40th Wedding Anniversary of the Royal Couple; August 2008

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Will their be any celebrations, party or a gala?
Thanks for the link, pictures are beautiful
It would be lovely, but I have my doubts.
In the beginning of the year the NRF announced that 2008 will be a more calm year after the big celebrations in 2007.
I cannot imagine it will be celebrated as big as the Silver Wedding in 1993...
maybe there will be a small privat Party and a few new Family Portraits . Maybe they will release Family Poraits similar to the ones that were published by the Danish Royal House to mark the 40th anniversary of MII and Henrik.
King Harald, Queen Sonja, The Crown Prince Couple and Marius walking in the old town of Split, Croatia Thursday August 28, 2008. In connection with their 40-year wedding anniversary, King Harald and Queen Sonja brought their children, son- and daughter-in-law and grandchildren on a two-week long cruise in the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean with the Royal ship Norge / Norway.


Photos by ANP/Sara Johannessen
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In connection with their trip The King and Queen has given an interview with NRK/NTB. On the news tonight they showed part of the interview as well as footage of the Royal couple together with Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Marius walking around the old town in Spilt. The Queen had done her homework and work as they guide during their walk. Also shown was a very small clip from the Royal ship where also Prince Magnus could be seen and I believe Princess Ingrid Alexandra as well. Later tonight the whole interview will be showed with hopefully as well, some more footage of the children. On the same program there will also be a discussion about the Queen and her role.

Great to see them all. The Crown Princess looks lovely. Nice to see Marius with them. I admire the whole family for the way the have treated Marius and how well they include him.

I have translated parts of this article in VG. Kongen: - Hun har betydd alt for meg - VG Nett om Kongehuset

The King said of the Queen”She has meant everything to me. When I married her 40 years ago I was a very different person than I am now. Among other things I was very shy, but with her help I have overcome that.”

Queen Sonja said her most important task is to be a good support for her husband. ”And to be allowed to take part in setting the country we’re so proud of and that we both have a passion for in the spotlight.”

Both the Queen and King talk of how important family is and how they enjoy being with their grandchildren over many days. King Harald says, ”It is in that way we properly can get to know them” and ”I didn’t think I would get as ”tussete” as other grandparents, but I have. We don’t know how much they mean to us until we have them”.
Previous years they have taken a cruise in Norway with other European Royals, but this time they chose differently. Of this trip the King says ”Maybe we should have waited ten years, for our golden anniversary, but we don’t know is we will be able to enjoy it, so we chose to celebrate with our family now. The Queen adds”Yes, and it is nice if out grandchildren will remember us with positive experiences which they can look back on with joy.”
Wow great photos!
Everybody look so well, relaxed and really having fun, loved to see Marius, he looks so growth!
I love seeing this family. I never get tired of them. They are royalty but there is such a down to earth quality about all of them. That's what draws me to them more so then other families. All royal families do this sort of thing but there is something more real and down to earth that is always so obvious to me when I see pics of this family.
Thanks everyone for sharing the lovely pics! Great to see the Royal Couple together with Marius.
Love MM's new short haircut!
When does school start in Norway? Shouldn't Marius be in class?
I Always remember their Anniversary because its the same day as my birthday
Royal fan: Congratulation for you. And, i think that should be beautiful can to be with the same people for fifty years, since that harald and sonia were youngs to now. For me, this is fantastic because they are in love. And of this great love, they have a great family: A daughter, a son and heir and their grandchildrens. For me, i believe that they want to marius as a grandchild, and this we can see in the photos. What great family¡
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