Age Royals Became Grandparents

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Jul 19, 2009
We have somewhere the thread about Royals who lived so long to have great-grandchildren, so maybe it's time to have one about royals' debuts as grandparents?

We know from history that in the old days people started their own families in younger ages and a pregnant grandmother (even before turning 40) was not a rare ocurrence.

Now we rarely see among royalty grandparent in their 40s, but such cases still happen.

In XX century I associate youngest royal grandparent wqas Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi of Iran, who became the grandfather of Zahra Mahnaz Zahedi (firstborn child of his then only child, Princess Shahnaz) 37 days after his 39th birthday.?
39th??? Oh so nostalgic, my maternal grandmother was exactly 39 years old when my older brother was born. 3 years later I was born and she was 42 years old. I have a very young grandma :flowers: (because of that I knew my great-grandmother, who was still on her late 60s).
Victoria, Crown Princess of Prussia was born November 21, 1840. She was thirty-eight years old when her granddaughter, Princess Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen was born on May 12, 1879.
Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Elisabeth of Austria became grandparents for the first time on 8 January 1874; he was 43, she had turned 36 just a couple of weeks before.
Their daughter Gisela became grandmother aged 38, in 1895.
Their daughter-in-law Stephanie (née Princess of Belgium) became grandmother in 1904, two months before turning 40.

But the youngest grandparent I can think to is King Louis XV of France: he was born in 1710; he became father in 1727 and grandfather in 1741, aged just 31.
King Edward III of England was 53 and Queen Philippa was 51 when they became grandparents. Their son, Edward, Prince of Wales and his wife Joan, Countess of Kent became the parents of Prince Edward of Angouleme in January of 1365.
Some current and former monarchs and their spouses:
- Prince Hans-Adam 50 & Princess Marie 55 (birth of prince Joseph Wenzel vuz Liechtenstein)
- Grand Duke Henri 50 & Grand Duchess 49 (birth of Gabriel de Nassau)
- Queen Elizabeth 51 & The Duke of Edinburgh 56 (birth of Peter Phillips)
- King Albert II 51 & Queen Paola 48 (birth of archduke Amedeo of Austria-Este)
- King Konstantinos 56 & Queen Anne-Marie 49 (birth of princess Maria Olympia of Greece and Denmark)
- Tsar Simeon 57 & Tsaritsa Margarita 59 (birth of princess Mafalda of Preslav)
- Queen Margrethe 59 & Prince Henrik 65 (birth of prince Nikolai of Denmark)
- King Juan Carlos 60 & Queen Sophia 59 (birth of Felipe de Marichalar y Borbón)
- Queen Beatrix 64 & Prince Claus 75 (birth of countess Eloise of Oranje-Nassau)
- King Carl Gustaf 65 & Queen Silvia 68 (birth of princess Estelle of Sweden)
- King Harald 66 & Queen Sonja 65 (birth of Maud Angelica Behn)
Victoria and Albert became grandparents in January 1859 at the age of 39, when their eldest daughter Vicky, then Crown Princess of Prussia, gave birth to her first child, the future Kaiser Wilhelm II. Victoria was 40 that May and Albert in the August.
Maria Theresia (1717-1780) and Franz Stephan (1708-1765), became grandparents in 1762, to little Maria Theresia (1762-1770).

The paternal grandparents were 44 and 62 years old in March 1762.

The maternal grandparents were/would have been Elizabeth Louise (1727-1759), 34 and Philip, I don't know his birthday.

I think, he was born in the middle 1710th years.


Maria Karolina (1752-1814) and Ferdinand (1752-1825) were 39 when the are grandparents of Marie Louise (1791-1847).

Leopold (1747-1792) and Maria Ludovika (1745-1792) were 44 and 45 when the are grandprents of Marie Louise (dates above). Both died in 1792, Leopold in March, Maria Ludovika in May.
Louis 15. of France (1710-1774), was 17, when he was first father of Elisabeth Louise (dates above) and her twin sister Henriette (1727-1752).

He was grandfather at the age of 31 , of Isabella (1741-1763). Yes, Elisabeth Louise was married at the age of 12 and have her first child at the age of 14 !

The next grandchildren were born in 1751: Ferdinand at the beginning of the year and Marie Louise in December, the same year.
Empress Catherine II of Russia was 48 years old when her grandson Grand Duke Alexander was born in December of 1777.
Prince Andrew became a grandfather ten days before his 61st birthday in February 2021, when his first grandchild, August Hawke Brooksbank, was born. August is the son of Andrew’s younger daughter Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank. Andrew’s divorced wife Sarah was already 61 at the time of August’s birth as she was born in October 1959.
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