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Old 10-15-2019, 05:45 PM
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So cute! Oscar seems to be a little character, and it's great that Victoria and Daniel are making their children aware of environmental issues and the importance of throwing your rubbish in the bin and not on the floor at such a young age. I know many grown adults who are yet to learn this

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone". Audrey Hepburn

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy". Anne Frank
Old 10-15-2019, 06:29 PM
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So cute; but why is Daniel walking with a stroller?

Old 10-16-2019, 03:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Somebody View Post
So cute; but why is Daniel walking with a stroller?
It's most likely for Oscar if he gets tired.
Old 10-19-2019, 03:25 PM
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Daniel attended at UEFA EURO 2020 qualifying match Sweden-Spain at Friends Arena on 15th October, with his friends Johan Skarborg and Patrik Vrbanc.
On Daniel's right sits Nicklas Lindström, a former swedish NHL star and behind Daniel sits Tomas Brolin, a bronze medalist from Football World Cup 1994.
ROYAL: Daniel schaut sich das EM-Qualifikationsspiel Schweden vs Spanien in Solna an
Old 10-26-2019, 04:29 AM
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There is autumn holiday at the schools in Stockholm next week.

Crown Princess Victoria's autumn holiday with the children
Denmark, Iceland, Japan - and soon Bosnia and Herzegovina. All work and no play. Crown Princess Victoria's work schedule this autumn is, to say the least, intense. In just a few weeks she has made three trips in the king's service. She has been to Denmark, Iceland and most recently - the solemn coronation in Japan.
In two weeks, she and Daniel will also travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they will spend a few days in the capital Sarajevo. But before that, Victoria should take it a little calmer at home at Haga. Next week, it is autumn holiday for children in Stockholm, and then Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar are also free from school and preschool.
- The Crown Princess couple will take the opportunity to devote a little more time to the children when they are free from schools, says Margareta Thorgren.
Neither Victoria nor Daniel have anything scheduled in the royal calendar, between October 25 and November 4, but it doesn't mean that they are completely free. At least not all days at the autumn holiday. Margareta Thorgren explains that all royal trips require preparation. Also the trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Therefore, the Crown Princess couple will both have free time with the children and acquaint into the travel program during the coming week. And since we know Victoria and Daniel, much of the free time will be spent outdoors. They love being out in nature with Estelle and Oscar - and are happy to pick up plastic along the way.
A few weeks ago, Victoria shared a movie with Prince Oscar cycling around the Haga Park, shouting "Plastic in nature, plastic in nature!". The family seems to have made the plastic search for their own little sport.
Kronprinsessan Victoria tar höstlov med barnen _ Svensk Dam
Old 10-28-2019, 02:09 PM
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Crown Princess Victoria has had a busy schedule in recent weeks. Our future head of state has not only been seen at a number of program points at home - she has also had many travel days and been both in Iceland and Japan.
Next week it's time again. This time, the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel go to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They travel together with the Minister Isabella Lövin, and the purpose of the trip is to strengthen relations between the countries.
But this week, Victoria and Daniel made sure their schedules were completely cleared. Not a single point is visible in their court calendars.
Now comes the explanation for the Crown Princess couple's absence. They have taken time off to be with their children, Princess Estelle, 7, and Prince Oscar, 3.
- This week, Sweden's schools have autumn holidays, now called reading holiday week. This means that the Crown Princess couple also takes extra time to be with their children, announces Margareta Thorgren in a text message.
Victoria has previously stated that she reads a lot to the children, including Astrid Lindgen's books, and that it is important to stimulate the desire for reading. But besides that, the family appreciates just being together, enjoying each other's company and fueling energy.
Victorias beslut för familjen – efter pressade tiden
Old 10-28-2019, 02:29 PM
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That clip of the little prince is too cute & made me chuckle
Old 11-02-2019, 04:28 PM
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Azaleas have again this year been sold in benefit for Kronprinsessan Victorias Fond (Crown Princess Victoria's Fund).
With azalea you can join and support the Crown Princess Victoria's Fund which provides a meaningful leisure time for children and young people with chronic illnesses and various disabilities. Look for an azalea with a blue seal, then SEK 2 goes in full to the fund.
Old 11-04-2019, 03:18 PM
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Liberals' new party leader Nyamko Sabuni has known Crown Princess Victoria for many years, through politics. Now she also reveals the private connection: The children go to the same school.
Yes, the Liberals' new party leader, Nyamko Sabuni, 50, has met Crown Princess Victoria, 42, and the rest of the royal family a lot during her years as minister.
Most recently, they met on Victoria's initiative, after Nyamko took over as new party leader for the Liberals in June.
- Victoria wanted a conversation with me and that's always nice. It was a sweet reunion. She is always so interested, wants to so much and she has been seeing my twins Christian and Patrik since they were little, says Nyamko Sabuni to Svensk Damtidning.
Yes, because there is a private, unknown connection between them.
