Avatars, Fanart & Wallpaper - Princess Caroline & Family

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tbhrc said:
Okay, here is the modified wallpaper. What do you think of this Ianna, is that what you mean before? I'm not so sure.

I think on one just like that..It's great! Thanx for making it!;)

Definately you are very talented! Speaking about last set, I like the most 3rd one, although all are so beautiful:) Those Enthronement pics give inspiration, don't they?:p
Looking forward to more of your work! and of course of others mambers, too!;)
My favourites are also No° 3 & 4. Yes Ianna I just love the pics from the Enthronement, they are just sooo cute. And you're right I would love to see some work from other members here!!! :)
Sorry I can't stop making new wallpapers. So here is a new one. Pics are from Worldroots.

Charlotte82 and Moby, I love your Charlotte wallpapers. tbhrc, I like your Caroline and Alexandra ones. Good work, ladies! Impressive. ;)
Monaco Avatars (worldroots, profimedia, the forum)
Caroline Alex

Alex with mommy
Stephano and kiddos

baby Charlotte

On the national day Grace and Albert

Prince Albert's Enthronement day

Grace with kiddos

with sis Charlotte
Here is another wallpaper. Pics are from Worldroots, Sipa

And some simple graphics, Pics are from APL, Colourpress, Worldroots



WOW!! I can't say any other thing then that!:)

Beautiful, beatiful wallpapres..Can't decide which one is the best..Great techniques for photos..Those Enthronement pics of Princess Caroline and Alexandra are amazing, real "frame-photos"!:)
And just love that love and tenderness pics with idea of free spirit, all caught in Caro and Ernst wallpaper!:);)
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Thanks Ianna. I'm actually using the Caro and Ernst wallpaper right now. I have always this "Aaww, how sweet" moment while looking at it. :) Such a cute couple....
So here is another one. Pics from Worldroots

Here are 3 more f the Casiraghi's



What can I say other then repeat words like broken record..:)..Great, great wallpapers, tbhrc! That Caro & Alex with poem is so lovely and sweet..Of course, Casiraghi'sTrio are great too..My sister is crazy for Pierre's one (she didn't see recent photos of him plus that wallpaper design) She would "beg" you for making one of her fav singers like that..lol..;)

Charlotte82, nice Char's snowy wallpaper, too!:)
I just love Pierre´s wallpaper he is so handsome! Great job as always,tbhrc

The snow wallpaper is cute too
tbhrc....I love the Pierre one...soo hoottt! :D
Here is another wallpaper, with my favourite pics... Those are from APL

5 Charlotte wallpapers

created by me using a scan with various pics from the Monaco National Day enthronement events.... I just altered one creation five ways just experimenting with different things. hosted via imagevenue.com (click to enlarge)

I would love to see them, could you please post also the direct link? Thanks...
;) CasiraghiTrio you're the best
these wallpapers are the most gorgeous things everrrr
I'm using right now :D

not a wallpaper but I'm using like a wallpaper it looks good lol
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Great, great wallpapers, CasiraghiTrio and tbhrc!;)
Grace and Charlotte

This is not a wallpaper. It's just fanart, I guess. It's not really a great piece of art. I was just having fun with images of Grace and Charlotte. I thought you might enjoy the comparison of granddaughter and grandmother...:)


Here are two wallpaper I made some time ago....


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They are great, tbhrc!;)

Fanart for Alexandra's little stuffed friend..:) (Photos from this forum)

Link (via Tinypic); http://tinypic.com/k01ul2.jpg
It seems she adores her little friend.. :p the photo where Ernst is taking care of it is really funny :p :p Thanks TBHRC and Ianna i really like the work of both of you here...
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New Charlotte Wallpaper

and one more

one wallpaper of Charlotte:)


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here's some i made:


also for those who like pink stuff:


hope you all like it! :D
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