A second son for Prince Aimone and Princess Olga: Prince Amedeo, 24 May 2011

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And Emmanuele Filiberto will probably not have a boy already...Clothilde has turned 42 nearly two months ago, so she is two and a half years older than Olga.

But...who knows?
I was trying to find if Savoia branch offered congratulations to princes of Aosta but the website of prince EF ( valoriefuturo.it) is for sale and neither www.disavoia.it concerns thsi family.
Any idea what is their current website?
Now the Italian Royal Family has 4 Princes with dynastic rights:HRH Prince Amedeo sr (Head of the Royal House of Savoy), HRH Prince Aimone ,HRH Prince Umberto and HRH Prince Amedeo jr.The continuity of the Dynasty is assured.
Congratulations to the happy parents and whole family :flowers:
Best wishes for little Amadeo :baby:
This news came totally unexpected! The pregnancy had not been announced by the Royal Family, as far as I know.
Congratulation to Princess Olga, Prince Aimone and Prince Umberto!

Their other son, Prince Umberto, is now 2 years old, being born on 7 March 2009.

The boy was born after 7 month of pregnancy, but it's healthy!
Wonderful news for the couple. I'm very happy and relieved to read that Mother and baby are healthy.:flowers:
Who do you thing will be the godparents of HRH the Duke of Abruzzi?
He has such a title? I didn't know?And what title does Umberto have?

As for godparents: somebody from family probably.
Umberto is Duke of Piedmont apparently, Amedeo's grandfather gave him the title Duke of Abruzzi the day after he was born.
Precisely Umberto is Prince of Piedmont, which is traditionally the title bestowed on the Heir to the Throne or on the eldest son of the Heir to the Throne.
Possible godparents could be Princess Isabella of Savoy-Genova, Princess Maria-Gabriella of Savoy, Princess Bianca of Savoy...?
Princess Maria Gabriella is already the godmother of Umberto, so I don't think she will also be godmother of Amedeo.
A possible godfather could be granpa Amedeo.
A wonderful godmather could be Princess Silvia of Savoy.
Just learned of this news and Congratulations to the entire Family!!
Archduke Lorenz (or one or his brothers ) could be a possible godfather for the little Duke degli Abruzzi?
Is it known if he is still in hospital ?
The little Duke degli Abruzzi must stay some more days in the hospital because it had been a difficult birth.
Did Olga have C-section?
I thought he was born at only 7 months of pregnancy
That's true.
Sorry to hear that it was a difficult birth. I hope mother and son will continue to get better and be released from the hospital soon.
I hope very soon both Mother and child will be able to leave the hospital. Best wishes for them.
HRH Duke degli Abruzzi left the hospital.Now the preparations for the royal baptism can begin.
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