A Boy for Guillaume and Stéphanie - Charles: May 10, 2020

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What wonderful news! I’m so happy for them both! I’m very surprised by the name Charles but I like it very much!
Love it, what a new ! Welcome little Charles!

Do we know if a press conference will be held ?
A little Boy! Great news. Congratulations to the couple and welcome to the world, baby Charles!
Congratulations to the couple. And their families :flowers:

I knew it was going to be a year of boys, though had a little secret hope it was going to be a girl.

Well we got four names right. Charles is a lovely surprise. But definitely the very traditional name people were hoping for. Lovely balance of family names from both families.

Charles: name of GD Jean's younger brother Prince Charles who died in 1977. The name stems from the Borbon Parma roots (Prince Felix's grandfather was Charles III). Stephanie's paternal grandfather was also Count Paul Charles de Lannoy.

Jean: for the late Grand Duke.

Philippe: Stephanie's late father

Joseph: shares the name with his father. Likely an honor to Guillaume's maternal grandfather Jose.

Marie: tradition in both families. Sons and daughters in both the Lux royal family and the de Lannoy family all have Marie in their middle name.

Guillaume: both for his dad and another traditional name for royal princes in Luxembourg.

Only surprised Henri didn't make it in there since Philippe was included. I wonder if one of the names is playing double duty, and points to his godfather which is pretty common in this family. Guillaume shares his first name with his uncle/godfather Prince Guillaume. Stephanie's eldest brother is Jehan, which is a form of Jean. Wouldn't be surprising if perhaps he was godfather with someone like Alexandra.
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Wonderful news! Congratulations! Little Charles came to this world on Mother's Day. All the choices of name are expected but it's longer than I thought.
I too was hoping for a girl but I’m just so pleased for them! I love it when we get everything in one go including then name, I hate waiting.
Congratulations to the HGD couple and their families! Happy News!

Digital congratulations book : Naissance princière : Comment envoyer un message de félicitations ? - Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg - May 2020

Informations relatives à la naissance du Prince Charles - Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg - Mai 2020

- 21 gun salute regardless of the sex of the child

- The HGD couple wish to support child welfare projects. Part of the donations collected will thus be allocated to projects for the benefit of children in the Grand Duchy. The other part of the donations collected will help children in the most vulnerable countries, where famine has worsened since the start of the coronavirus crisis.

- Those wishing to donate are directed to contact Naissance princière | Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse

Announcement in Luxembourgish, French and English

Naissance du premier enfant du Couple héritier - Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg - Mai 2020
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Wonderful news! Congratulations! Little Charles came to this world on Mother's Day. All the choices of name are expected but it's longer than I thought.

Early mother's day gift :flowers: In Luxembourg, they celebrate in June.

Yes bit long even for a royal name. But GD Henri has six as well. And others like GD Jean had more.
Lovely, lovely.
Congratulations to the new parents.
I had a feeling it was a boy :flowers:

Congratulations to the Grand Ducal Family and welcome little Prince Charles !
That's great news. Just wonderful to lift our spirits on this Mothers Day. Congratulations Stephanie and Gilluame . 👶 :cheers: 🍾 🌈
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I'm glad to hear of the birth of the HGD Couple's first child! This must be a very special day for Stéphanie as the birth of her son coincides with Mother's Day.

Congratulations to the HGD Couple on the birth of their first child!
I think Charles is a male equivalent of Charlotte, so this would recognise the new baby's great-great-grandmother Grand Duchess Charlotte, and great-grandmother Grand Duchess Joséphine Charlotte.
I am absolutely thrilled to hear this news today - it's wonderful news and I'm so pleased for them all. Congratulations!!

Wonderful news, I am thrilled for the couple.
Happy news!!! Congratulations to the couple and their families!!!!!
Wonderfull - I'm wishing them health and happyness! I hope mother & child are doing well.
Such a wonderful new ! Congratulations the Hereditary Grand Ducal couple, and be welcome, little prince Charles ! You have been so much longed for.
fantastic news, it has been long in the making so i am sure they are overjoyed!!!

i really like Charles as the first name, it is a bit difference. not surprised by them including Jean Phillippe Marie & Guillaume in the name.

i love G&S and how they always make every effort to make part of the public feel involved with their big events in life. i liked how they gave the public an email address to send their wishes to. great idea also to donate any donations to children's charities.

now all we need to wait is for the photos of the little one! how exciting. i also assume they will want to baptise him fairly soon both being catholic, although with the current climate it may be difficult as they would want a big event given he is the heir.
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I am so delighted, and here in Belgium it is mothers' day too !
Congratulations to Guillaume and Stephanie. Welcome little Prince Charles!
A baby boy!

Is the new father likely to give a brief chat to reporters outside the Hospital; like they did in the UK?
Many congratulations to the couple, and the people of Luxembourg on the birth of their future monarch.
That is lovely news! Congratulations to the happy parents! I'm curious when we are going to see the first pics.
Wonderful news for them!! Prince Charles! That was a surprise!

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