Infantas Leonor and Sofia In Mallorca

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Palma de Mallorca – August 2012

The Prince of Asturias and his two daughters, the Infantas Leonor and Sofia, arrived at Palma de Mallorca Airport during the afternoon of August 3rd. The Prince and his 2 daughters then travelled onto the Marivent Palace in Palma de Mallorca where they joined Queen Sofia, Infanta Elena and her children, Don Felipe Juan and Doña Victoria Federica.

The Princess of Asturias arrived a couple of days later to join her husband and children.

On August 6th, the Prince, Princess and Infantas took a family outing, with a trip on the tourist tram de Sóller, which links Palma de Mallorca with the Port of Soller.

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3 Responses to Infantas Leonor and Sofia In Mallorca

  1. hampton says:

    I see Inaki keeping away from spain and the rest of the royal family. So if there is a divorce will he cease to be the Duke or will he just go back to beng plan old Inaki. has anyone heard any news on his scandal. I guess he is persona non grata in spain. Does juan carlos invite his latest girlfriend on family vacations or is she installed at the local hotel.?

  2. PRock says:

    Hampton, that was not very kind especially on a post about what is a family vacation. They have children, you know.

  3. Lady Daphne says:

    So much fodder for the gossip mills…….I must say that Letizia and Juan C look very happy together in public so they must have some type of agreement that is satisfactory to both. Maybe Letti has made peace with her title as has Sofia. I wish them all happiness….they have so much they should be happy with it, one way or another!!

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