Nyamko's 18-year-old twins - just like Princess Estelle - received their education at the prestigious Campus Manilla at Djurgården in Stockholm.
- Now Christian goes to the same school as Estelle. Patrik left after high school and goes to high school at the French school, says Nyamko.
Nyamko is satisfied with Manilla
- I am so happy that my children have been there. It's a great school. On the one hand they have great teachers, but since I am also one who loves good environments. I think you learn more when you are in a good environment. Out there, it is fantastic with the forest and the water. They have great opportunities for sports and they invest in the children.
Så är Campus Manilla inifrån – partiledaren avslöjar _ Svensk Dam
Old 11-15-2019, 01:29 AM
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Daniel sacrificed his career to become a prince - and the press is only increasing. While Sofia and Madeleine can soon do whatever they want.
The role of Sweden's own entrepreneurial prince, he has that down pat. But there are things that Prince Daniel can never do again. Like actively running your own business.
A role he really shone in before becoming Prince of Sweden.
Today, his best friend Patrik Vrbanc, 47, is running Prince Daniel's company Master Training AB, and who has also taken over the CEO role.
Daniel - from CEO to Prince
Prince Daniel himself chose to take a big step back and leave all operational functions well in advance of marrying Sweden's future head of state Crown Princess Victoria. This was in November 2009 and this means that it has now been exactly ten years since he made a definite point for his role as an active entrepreneur.
At the same time, it is brightening on the corporate front to his dear sister-in-laws. After the king's "October Revolution", both Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine are moving towards a freer royal future in the long run. While Prince Daniel's way forward will only become narrower and more royal.
So it would be no wonder if he felt the slightest newspaper at times, both on them and on Chris O'Neill, who declined the title to continue his business.
On the other hand, Prince Daniel has been given a completely unique royal platform to operate from. And he is still the main owner of Master Training AB. Daniel's ownership is somewhere between 50 and 75%, but he is very careful to emphasize that it is a completely passive role:
- There are two of my absolute best friends who run Master Training, so it's clear that they tell me how it is going. But I am a 'sleeping partner' and I am very careful to have great distance to the business, Prince Daniel told Dagens Industri 2018.
Press på prins Daniel men frihet för Madeleine _ Svensk Dam
Old 11-17-2019, 11:21 AM
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Suits, maxi dresses and sustainability.
Here are the trend favorites that returned in the Crown Princess's wardrobe this fall.
- It's very fun that the Crown Princess chooses to pick up several of the big trends right now. A favorite is the suit look that really fits her perfectly and gives her a stylish look, says Elin Slättberg, Expressen's fashion expert.'
In addition to suits and maxi dresses, there is another clear trend in the princess wardrobe: reuse. We have seen her in a pink wool coat from Andiata on several occasions, including in connection with the trip to Copenhagen in September and during the Iceland trip in October. Then we also saw our princess in a grain blue suit with double-buttoned jacket, a jacket that also appeared during the Crown Princess's presence at the Child Diabetes Foundation's 30th anniversary a week later.
- The Crown Princess does absolutely right in reusing her previous creations. It feels both very in time with sustainable fashion and it is important that fashion personalities like Victoria pay attention to this, says Elin Slättberg.
Another reused favorite is a red, floral patterned dress from House of Dagmar that the Crown Princess wore on two official occasions.
Is it just a favorite dress, or is there a deeper thought behind the garment being reused?
- It is certainly a combination. But most definitely there is a sustainability idea, says Margaretha Thorgren.
The power suit has come out strong this fall, both at the big fashion houses and at the chains. We've got to see Crown Princess wear several variants of this classic look.
The Crown Princess has been wearing boots for several of her outfits this fall. We have seen them in both clear blue, beige and the favorite color burgundy.
Victorias stilfulla dubbelval – tanken bakom höstlooken
Old 11-18-2019, 12:10 AM
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Victoria and Daniel (and perhaps the children too) were yesterday at magician Seth Engström's show.
"Good end to the week with a performance for Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel and others"
Old 11-20-2019, 10:00 AM
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The classic prince consort role, that's what applies to Prince Daniel when he makes an official entrance with his wife.
He always goes three steps behind when needed and he is always sharp to how he can support Victoria in her role as a heir to the throne and future head of state.
A position in which he has had no problems whatsoever to embrace, or to enjoy.
But there is another side of Prince Daniel as well. A lot more determined. He is the lion dad who protects his family in all situations. And it may be Victoria who is the future head of state - but in the family it is Prince Daniel who is capable.
And then that's it with the traditions. That the royal family in general, and Crown Princess Victoria in particular, love their traditions, is not so strange. But Prince Daniel, who grew up in a row house on the Smeltvägen in Ockelbo, is actually just as good enough to keep them alive.
Last but not least, we have his authority. Prince Daniel is careful to set boundaries, and all photographers know that he is not comfortable getting flashes of cameras in his eyes when it is out of position.
So when someone happens to use photoflash and Prince Daniel gets wrinkles between his eyebrows - then it has en effect right away.
Vi avslöjar! Prins Daniels okända sidor _ Svensk Dam

