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Old 06-05-2015, 06:43 AM
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Tomorrow Saturday will be a busy day for Isabella.

It will be her first official event, where she takes center stage - albeit with mother right behind her.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #23, 2015.
Written by Ulrik Ulriksen.

Who has been talking with the manager of the shipping company that service the ferries to the island of Samsø, Carsten Kruse.

First Belle will baptize the ferry, then shown around on the ferry, before visiting a company and a nature (nature and science) school, where she will hold a genuine live feathered owl. But she and mother will also go fishing in waders.
We can expect most of islanders to turn up (buses have been deployed for the purpose), not to mention quite a few from Eastern Jutland, let alone tourists, of which there are a considerable number at this time of year.

Carsten Kruse says: "It's a fantastic honor for us to be allowed to name the ship after one the royals. It's not something that happens every day and it's a fantastic thing for Samsø.
As we understand it it's Princess Isabella's first duty or job for the DRF, so it will be exciting when she is to baptize our ferry. Especially for her. We are looking very much forward to that.
She is going on a tour of the ship, we will be going out to pick strawberries and then Isabella is also going out to look at birds. I think there is a pretty exciting ahead for her.
Among other things she is to try and hold an owl out on the Nature School.
Normally champagne is used at a maritime baptism, but that is not the case when Princess Isabella is going into action at the ferry. Instead we use half a liter of cranberry juice that is produced locally on Samsø. We have thus chosen to find a local product with no alcohol as it is a child who is going to baptize the ferry. Had it been Crown Princess Mary who were to name the ferry we would of course have used champagne. However we did think the whole thing should be a bit different due to Isabella, who will be baptizing the ship with a local, ready to drink cranberry juice from Samsø Berries.
She's going to visit that factory later in order to pick strawberries and see their farm".

But why this ferry?
"We have had this fantastic new ferry build and it has been a long time coming. The innovative thing about it is that it can sail on both natural gas and diesel, It's the first domestic ferry that sails on natural gas. The vessel emits an absolute minimum of harmful emissions into the atmosphere and that suits well with Samsø's image as 100 % sustainable environmentally speaking. (Samsø is 100 % carbon neutral and export that know how).
The technology in the ferry as such point to the future and so it is with one of the youngest members of the DRF who also in the best possible way points to the future of the DRF.
To Isabella however, the future is that she will grow up and become a beautiful, beautiful princess and a worthy representative for the DRF. Hopefully the ferry in a way can grow beautiful with her. So the ferry points toward a bright future and so does Princess Isabella".

- An unusually eloquent manager, eh?
Old 06-05-2015, 07:44 AM
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Ferry baptism in juice, picking strawberries with mum, holding an owl and Bella and Mary fishing in waders. Looking much forward to tomorrow's visit on the island Samsø
Old 06-05-2015, 12:31 PM
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Will be a great event. looking forward to seeing some pictures. What a nice idea, to involve the royals in other parts of DK.
Old 06-06-2015, 05:05 AM
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I'm pretty certain it will soon be pouring in with pictures, so to help us keep track of what is going on BB has written an overview of today's schedule: Prinsesse Isabellas vilde dag på Samsø | Billed Bladet

Isabella and Mary will arrive on the island (perhaps with the ferry?) at 13.45.
Here they will be received by the mayor. He's of Dutch origin BTW.
Bella will name the ferry (M/F) Prinsesse Isabella and cut a cord so that a bottle will be crushed against the ferry.
After a tour of the ferry, Bella will be presented with a present.

Then it's off to Samsø Bær (Samsø Berries), which is actually a farm producing the cranberry juice used for the baptism.
Here they are put to work picking strawberries.

Finally it's time to visit Samsø Naturskole (What do you call it? A school about nature and such stuff).
Strolling among sheep, lambs and rams they will also don waders and walk into the fjord having a closer look at fishing shrimps.
There are also birds at the school, eagles, falcons and owls and Isabella will hold one of them.

At 17.00 it's time to go home.

It looks like it's Ulrik Ulriksen who will be covering this visit. It ought to be Ken Richter, but he is politically active, so perhaps he's busy with the election.

A map of Samsø and where things take place, will be added to this post shortly.


