Wedding of William & Catherine: Royal Fashion at the Pre-Wedding Dinner

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Marie Chantal's dress is okay...nothing new and exciting.
I'm not sure about Sophie's dress.

My favorite is Victoria and Letizia.
:previous: A very beautiful dress, one of my favorites tonight. But you're right, the hairdo is too stiff and rather not so flattering.
I love seeing all the red! Letizia looks glamorous and Victoria is beautiful.
Letizia and Victoria definitely win the glam sweepstakes today. Both of them look fabulous! It's really a shame that Kate isn't attending even the champagne reception beforehand.
Victoria looks great! I like the style of the dress. It would be better a different hairdo

Letizia looks amazing!! The gown is so beutiful and her hairstyle is lovely!
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Wow! Three cheers for Letizia! She looks AMAZING. It will be hard for anyone to come close to looking as beautiful as she does tonight!
the better: , Princess Letizia, Princess Marie Chantal and Princess Victoria
That is beautiful. What a gorgeous gown. The whole family looks good. Cool pants and trench coat at arriving to London aswell. I like her so much.

Edit. The funniest thing happened. I was reading the Letizia daytime fashion thread and my post ended up here. Excuse me if my post doesn't make sense.
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Can sombody post a link other then Wire Image of Letizia's outfit? Wire Image did not work on my computer!
And thumbs up for Maxima's outfit!
the more i look at princess letizias i starting to like it, a bit different then other of her dresses
not her best dress and as all other wears long dresses she seems to be underdressed. dd charles stay for the dinner?

No. Charles and Camilla have an intimate dinner with William and Harry at Clarence House...
i liked victorias dress, i think she wears her mothers flower dimond earings
the same braclet as she wore at her pre wedding event

is there a diamond broch on her sholder?

does anyone have a beter close up photo

and i may be wrong about the braclet it could be a other one worn by queen silvia and princess lilian

Queen Sonja in red - stunning!
full view - close up

love the brosch the necklace gives her no neck
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I think Letizia looks great, but the dress is not appropriate for someone with her frame. She looks too thin in the shoulders and back. She needs to cover up some. I bet that Maxima looks radiant.She always does! I also like Victoria's dress.
Queen Sonja in red - stunning!
full view - close up

Ohh I'm being picky tonight :cool: - loved it at first glance but the more I look, the more I dislike it..the necklace kind of makes her neck disappear, and that thing in her hair.. Overall though, it is a very queenly outfit at least :flowers:
Queen Sonja - wow! Very striking! Dress & hair (with hair piece) are beautiful!

I love the dress the DofC is wearing. While it looks like she's under-dressed compared to the other ladies, on the other hand she is just going for drinks and brief mingling. Wearing a full-length dress for just the reception could be seen as over-dressed for what basically is considered popping by for a short amount of time. I realize it wouldn't have taken any additional time to get dressed in a full-length gown, but I think the look reminds us that she and her husband have other priorities tonight as well.
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