Victoria and Daniel attend this evening at the premiere of Max Martin's musical "& Juliet" in London.

The Swedish, world-famous hitmaker Max Martin is entering unknown territory.
Tonight his musical "& Juliet" premieres in London and several famous faces will be in place - including the Crown Princess couple.
- This is a trip the couple makes in private, which means that the court does not comment, says Margareta Thorgren.
Björn and Benny face competition in the international musical world. On Wednesday night, Max Martin sets up his first musical venture & Juliet right in the heart of London's West End on Shaftesbury Avenue. The premiere takes place at the Shaftesbury Theater just a stone's throw from the theaters where Björn and Benny have had great audience success.
The newly written musical revolves around about 30 songs from Max Martin's extensive catalog. Songs include Baby One More Time, Everybody, Can't Feel My Face and Love Me Like You Do.
Max Martin is one of the world's biggest hitmakers and has worked with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, among others. Harn has won Grammys and been nominated for Oscars.
At the premiere, several Swedish profiles will be found - such as Tomas Ledin with wife Marie and artist Robyn. Ed Sheeran will also be there.
But they are not the only ones. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel will also be present.
They arrive at 18:50 English time. They pose for photos for the photographers and Victoria smiles and is in a brilliant mood. They arrived together with Johan Skarborg and wife Carolina.
The Crown Princess couple loves Max Martin's music so much that they went over to London privately to attend the big premiere night - despite a week of work packed with program points.
Just hours before Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel spread royal brilliance at London's Shaftesbury Theater, they participated in an expert meeting on child safety at the Palace in Stockholm.

