A girl for Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo - April 12, 2015

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Congrats to Andrea, Tatiana and Sasha, as well as their families. :flowers:
:eek:A little bit too short. A name would have been nice:eek:

If my memory is right they did the same with Sacha. The press release simply stated the birth of a grandson. The name came out in the press later, leaked by a family friend.
I don't see why they don't just announce the name.
Congratulations Andrea & Tatiana! So happy for them :)
I just saw the news on Twitter and thrilled for both Families!!

Princess Caroline must be so excited to have a little Granddaughter to spoil w/dolls and tea parties and cute dresses and... :D

Congratulations to all!!

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Tatiana and her baby girl have already left the hospital in London.

Spanish Hola has published pics of them leaving, as well as pics of Andrea, Caroline and Sascha after a visit at the hospital on Monday.

Here's a first pic of the visitors, I'm sure we'll see more during the next days :)

** Pic ** hola article ** translation **
Oh I like that. India Casiraghi sounds nice.

There are more royalty related India's: India Hicks and India Oxenberg.
I dont mind the name but I did think they would go with a classic more traditional French name.
It sounds good with Casiraghi. That will be one interesting lady I think.
Lovely, actually. Alexandre was so traditional, even though he has a cool nickname, I thought they'd go the same route.

India Casiraghi sounds like a lady with a strong personality who'll go on to have grand adventures...or someone with pretty cool kind of hippie parents.
It's a name which is quite popular amongst the aristocracy and upper middle classes in the UK. I like it - it fits in with her parents slightly hippy vibe.
Not sure what to think. It indeed sounds nice with Casiraghi, but India is still too weird for me.
Little India may yet have a very formal French name or names. Remember when everyone thought "Sasha" was Princess Caroline's first grandchild's legal name? LOL.
Since later it was found out "Sacha" was only a nickname for "Alexander" I am not sure about the name India... But if it is so, it is not so uncommon IMO
Congrats to the family. :flowers:

The name India is just not my cup of tea at all. I don't get why you would name your kid after a country you have no connection with whatsoever.
Maybe she isn't named after the country, it's just a name they like.

Oh well...I bet she is as beautiful as Sacha!;)
Since later it was found out "Sacha" was only a nickname for "Alexander" I am not sure about the name India... But if it is so, it is not so uncommon IMO

I agree with you Mart91charmed... We must wait and see. I agree that India is a cool, hippy, original, unusual name and, if she were the daughter of an hippy couple ( oh, well... ) i could go along with the name. But, somehow i think the baby, belonging to such a tradicional family, should have a more convencional name. But, anyway, India can be just a nickname as Sasha is... I don't know... Nothing like wait and see!!! :flowers:
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Congratulations to the couple. I can't wait to see what they name her. How about Grace after her great-grandmother?
So, after Afra (African) Casiraghi, Andrea's cousin, now we have also India.
What's next? America? Italia? France? Joking, of course.

Congrats to the happy family!
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