We must say Farewell to Warren

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Isn't it funny that we "know" so many people via this forum. Warren was one of the best cat herders in the business.

I will miss his refined sense of the ridiculous and his even hand.

Goodbye my friend. God Speed.

Warren has been the anchor for the TRF team for nearly a decade. His passion, dedication, kindness, intelligence, humour and knowledge of human nature have always been an inspiration and wonderful support.

I am deeply thankful that he has not only been my colleague at the Forums, but had also become a close friend of mine. We've shared good times and bad ones over the many years.

I will miss him dreadfully - Warren, thank you for all you've done and rest in peace!
The heavens gained another beautiful angel. RIP Warren. Thank you for being you. You were a great compassionate leader here at TRF, we're going to miss you!
I didn't know Warren in person but I respected his work as a moderator. RIP Warren you will be missed.
Oh :( Such sad news. :(
I enjoyed a lot working with Warren the few months I have been a mod here.

My prayers go with him and his family. We won't forget him.
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Very sad news.

May he rest in peace.

My heart goes out to his family and I wish them all the strength they need to pull through this period of loss.

Very sad news. I am deeply touched and saddened by this message. I am sorry to hear of the loss. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

I had multiple talks with him via PM in the last years. Warren was an outstanding man. I will always remember him as a nice, calm, friendly and warm person who built bridges between persons, cultures and different interests in a special way. I will miss him.

Warren, may your last trip an peaceful joining to eternity ... may you reunited with loved ones ... hope you are "on the highest skyscraper" now.... rest in peace.
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So sad to hear this, this morning.

He will be greatly missed.
RIP Warren you will be greatly missed by us all and thank you for all the help,advice and support you have administered to us all with such professionalism over the years.
I'm very sorry to learn this.
My condolences to his family and friends.
Rest in peace, Warren.
Respect to you.
I was shocked to read this, but had noticed Warren was not around much. May he RIP.
My god, I am so sorry to hear about another passing here at TRF... May he rest in peace
I am so sorry to hear this! I always looked forward to reading his posts and appreciated his leadership in the forum.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. Rest in peace dear Warren. You will be missed.
So sad to read this. His knowledge on royal topics was so helpful to me when I first joined the forums.

RIP - I will miss reading your comments.
This is sad news.

I have always learnt from Warren - he had a way of imparting information, particularly the technicalities surrounding protocol etc, in a way that was easily understood but never condescending. He wore his knowledge and RF experience lightly. Sad loss for everyone here.

My condolences to his family
RIP, it's such a sad news.

When I joined the forum a couple of years ago and I was pretty curious, he was happy to help and share interesting information.
So sorry to hear the sad news. Warren was very helpful and fair in his comments. My thoughts are with his family and close friends.
So very sorry to hear of Warren's passing, I pray for peace for him and his family. He was a great contributor to the forum, he was a calming voice a lot of times, he will be missed, thanks for all your sage advice and for always treating everyone with respect!!!
R.I.P. Warren
So sorry to hear this. I didn't know he was ill. I was thinking o him a couple of days ago... He was a helping hand when I was a mod on this boards, and we also exchanged PM's every now and then. He will be greatly missed.

Ciao my friend, rest in peace.
I´m so sorry to hear this too. My condolences to the family and may he rest in peace!
This is such sad news! A guiding force here on the forums has left us! He did a tremendous job keeping these pages respectful and decent.

Rest peacefully Warren.
Oh no! :sad:
Warren was always such a good friend- always lent me an ear, and had a great sense of humor- two qualities which I admire. And the patience of Job.
I would like to thank Warren for the immense contribution he has made to TRF. His posts were always a treat, so full of intersting information, but also dotted with a fine sense of humour and always kind, warm and helpful. I have learned so much from him, about my passion royal jewels as well as all kind of other things royal. As a regular poster I spent some years on the forums happily unconscious about the immense work he put into it behind the scenes, as a mod, admin and at the help desk. He will be missed.

Rest in peace, Warren. And my warmest conslation to his family and friends.
Thank you Warren for your longstanding contribution and enrichment to TRF. You are one of the members I will always remember. R.I.P.
This is such a sad news. Thanks Warren for all your wonderful contribution and RIP. All our thoughts to his family and friends.
I did not know Warren very well. From his posts, I could tell how much he knew about royalty, but especially what a kind tender-hearted person he must be in real life. As many mentioned above, he was so even-handed and never got involved in some of the pettiness that at times makes an appearance here.

My sympathies to Warren's family and friends. RIP Warren, you are missed greatly.
I was watching television with my sister this past week when I logged on to TRF. After reading about Warren's passing, I gasped OMG aloud. What's wrong my sister asked. Warren, my friend from Australia has passed, I replied.

My friend, that's what Warren was to me, to many of us here at TRF.

I can only echo the many sentiments that have been expressed by everyone thus far. Warren was always willing to share his extensive knowledge about royalty, you could bounce ideas off of him, he was so incredibly dedicated to TRF and possessed a wicked sense of humour.

While I am unbelievably sad that he physically he is no longer with us I take great comfort in knowing that he is no longer in any pain, is with his beloved Graham and watches over us.

RIP Warren. You will be missed.
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