Victoria and Daniel
Victoria and Daniel with their friends Johan and Carolina Skarborg

Max Martins nya succé – Victorias överraskning

Belga Image

Article in Svensk Damtidning
Victoria och Daniel på premiären av & Juliet i London _ Svensk Dam
Old 11-21-2019, 11:21 PM
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The Crown Princess beamed in a ball gown from the collection that designer Giambattista Valli made together with the Swedish clothing giant H&M. The ankle-length dress with tulle, embroidery and wrinkled ruffles has a price tag of SEK 3499.
- The Crown Princess once again chooses a dress with a marked waist which suits her very well. Her premiere dress is both dramatic and romantic with the detailed embroidery. A dress that fits perfectly with the evening's festivities. It's also fun that she chooses a Swedish brand, says Expressen's fashion expert Elin Slättberg.
Victorias vackra val under romantiska kvällen i London - Allt om kungligt
Kronprinsessan Victoria bar H&M i London
Old 11-22-2019, 05:16 AM
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Posts: 3,390 reports that Crown Princess Victoria is attending the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz on the 27th of January 2020 together with Prime minister Stefan Löfven and Speaker of the Parliament Andreas Norlén.
Other royals that are confirmed to be attending are the King and Queen of the Netherlands and the King of Spain.,1392.html

Crown Princess Victoria was one of the Swedish representatives during the 70th anniversary in 2015 when a scandal erupted because of a reporter took the opportunity to ask her about the Nazi links of her ancestors. This was seen by both the public and many politicians and journalists as being in very bad taste given place and circumstances.