Wiki in English about the island:

Here is the local newspaper: Samsø Posten - Nyheder - Færgen har skiftet navn

Try keep an eye on this site.
The local papers have a tendency to eventually post on average about 6.000 pictures when the DRF drop by.
Old 06-06-2015, 05:22 AM
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What an exciting day for a little girl
Great to see the children growing up doing things like this.

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Old 06-06-2015, 09:11 AM
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First picture: Modtaget med jubel: Prinsesse Isabella på sit allerførste 'job' | GO'

The weather is perfect today.

The TV networks are covering the event so clips coming up later today.

Isabella was met with lots of applause and loud cheers, and she did look a little overwhelmed at times. She took her time greeting many of the children and adults who had showed up.
The ferry has now been baptized.
Old 06-06-2015, 09:25 AM
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After Isabella had baptized the ferry TV2 talked short with Bella who told she - until now - has had a lovely day. Especially standing on the bridge of the ferry and try 'honking' had made an impression.

- It was fun, Isabella told TV2.

Bigger picture:

First pictures:

It's good to have mommy around :)
It looks like our little Bella has a little hat in her beautiful braided hair? :)
Old 06-06-2015, 09:52 AM
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Gallery from Rex: Editorial Photos, Celebrity, News, & Sports Images | Rex
With the presents she got.

Facebook, keep an eye on the comments:

Nice little pic:

Roskilde Clear your tray, there is not room for more PM's.
Old 06-06-2015, 10:08 AM
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Thanks Muhler and Roskilde for all informations and pictures. What exciting day for little Isabella.
Old 06-06-2015, 10:15 AM
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You're welcome, it's also fun for us

We have got very quick coverage and the article is already the most read article on TV2's homepage.

Now there must go a little while before more pictures, since all the media of course is following Isabella and mommy around to the programme on the island (and perhaps barely have time to post/send pictures home). Now they're going to visit Samsø's berry production, and later they are going to visit Samsø's Nature school.

Bella greeting the people:

Bella with her present:

Popular little princess :)

Bella and mum:

TV2: Bella and Mary picking strawberries :)

The people's pictures on Facebook:

"Such a lovely an experience. An absolutely fantastic performance of an 8-year-old girl."

"What some pretty 'girls'"


Our charming Bella. Beautiful little girl
Old 06-06-2015, 11:23 AM
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Bella seems to have done a fantastic job so far. Such a beautiful young girl, she will be a real asset to Denmark in the coming years!
God Save the House of Windsor
Old 06-06-2015, 12:10 PM
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We see Samsø harbour out in full force, and Billedbladet as well. Both Ulrik Ulriken and Trine Larsen seems to covering the visit.

BB's first article describing the ferry baptism is published:
Prinsesse Isabella døbte færge på Samsø | Billed Bladet

As soon as the princesses stepped out of the car the crowd called and cheered with joy and Crown Princess Mary and Isabella took the time to greet the people before they went to the dock where the baptism was to take place.
During the mayor's speech Princess Isabella stood beside her proud mother waiting with her delicate bouquet of flowers in her hand. Mary asked "Should I hold your flowers, Bella" so Isabella's hands were free to use scissors to cut the string. As Isabella cut the string the bottle of Samsø blackcurrant juice sped toward the ship and smashed to pieces, as planned.

Here's the next BB article: "Isabella and Mary picked strawberries on Samsø:"

Picture: (I see Mary and Bella like any other couldn't resist eating a few.. or 10.. strawberry underway )

Isabella and mother were each given their own box so they could pick the delicious berries.

Both Isabella and Mary picked the berries with great enthusiasm and it didn't took long time before the 'royal bottoms' stuck up in the air while they both picked berries the best they have learn.

- Have you found some good strawberries, Mary and Bella asked each other.

In fact, they picked so many royal-pick-self strawberries that BB noticed there surely will be fresh strawberries served in Frederik's VIII's palace this evening for also Frederik, Christian, Vincent and Josephine as Mary's and Bella's strawberries was put into the trunk of the royal car.


Just seen the early evening news.

They covered the visit. Isabella stood proudly with a live owl on her arm.

TV2 said that they in tonight's main news in about one hour have more and also a little interview with Isabella.

Also DR's TV-Avisen covers the visit, it can be watched rigth now at this live-link:


Ready for more wonderful pictures?

