A boy for Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo - March 21, 2013

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Jan 29, 2005
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The Princely Palace announced today, that Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo have become parents of a healthy boy on March 21, 2013!

Both mother and baby are doing fine. The place of birth has not been announced yet.

Congratulations to the new parents and their families and best wishes for the little boy! :flowers:
Fantastic! Congratulations to the family.
When we are going to know the name? They aren't like the Danes, are they?

Well, this is the end of the longest pregnancy I ever seen. :lol:
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Congratulations to Andrea & Tatiana.
When we are going to know the name? They aren't like the Danes, are they?

No, they are not, we won't have to wait until the christening, it depends on the family's decision when to announce the name.

This is the text of the official announcement:

Son altesse royale la Princesse de Hanovre et Mme Vera Santo Domingo ont la joie de vous annoncer la naissance de leur petit-fils, né le 21 mars 2013. La maman et l'enfant se portent bien.

"Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover and Mrs Vera Santo Domingo take delight in announcing the birth of their first grandson, born on March 21, 2013. Mother and son are doing well."

A very sweet choice to announce it that way - also including Tatiana's mother!
Finally the mistery is gone.

Very happy with the news. Congratulations for the new parents!

BrazilianEmpire, I think it's not tradition in Monaco to do like the Danes. I suppose the name will be announced soon, if not officially it won't take long until some brazilian columnist discovers it!

EDIT: it's indeed very sweet to include Tatiana's mother in the annoucement. It made me realize that both Andrea and Tatiana only have their mothers now
Congratulations to both parents and their families!
At last! Wonderful news. Congratulations to both families.
Fantastic news! Can't wait to hear his name!
Congratulations! I am so happy for them!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm really happy and it took long, I'm sure the baby is big, and a boy, how sweet!
I hope they release a name soon^^
Congratulations to the couple and grandmothers. Hope w´ll soon see photos of the baby and also know his name.
Congratulations to the mother and father and Grandma Caro ♫ :flowers:
Congratulations to the couple!
This year is definitely "the boys' year", this is the next boy after Georg-Friedrich of Prussia boys.
What will happen if Prince Albert will have only a daughter with Charlene, who will be heir in this case?
Dare I say; finally! This seemed like the longest pregnancy ever, presumably because we all thought she was due in January/February. It's such lovely news. Congratulations to Andrea and Tatiana, and of course to the proud grandmother, Princess Caroline :flowers:
Leonora, If Albert & Charlene have only 1 child, a daughter, then that child will succeed to the throne. If they have a daughter and then a son, the son will succeed. It is the same reason why Caroline is now heiress presumptive to throne.
I can't stop thinking about Stefano... He would have been so proud to see the first born of his first born... :angel: Grandpa Stefano, grandma Caroline, aunt Charlotte, uncle Pierre... A new chapter begins for the Grimaldi-Kelly-Casiraghi family.What will this baby write in the opages of this pricipality's history???
By the way... I hope we'll have some pictures soon... ;)

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Wonderful...congratulations to the couple!
this is fantastic news. i cant wait to hear the name and get a glimpse of the new addition to the monegasque family. caroline must be thrilled!
Congratulations to Andrea and Tatiana and the Princely Family of Monaco
no surprise it's a boy. tatiana has previously said it! i'd like to know if anyone knows where i can find the official announcement! please can anyone post the link of the press office? thanks
Wonderful, very happy to hear the news!
and pictures! Think of the pictures, you guys!

Maybe he doesn't even have a name yet. That could be why is wasn't announced. They might have wanted to wait to see what he was like before naming him.

I also wonder where he was born.
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He may one day become the soveriegn prince of Monaco, I wonder if they will think of that when choosing a name.
He may one day become the soveriegn prince of Monaco, I wonder if they will think of that when choosing a name.

In this case, Louis and Rainier would be good choices.

But His Serene Highness Prince Stefano of Monaco sounds pretty regal for me.
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