Victoria often takes part in the official Swedish rememberance of the anniversary and has visited the Great Synagogue in Stockholm on several occasions.
Old 11-23-2019, 01:42 AM
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A future queen with authority and integrity. Victoria's secure relationship with Daniel has done a lot for her confidence. Yes, it's hard to imagine who the Crown Princess would have been if she hadn't met that gym trainer from Ockelbo - 18 years ago.
18 years ago Victoria and Daniel went on their very first date. They had met two months earlier. The owner of the gym was named Daniel Westling and it was therefore between treadmills, barbs and free weights that the Crown Princess couple's paths were crossed for the first time.
A super team - both at work and at home at Haga
Since then, they have built something quite unique together. In their spare time, the two loving parents who always put the children, Estelle and Oscar, in the first room. And at work, they are a real super team that travels and represents Sweden.
It's hard to imagine what Victoria's life would have been like if she hadn't met Daniel. Or how she had been as a person, for that matter. After all, it is the prince who has made the crown princess who she is today.
For example, Victoria has developed a much better self-confidence over the years. Thanks in large part to Daniel. The prince is always at her side and when he began to represent the royal family, at his wife's side, the work schedule was mainly about various requests. Victoria was asked to participate in various events and sometimes it wasn't really that much about her own interests.
Victoria has gained a completely different self-confidence
The requests, for various events and lectures, have of course continued to come, but today it is much more about the Crown Princess's own choice. What she thinks is important to highlight. Daniel has contributed to this development.
- The couple has taken control of their own agenda and become much clearer in their profile areas, where the Crown Princess is primarily engaged in sustainability and marine and fisheries issues, while Prince Daniel is primarily involved in entrepreneurship and health, Karolin A. Johansson told to Svensk Damtidning.
The fact that the Crown Princess couple also thinks so similarly when it comes to Estelle and Oscar has, even that, strengthened Victoria in her role as mother and future queen. A role that is not always entirely easy. But with Daniel's support it goes. For example, the couple has made a joint decision to cut down on their trips abroad because they do not want to be away from the children more than necessary. They have also made a joint decision to maintain some privacy - even though they belong to the country's most famous family.
Daniel has shown that it's okay to say no
For example, when the Crown Princess family travels around Sweden in the summer, many people come and want to take pictures. Victoria and Daniel always say yes to a quick selfie. On the other hand, they keep the conversations short. In particular, the prince, who has not grown up in the public eye, wants Estelle and Oscar to have their parents for themselves. Daniel has taught Victoria that you have the right to some leisure time, without strangers, even if you are the country's crown princess.
And it has meant that Victoria can be personal without, for that matter, letting people into her private sphere. Because in that innermost of her heart, only Estelle and Oscar get a place. And Prince Daniel, of course.
Så har Victoria förändrats ihop med Daniel _ Svensk Dam
Old 11-24-2019, 02:57 AM
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Crown Princess Victoria's Queen's School
Crown Princess Victoria has always been known to work a lot. But this fall she has moved up even more. Victoria just becomes more and more queen-like. This autumn she has worked more than ever and after the king's decision to shrink the royal family on titles, she has an even more central role in the royal representation.
The Crown Princess at Dad King's side
In recent weeks, Victoria has spread her royal brilliance in both Denmark, Iceland, Japan and Bosnia and Herzegovina. And during the Tokyo visit, she also got to represent at Dad the King's side at the solemn coronation.
Yes, Victoria mingles with Máxima and Mathilde and it is easy to imagine how she herself will carry the title of queen one day.
The future assignment, as Sweden's head of state, is something that the Crown Princess has in mind all the time. And it also affects what assignments she chooses to do or not to do.
Of course, traveling and strengthening Sweden's relationship with other countries is important, but Victoria is equally keen to keep in touch of everything happening at home. Earlier this week, for example, she visited Fryshuset's operations in Malmö. And a few days ago, the Crown Princess couple invited Linda Staaf, Deputy Commanding Officer of the police, to discuss how to prevent gang crimes.
In recent years Victoria has really broadened her areas of interest. Last week she also visited the Amfibieregementet. All to gain as much information as possible about the important institutions of society.
Excursions with Princess Estelle
The Crown Princess has also begun to open the door to the royal history for Princess Estelle. Mother and daughter have visited The Royal Treasury, and have a look at all the national regalia, and have also been browsing through old pictures and gone through archives in the Bernadotte Library.
The Crown Princess's commitment is truly admirable. The day she becomes the queen, she will be well prepared. She leaves nothing to chance and all the places she visits she find equally interesting.
Kronprinsessan Victorias drottningskola _ Svensk Dam
Old 11-28-2019, 01:11 AM
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Prince Daniel is used to a large workload and being at royal spotlight. But when he will one day support the future queen, the interest will be even greater. Fortunately, he has Silvia who helps him along the way.
Just as Victoria is preparing to become queen, Daniel is preparing for a future by the side of the head of state. He is on his ninth year as a prince and has really grown into his role. But being married to a queen is, of course, something completely different. Daniel is used to the attention but when the Crown Princess one day takes over the throne, after Dad the King, the headlight will of course shine even stronger. And then you have to prepare.
Prince Daniel is an expert in making contacts. Both within the royal world and outside. He and Victoria are personal friends with Haakon and Mette-Marit and Frederik and Mary. The future rulers. They all sit in the same boat and of course have many rewarding conversations when seen. And Prince Daniel is at least as driven as Victoria - when it comes to planning the royal meetings.
Daniel also has many interesting friends in business. People he has come to know through Prince Daniel's Fellowship. Businessman Marcus Wallenberg is one. He is a member of the steering group for the entrepreneur program and has also got to know Daniel privately. He assists Daniel with many good advice - both in his role as prince but also about life.
It didn't take long, after the engagement, that Daniel won the hearts of the Swedish people. His love for Crown Princess Victoria could not be missed and he also talked openly about his previous kidney problems and the tough transplant that took place before the wedding made many people think he was strong. In addition, Daniel has found his own royal path to hike on. He has chosen to get involved in the health and well-being of children and young people and is a frequent advocate for us to introduce more sports in primary school. When the Crown Princess couple launched organization Gen Pep, it was fully in line with Daniel's interests and commitment.
But how to best support his wife in her future role as head of state is a topic that neither entrepreneurs nor health profiles know anything about. When Daniel has such thoughts, he must instead turn to his mother-in-law Silvia. And of course she always stands up.
Svensk Damtidning has been informed that Silvia and Daniel sometimes have individual conversations about and after those meetings, Daniel is always hopeful, at the same time as he feels confident for the future.
Prins Daniel får hjälp av drottning silvia _ Svensk Dam
Old 11-30-2019, 01:28 AM
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Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's Ockelbo
Victoria and Daniel really appreciate the tranquility of Ewa and Olle Westling's home. But despite the fact that the town's residents find it exciting when the royal family comes to visit, they may be at peace. Ockelbo should be a haven for them.
Party, glamour and Palace dinners. Three words symbolizing luxury. But not for Victoria and Daniel. No, in their royal everyday life, these types of events are included in the work and they appreciate being able to come out in the country and dress in jeans and t-shirts. Going for long forest walks, without any time limit, is the most luxurious the crown princess couple can imagine.
And that's exactly how Victoria and Daniel live when they come home to the Prince's parents, Ewa and Olle Westling, in Ockelbo.
Everyday life in the red house is far from the royal spotlight in Stockholm. There, Victoria and Daniel can be themselves and take a much needed break from all the attention. In addition, seeing Estelle and Oscar move freely in the small community means everything. Everyone in the family appreciates the peace of Ockelbo.
But what do they do when they have a free weekend at home with grandma and grandpa?
Prince Daniel is extremely keen on showing Estelle and Oscar how he had it as a kid. Among other things, the family has visited the Perslunda school where Prince studied. In addition, they meet friends and neighbors of Ewa and Olle and if the weather permits it can also be a dip in the water-filled quarry in Trödje - which is actually called Lake Victoria. If the children have a choice, they also order pizza at Pizzeria Atalanta in Ockelbo and there you can choose both "Victoriaspecial" with pork fillet or a "Danielspecial" with beef fillet. The pizzeria is just a stone's throw from Daniel's parents' home.
Sometimes they also go to Gävle to visit Daniel's sister, Anna Westling Söderström, and go shopping. The Westling family has gone to Gävle for as long as Daniel can remember and of course he wants to make that trip with Estelle and Oscar as well.
Daniel has really put Ockelbo on the map. Both the tourism and tourism industry have benefited from the Prince title. But the most important thing for the residents is that Victoria and Daniel should feel that Ockelbo is a haven. When the engagement escalated, in 2009, the family's Westling's neighbors were called down by journalists. But they did not tell us anything and instead put the lid on.
- In the souls of Ockelbo people, there is good will and cohesion. They were proud and wanted to respect the couple, said municipal manager Lars Sjödin during this period.
- We want Ockelbo to get attention. But the most important thing is that Daniel and Victoria can come here and be at peace.
Kronprinsessan Victorias och Daniels Ockelbo _ Svensk Dam
Old 12-01-2019, 08:08 AM
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Daniel has written foreword to book "Made in Sweden", published this year.

