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Jan 22, 2005
"William & Kate: A Royal Love Story"

Currently in production for the Hallmark Channel, to be televised August 2011.

Kate Middleton and Prince William: New movie will focus on Princess Diana's memory | Mail Online

A new movie depicting the lead up to the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton will include the prince's late mother Princess Diana. The film stars American actor Dan Amboyer as William and British actress Alice St. Clair as Kate. The director, Linda Yellen, says the film will be 'a psychological story of the memory of the mother and her legacy'.

Focusing on the wedding, "William & Kate: A Royal Love Story" started filming in early May and will focus on William's memories of his mother as well as the romance between him and his bride. The project is currently being shot in Bucharest, Romania.

The director explained that her film is 'a very personal story. In a way, it's my tribute to her [Diana] as well as a tribute to the young couple.' She added that William & Kate explores how the prince 'has to choose to live his life with her [Diana's] memory and with the decisions he has to make.'

She wrote the script for William & Kate in two weeks.
A mixture of fact and fiction, the film is expected to be released in August on the U.S. cable channel Hallmark.
Thank You for the interesting announcement!I will be waiting for this movie,but on the relised pics Kate did not seem genuine to me
Oh jeez!

While I have nothing against the real Wills and Kate, I am against Americans treating the British royals as though the Windsors are ours! Its projects like this one that make me embarrassed as an American.
I will agree with you here. On the big scheme of things, very few Americans really know about the BRF, and they believe that anything in these movies is the truth. Unfortunately, it's not the case, and the Americans should leave these projects to the British.
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Hope it's not bad like the lifetime movie!
The Hallmark website has info on the movie:

William and Catherine: A Royal Romance | Hallmark Channel

I will probably watch, if only to see how the actors (including Jane Alexander as the Queen and Victor Garber as Prince Charles) play the Royals. I only hope the person who wrote the script knows more about the royals than the person who designed the web pages; they list Prince Charles' wife as "HRH Camilla Parker Bowles" :huh: and Prince William's mother as "HRH Princess Diana".
Thank you for the information,but does anyone know when the movie is released?
I'm ready and waiting for this one. The first one was good, but I disliked the ending with the engagement. Is this one 2hrs long as well? Don't know how you can get nearly 10yrs into 2hrs but ok whatever.
It is absurd! Why make a cheap TV movie about such young people? Why spend so much money on a movie about something so recent and that was probably not exactly what they said and did? I abhore this type of slapdash replicating of recent events in popular media for a network's own financial gain. I was very happy watching the news and reading RELIABLE magazine articles about them, I didn't need a movie to believe in the "romance" of their relationship, they love eachother and I am very happy for them.
AH! Why did they make Kate plain!? She isn't a supermodel nor is she the ugly duckling.
Its not saying much but this film is actually better than that horrible Lifetime movie lol! But Katie in this movie isn't even big enough. She should be Pipa :lol:
So far I think the lifetime one was better. They did a better job at casting definitely. From the books I read Kate's mousy stage went out the door in her mid teens. In this movie, so far, she is just the nerd girl. I guess the accents are better in this movie because I can't understand a darn thing that is being said.
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William and Catherine: A Royal Romance. The movie

Just got done watching the Hallmark movie and I really enjoyed this one a lot more than the one that was on previously on Lifetime. Irene event bowed to a royal movie enough that I only missed a little bit due to loss of satellite. :)

Although I really don't see any real of the actors/actresses in the movie being even close to looking like the people they portrayed, with the exception of Jean Smart as Camilla, most of them did a pretty good job. Mr. Remote remarked that Camilla came across a bit like a "snobbish bitch" (good gods.. he's watching these movies with me!) and I tend to agree on that part. Definitely not a good Camilla portrayal. I did really like the portrayal of HM in this movie, and they did a good job of the closeness and joking that goes on between the brothers. Another thing that was constant throughout the movie was William watching the last interview that his mother ever made. It touched me that both parents were presented as William will have seen them, both someone he loves dearly.

As with anything in the private life of the BRF, a lot of poetic license has to be used in making a movie like this as we don't know and will probably never know what the actual "facts" are. I would give this movie a good rating.. not the best as I'd probably not watch it again but it was heartwarming.
Does anyone know of a website that would have it online? i don't get hallmark and i'd like to see it... :) i've checked several but haven't been able to find it yet
Does anyone know of a website that would have it online? i don't get hallmark and i'd like to see it... :) i've checked several but haven't been able to find it yet

I think your best bet would be to go to the Hallmark channel's website and find out if its even available for purchase or viewing online.
I hope it could be possible earlier or later to watch it on a British channel,like it was previously with other movie on Channel 5 UK.
I hope it could be possible earlier or later to watch it on a British channel,like it was previously with other movie on Channel 5 UK.

Its possible. One thing you could do though is go to the Hallmark channel's website and leave feedback to them and let them know. They'd probably at least let you know what plans are in the work.

