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If Diana, Princess of Wales' blood sample was switched could she have been pregnant?
I doubt it very much,according to some of her friends memoires Diana was not sure upon the future of her affair with Dodi and she could not have decided so
And one of her friends stated that the Princess was on her period..
Yes and the inquiry stated that they went to test the blood Mr. Morgan is talking about to make sure it was Diana's but the blood had aged so they couldn't so they found dry blood on the carpet of the Mercedes and tested it and it came out as being Diana's as well as confirmed she wasn't pregnant. I went back and re-read operation pagat.
Just jumping in here, I joined the forum to discuss "Diana in Search of Herself: Portrait of a Troubled Princess". I consider it the authoritative book on Diana.
I do agree with the author's suggestion that Diana probably suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder.
I find the Panorama interview, where she questions Charles' fitness to be king, absolutely abhorrent; as well as the other disparaging statements Diana made about him, being that she had children with him.

She wanted out, but she didn't want to be blamed.

We Americans do not understand the monarchy and the fact that it is, basically, a life of duty and service. You will find very few pro-Charles supporters in the US, because of Diana's statements about him, most of which are appalling and not even truthful.
Bumping again, hoping for some conversation. Thank you, Sophia. I was impressed with this book - it very much resonated to me - I see a lot of people - particularly young women - with her dilemma. I wish there was more active acknowledgment regarding her distress. Its true, her smears are standing more than a decade later - during the recent wedding the fictions about Charles and Camilla just kept being spun!
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Books (fiction)?

Does anyone know of any more "alternate history" books written about Diana besides:
Di and I
Untold Story:A Novel
The Day she Didn't Die ?
Diana- Memory of A Rose- by Susan Maxwell Skinner

Forgive me if this book already has a thread. Found it after unpacking some boxes, was going thru it, and have a ? for people who have the same book.
In the picture on the balcony from Trooping The Color 1987 on page 20, who is the gentleman standing next to Princess Anne- the gentleman on the furthest right of the balcony. To me, he looks like the late Donald Sinclair- Siegfried Farnon, based on photos I've seen. But what would Siegfried be doing on the balcony of BP? Don't get me wrong - I'd be thrilled if it was him- I admire him, and think he deserved to- he deserved a knighthood,and he was one of HM team of veterinary advisers but it would make more sense if it was a member of the BRF. But the gentleman is not any member of the BRF that I recognize.
So if someone could tell me who the gentleman is, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
Thanks again I have wanted to find some decent reading on Princess Diana for a while
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