Jordan’s King Performs Eid Al-Adha Prayer

  November 27, 2009 at 9:28 am by

His Majesty King Abdullah II joined worshippers in performing the Eid Al Adha prayer Friday morning at the King Hussein bin Talal Mosque in Amman. Also performing the Eid prayer along with the King was Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein, Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein and Prince Ra’ad bin Zeid.

King Abdullah congratulated the Jordanians on this special day this past Thursday. The speech was delivered on Jordanian television and the Monarch also greeted Palestinians affirming Jordan’s support to them their quest to reach their legitimate rights, particularly their right to liberty and an independent State on their national soil.

Abdullah II have received cables and have exchanged over phone congratulations with several leaders of Arab and Islamic countries and senior officials and military officers on the occasion.

To read King’s full speech click here.

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