With this recent movie, actually there isn't much difference from the Lifetime one. How much can one really take the facts and make something seem more factual? The nuances were a bit different and they put a bit more poetic license in this one and had William proposing over a campfire. The dialogue was a bit better and it showed more of both Wills and Kate's parents (Camilla.. UGH.. but then again I keep seeing her in Designing Women and that's MY perspective. To me she was not a good choice for Camilla) and actually had HM. That part had to be totally fictional. :O)
Good gracious, I had to stop watching this movie. It was so boring and mundane. It also seemed even more shallow than the Lifetime movie. I was hoping this one would be better, but I was sorely disappointed. The way William and Kate meet and become friends is even more natural in the Lifetime movie than in the Hallmark one; Kate bumps into William carrying her laundry to her room, which just so happens to be in the opposite direction she is going. Plus I think Hallmark took some scenes from the movie The Prince*Me.
Their roommates in the Hallmark movie are also more one dimensional and annoying with zero personalities.
I was just happy to have a movie about them... lol. Yes, because it was Hallmark it had a bit of 'cheesy' factor to it... but It was so entertaining to see Victor Garber who played Jack Bristow in Alias play Prince Charles lol.

The only real complaint I have are the scenes with Catherine and the Queen. From what I remember and have read, she did'nt spend time with the queen till after the engagement and before that she was barely introduced to him either at Peters wedding or when he graduated at sandhurst... I beleive.

In the end, it satisfies my craving for everything Monarchy... lol.
Fellow Alias fan here and I could not get past Victor Garber in this role. It just was so off. Same with Jean Smart as Camilla.

I laughed through this movie. Some of the production value was just so shoddy - like Kate having a phone in 2007 that only came out in 2009-ish (I know because my niece & I have the same phone and she got hers about a year and a half ago, while I got mine last winter). And then there was the very obvious poetic license they took with W&K's romance. "Inspired by" is definitely the correct phrase to use, :p.

Overall, I think the Lifetime version was better, but I only watched that once, when it came out last spring. And I distinctly recall saying "well, that's two hours of my life I want back" after that one. This time, I was saying it in the middle of the movie but by then, I wanted to see just how much worse it could get, plus it was on my DVR so it really wasn't a full two hours wasted.
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Without a doubt IMO this was the worst William and Catherine movie....Lifetime's was SO MUCH better.

The timeline was off: they had Harry at the fashion show where William so Catherine in a new light; the awful Diana videos (where did they get that wig---simply awful); the conversations between the Queen and Charles, where she does a run down on Charles's romance; Kate meeting the Queen several years before they actually met (and playing Wii Tennis with the Queen, seriously!); Phillip saying what about your uncle, Edward VII to the Queen about bad marriages/romances, when he was really her great grandfather.

Oh, the horrors! My electricity went off because of Hurricane Irene (and quickly came back on)....I am almost wished it stayed off it was so bad. I quickly deleted it from my DVR.
Wow. That sounds just about awful. I can understand poetic license for moments that were behind closed doors, but to get historical facts such as Edward VII being the Queen's great-grandfather is a bit much. Playing Wii with the Queen...that's really going overboard with the poetic license. Not that it's impossible, because I hear Her Majesty loves her technology, but for some reason I don't see that happening during a first meeting. Glad I missed this one. Would have been throwing things at the TV screen out of mere frustration.
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That was actually the 2nd or 3rd meeting. They have Catherine and the Queen meeting (was it at a Palace) when the Queen is playing something similar to horseshoe while it appears that she is meeting with people (perhaps the Commonwealth). Why the Queen would meet her grandson's girlfriend with a bunch of other people around?

I guess they missed the interview when Catherine said that the first time she met the Queen was at Peter's and Autumn's wedding.
I think the first meeting, when the Queen was playing what appeared to be an African version of horseshoes, was supposed to be at William's 21st birthday party. And Charles was off entertaining little kids dressed like extras from The Lion King with magic tricks.

I wondered if the guy cast as Philip was just an extra with no lines until he spoke finally about the Queen's "great uncle Edward VII". Probably should have left it that way, lol.

This really was just an awful movie. In fact, so bad that I might need to dust off my Alias dvds to appreciate Victor Garber's fantastically bad-ass Jack Bristow.
I enjoyed the movie somewhat, although it's not a great movie any more than greeting cards are great poetry. I liked the choice of actors, for the most part. Some parts of the script didn't ring true -- for example, the part where a drunken William says to Charles, that at least his exes are all still alive. I really don't think Prince William would talk to his father that way, even while intoxicated. I can, however, imagine Prince Charles saying (or thinking) that he has paid for his sins, and pays for them every day of his life. Nor do I think that William would really spend that much time watching his mother's "Panorama" interview, since in real life he was rather upset about it. But I suppose they were using artistic license to show Diana's influence on William.

Another blooper was when the Queen mentioned to Prince Charles that Princess Margaret hadn't been able to marry the man she loved "because he was a commoner". Actually, it was because he was divorced.

I did like the interviews with the actors on Hallmark's website; in fact, I think I enjoyed them even more than the movie!
Does anyone know of a website that would have it online? i don't get hallmark and i'd like to see it... :) i've checked several but haven't been able to find it yet

Have you checked out Hulu? They might have it.
I wonder if this was indeed a British production because it seemed to be sucking up to the Queen and portraying her as this rich saint who doesn't really take all the money seriously. I do in fact believe she is not as anal as those around her, but not that much.
To be honsest I hate these types of films. They are nearly always rather "cheap and sensational". Usually the facts are not entirely correct and characters are mostly portrayed in different ways. It must be aweful for the couple in question if they are still living.
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