What does Abba, the book case Billy and the zig-zag rule have in common? They all have their roots in Sweden and have taken the world by storm. In “Made in Sweden”, a new book from Business History Publishing, we meet them and many other global hits, that you perhaps didn’t know all were Swedish.
In Made in Sweden (Business History Publishing, 2019) author and business historian Anders Johnson lists 130 successful Swedish innovations. The book covers products, companies and people – and also ideas and phenomena, such as the Swedish queuing system. Common is that they originated in Sweden but left imprints far beyond their own country’s borders.
The foreword to Made in Sweden is written by His Royal Highness Prince Daniel and the book was launched during the Hannover Messe in Germany in April 2019. The book is only available in English.
Made in Sweden_- New book about Swedish successes - Centrum för Näringslivshistoria

Götrich - a costume drama
The tailoring company Götrich starts with ready-to-wear and merges with the brand name Baron. The companies have a lot in common - despite an age difference of 250 years.
The tailor made suit is a habit just as habit-forming as anything else.
- It does several things with the mind, it's a physical experience, says Joakim Hartzell, CEO of Baron Götrich. All the flaws and inconveniences of how the garment sits on one's body disappear when one has a suit according to one's own personal pattern. There is research that indicates that it directly affects the mood and how one is perceived.
Who is Sweden's best dressed public person?
- Prince Daniel. I have a feeling that he understands tailoring and what it does to the fit and the impression you give.
Götrich – ett kostymdrama _ SvD Perfect Guide

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