Spanish Royals Present the Award to the Exemplary Town of Asturias 2022

  October 29, 2022 at 10:45 am by

Saturday October 29, Their Majesties King Felipe and Queen Letizia, along with the Princess of Asturias, paid a visit to Cadavéu (Council of Valdés). The town won this years award of Exemplary Town of Asturias for “having known how to maintain productive diversity in the rural environment, with which they have managed both to establish population and ensure generational change, and for being a lively and organized community”.
Upon the arrival in Cadavéu the King, the Queen and the Princess were welcomed by the president of the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón and local authorities. Then they attended a dance performance held by an Asturian folkloristic group.
Following the unveiling of a commemorative plaque by the King and the Princess of Asturias and a tree planting ceremony, the Royals toured various parts of the town, greeted the people who gathered up to meet them, were informed about the local traditions and paid a visit to the birthplace of Father Galo, an Asturian poet. This place became a cultural center.
Then took place the presentation of the award at which Princess Leonor couldn’t attend. The Princess had to leave the event early because she felt unwell due to a gastroenteritis. For the same reason the Infanta Sofia couldn’t visit Cadavéu.
The Exemplary Town of Asturias award is presented every year to the Asturian town that has been determined to be the best in “defence and conservation of the natural environment, historical heritage and culture, or in carrying out community works of outstanding solidarity”.

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