Isabella and Mary were on a fishing trip - wearing waders:

Isabella and Mary visiting the Samsø Nature School and Bella hold a living owl and other animals:


HUGE gallery (128 pictures so far),_denmark
Old 06-06-2015, 01:33 PM
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any details about her present?
Old 06-06-2015, 01:58 PM
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Isabella's gift was a set of jewelry - necklace and bracelet with interchangeable charms/pendants. Very nice for a young girl. There are some pictures in the Rex gallery that Muhler posted in post #348.

Bella looked so sweet, and she did a wonderful job. A little surprised that Frederik wasn't there, but it was a nice mother-daughter event.
Old 06-06-2015, 02:30 PM
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I watched the main news at 19.00 and they had a good coverage of the event.

Half the island seemed to have turned out!
The flowergirl, was appropriately named Isabella too, even though she was nine years old. She was a bit nervous and she didn't feel brave enough to actually talk to Bella, who incidentally was higher than the one year older flowergirl. But there was a slight disappointment though. Isabella had hoped Bella would be wearing a dress.

It was fun to be on the job for the first time, Bella confirmed several times.
Tooting the horn of the ferry was major cool! And it is quite something to have a ferry named after you, she admitted with a very charming archetypical Copenhagener accent.
I fear several of the M&F children will have a belly ache tonight with at least ten boxes of strawberries to take home.
Holding an owl, half the size of herself was a bit daunting, she needed a slight support to even being able to hold the bird!
She also held a falcon, but the predator seemed quite unimpressed by the royal arm.
Petting the cute lamb was fun. But holding a live eel and a live crab, no thank you! They were major yuck! And they smelled! Phew!

It was good to have mother close by but Bella seemed to take her first day on the job in her stride. A bit unaccustomed to being in the focus and exactly what to do, but not the least bit scared nor too shy.

When asked she didn't quite know what she had looked the most forward to today. "I dunno, hmm, honk the horn", she replied.

- But now the local news are on, and I may add something later.

Can you watch this TV2 clip: TV 2 | ØSTJYLLAND | Prinsesse døber færge | Nyheder | Samsø

If so, I will write a bit about it in a couple of hours.


Right, let's have a look at this clip:

0:20 - The local mayor, who speaks brilliant Danish, with local accent even. He's done a lot for Samsø since he arrived in DK from the Netherlands.
He explains that it's very much about having some good stories, when it's about tourism. And this is where Isabella come in.

0:40 - "Long live, Princess Isabella..."!

0:52 - Q: How is it to have a ferry named after you?
I: "It's very ra... funny".
Q: Why so?
I: "Because you have your own ferry and it's really exciting to try and have your own ferry".
Q: What have you looked the most forward to today?
I: "Hmm, I don't know. To honk the horn".

But not all are pleased with the ferry changing name from M/F Samsø to M/F Prinsesse Isabella. Not that they have anything against Isabella, they just felt the community should have had a say.

1:49 - The Greenlandic looking lady says she believe M&F are visiting Samsø from time to time. (That sounds plausible. They are often seen going on the ferry between Jutland and Zealand, but thy could just as easily make a pit stop on Samsø. And there is a noble family who have a residence on the island. We need FasterB, she has a very good track on who's who).

As you can tell, it was crawling with press!
Old 06-06-2015, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Roskilde View Post
Isabella is adorable, love this picture of her.

She has looked so professional and enchanting and that's a pleasure to see. THis has been a lovely first royal event to do, hum? Can't think on anything missing: boat, check, strawberries, check, animals, check, even a sea bath, check... I'm sure she's already asking her parents if she can "work" again
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Old 06-06-2015, 02:50 PM
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Hi Muhler, thanks for everything so far. I can see the clip!
Old 06-06-2015, 02:59 PM
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I loved when a very proud Bella told reporters that it was exciting to have her own ferry

She's absolutely adorable and she did so well today – she's clearly already Denmark's little darling
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Old 06-06-2015, 03:07 PM
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Thanks Muhler. Yes TV2 News had a very good covering! I so much hope for our foreign members that TV2 puts it online now it's a longer clip.

Isabella think the live eels was so disgusting! Mary smiled with a "Why are they so disgusting?" They just were

Here is the DR's coverage in TV-Avisen tonight - and they have like TV2 News also got some words from Isabella.

"It's really big to have your own ship/ferry that others can see."

Such a natural little professional already!/18:17
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