Romanov Jewels worth 2 Million Euros found in Sweden

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Swedish news agencies report that a collection of jewels have surfaced in the Swedish Foreign Ministry’s storage rooms. The jewels are worth over 2 million Euros and belonged to the Russian Imperial Family. A confidant of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna handed the valuable items to the Swedish Embassy in St. Petersburg for safekeeping after the 1917 revolution. The Grand Duchess died in France, apparently without telling her family about the jewellery.

The collection includes over 100 gold and silver cigarette cases and cuff links as well as jewels made by Fabergé and the Bolin family (court jewellers of several consecutive Russian and Swedish Monarchs). The jewels were kept in Sweden for over 90 years and were found while storage items were being moved and examined. The Ministry then immediately contacted members of the Romanov Family and handed over the finding.

A representative of the Sotheby’s commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to be offering for sale one of the most remarkable collections relating to the Romanovs to be offered at auction. Unknown for generations until their recent rediscovery, the objects truly evoke the grandeur and sublime taste of their original owners. We fully expect that the allure of this intimate and precious group, with its links to the historical events connected with one of the world’s most fabled dynasties, will hold the highest appeal for discerning collectors.”

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