Archives is a celebration of the life of a shy teenager who went on to become the wife of the heir to the throne as a dazzling Princess of Wales,and who left the world bereaved when she died tragically at the age of 36.This special edition commemorate the 10th anniversary since Princess Diana's untimely death.Illustrated with 500 superb photographs from the Daily Mail archives,this book is the ultimate pictorial biography of one of the most stunning and most photographed women of the 20th century." Scan/back.jpg
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thanks irinia2007 I was hoping to get this book from the shops when I go It seems very interesting
I was sort of expecting something like this to come along. It probably won't be the last book of it's kind to be written. And it may well take another ten years before we can say it has finally been laid to rest.

I know, I too did expect this to happen but I guess I was annoyed cause it seemed as if all had been settled of course we know that if ever it will take a long time before this is over in some people's mind.
I think that, for most people, Diana's been gone for over 10 years and it's time to let her and the circumstances of her death rest in history. Hopefully this book won't be a resounding success sales-wise, and that will discourage other people from writing in hopes of making a quick buck.
There will always be a market for these types of books. So as long as their is an audience these books will continue to be published.
Ya I know, it probably doesn't even prove anything but the way they describe it makes you want to buy it, just to see what it says. Although I never have and never will buy a book promoting Diana's death as a murder. ' Course though there will always be an audience cause there will always be those types of people that no matter what evidence you give them they will always beleive it was murder.
I am of the same opinion, ghost_night. I can think of better ways to spend my money than on this sort of Fayad propaganda. And there Will always be the conspiracy theorists who think the French investigating, the Paget report and the inquest all covered up the "truth".

^Exactly, actually I'll find it quite funny if this ends up being a success. I sure hope not I was glad to see Fayed give up his campaign I don't want this to start up all over again.
^Well he said said that he still beleives they were murdered but won't continue to press further. The fact that he decided not to press further to me sorta seems like he's given up.
It seems to me that everything related to Diana which sold the most was rather weird, unpleasant if not morbid. It will never be the unbiased biography who will sell the most. Remember the infamous Princess in Love book ?
The publishers raced into a second printing of "Princess" after the first printing of 100,000 copies sold out on the first day at £14.99 each.

Publishing experts predicted that "Princess in Love," described by Buckingham Palace as "grubby and worthless," could well sell 2 million copies around the world.
(from : 'Kiss and Tell' Officer Draws Heaps of Scorn - International Herald Tribune).

We also had the books of Burrell, who described very well her feet with red nail polish sticking out at the end of the sheet in the morgue :rolleyes:.

It's sad to see that if someone would hear this of a related person, he would go mad and consider it as intolerable. But since it's a famous figure, they have the right to do it and people don't see why they should complain : after all, she's a public figure ; she "belongs" to the public even if she no longer has any privacy.

People like you won't buy cause they know it's not worth it. But others will because they can't let go the sensationalism, the voyeuristic details that are so unimportant to us but so joyful to them. As long as these kinds of readers will exist, books like that will be written and published.
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Ya it's sad really but I feel as if her memory will be tarnished because of so much that has been revealed sure Diana wasn't the perfect princess but I don't think their is such a thing she made mistakes but I find that the good work she did do has been forgotten over the years all the negative stuff has come out and has been the main focus of many news report I hear about her nowadays.
So true, ghost_night. I got out that huge book that the Diana Princess of Wales Fund put out a few years ago and read some of it, and it was quite something to read about all the things that she did for people that were totally unpublicized until after her death. For all her problems and all the problems she caused, she did some very good work; and it's a shame that this legacy is overwhelmed by the scandalous stuff that sells. I won't be buying the new book about the accident, that's for sure.

all the negative stuff has come out and has been the main focus of many news report I hear about her nowadays.
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