A second son for Prince Aimone and Princess Olga: Prince Amedeo, 24 May 2011

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HRH the Duke of Abruzzi was baptised yesterday in Milan in the Basilica of San Marco. At the event participated: HRH Prince Amedeo of Savoy (Head of the Italian Royal House of Savoy and Duke of Savoy), HRH Princess Silvia of Savoy (Duchess of Savoy), HRH Crown Prince Aimone of Savoy (Duke of Aosta and Duke delle Puglie), HRH Crown Princess Olga of Savoy (Duchess of Aosta and Duchess delle Puglie), HRH Princess Claudia of Orleans with her husband, HRH Prince Umberto of Savoy (Prince of Piedmont), HRH Princess Mafalda of Savoy with her children,HRH Princess Maria-Cristina of Savoy-Aosta (wife of HRH Prince Casimir of Bourbon-Two Sicilies), HRH Prince Michael of Greece and Princess Marina of Greece.
Godmothers were HRH Princess Mafalda of Savoy and Princess Marina of Greece.

Unfortunately the Italian press and televisions did not speak about the baptism of HRH the Duke of Abruzzi.
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Godmothers were HRH Princess Mafalda of Savoy and Princess Marina of Savoy.

Princess Marina of Savoy? That is very odd, i thought the prince of Naples and the Duke of Aosta weren't on very friendly terms (to say the least) maybe the article was mistaken and the 2nd godmother is Marina of Greece, grandmother of the baby?
The article indeed says that it is the child's maternal grandmother who was named as a godmother, not Marina Doria.
I believe that there is confusion about one of the guests. According to the Aosta webite, the lady next to the duchess of Aosta is princess Maria Cristina of the Two Sicilies, Arturo Beeche identifies her as her sister, Archduchess Margeritha of Austria-Este.
But the lady in question indeed looks like Archduchess Margherita, and not Maria Cristina (who, besides, has dark hair, while the lady in the photo has white hair).
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Strange choice of godparents: 2 Orthodox and a re-married divorcee!

BTW I also think that present at the baptism was Margherita di Savoia-Aosta and not her sister Maria Cristina.
I do not know if the marriage of HRH Princess Mafalda of Savoy was declared invalid or not by an Ecclesiastical Tribunal.

HRH Princess Maria-Cristina of Savoy-Aosta was at the baptism not her sister.
Yes...and they obviously made a mistake in distinguishing between the two sisters.
Orthodox could be godparents at a baptism if together with a Catholic.
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