Warm Moments Between Royals - Part 2

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Athena and his siblings are being so adorable there! CP Frederik's kids as well, especially the care-free Isabella and sunny Vincent lol. The kids totally stole the spotlight.

Wonder if you have seen the Grasten video where Nikolai put Henrik on his shoulders, Athena getting cozy in Marie's arms, Nikolai on the swing with Henrik and Christian pushing the swing for Vincent :)
I LOVE Haakon and Mette, but what is it with Mette lately, she just doesn't look good or neat? Normally she makes some fashion missteps but lately she has just looked sloppy, or am I being too critical?:bang:
Little Henrik is so cute, what beautiful images of the family. :)

Leonor and Sofia are so beautiful and Sofia is very tall for her age. She is obviously taking after her dad in a lot of ways! Leonor's eyes always blow me away as they are so stunning.
I know that as I grew older my eyesight would start to fail. Am I seeing something in this picture that really shouldn't be there?

I'm glad someone else is seeing it too...
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