Victoria, Daniel and Family, General News Part 5: January 2021 -

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That seafoam green suit with the black blouse is outstanding. Everything else is lovely, but this ensemble is perfect.
A chronicle in Expressen by David Lagercrantz, a Swedish journalist and author, internationally known among others as the author of I Am Zlatan Ibrahimović -biography.

Lagercrantz searches for some kind of light in a world populated by too many populist political leaders. The one who shines the brightest is Crown Princess Victoria: "Now we need Victoria - let her be queen".
Nu behöver vi Victoria – låt henne bli drottning _ David Lagercrantz _ Expressen
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Christer Lindarw about designing dresses for Victoria and Estelle:

Victoria's coral red dress, with one shoulder bare and a massive gardenia on the other, was an absolute showstopper. He was also behind Victoria's blue tulle dream at the King's Jubilee dinner. And Estelle wore a dress signed by Lindarw at Christian's 18th birthday.
Lindarw is very honored and happy that he received a request from the court about these assignments, which started with him making some proposals to Victoria. She prefers to wear Swedish fashion. Normally, Lindarw always has a design idea for a garment before he looks for materials, but here it was actually the fabrics that he fell for immediately. The colour was so sharp and fierce, he thought that if Victoria doesn't want it, he could make stage clothes out of it. But Victoria thought it was cool. The large flower on the shoulder felt trendy, and was the finishing touch. Both Victoria and Queen Silvia have so much character and can really carry off the colorful, which some people would get lost in. In Victoria's blue dress Lindarw envisioned classic 50's style, early evening gowns like Grace Kelly wore.
Designing for Estelle was great fun, but it was also a challenge to create for an 11 years old, to find a balance that was dressed up but not too adult. Lindarw thinks he came up with a beautiful dress that suits Estelle's age, and she was a big hit at the party, which was focused on young people and children. It was wonderful.
He hopes for more royal orders in the future. The royal family knows him well. The King, the Queen and Victoria have seen After Dark's shows and his impersonations (one of them is queen Silvia). And Estelle saw the farewell show in 2017, so they've been going for three generations to watch After Dark, it's awesome.
It was so much fun to make these beautiful dresses, which he got so much positive feedback on. Lindarw says that maybe he'll be accepted in fashion circles too in the end, who knows?
Christer Lindarw om att designa för Victoria och Estelle _ Damernas Värld
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A photo of Victoria at a dinner in London, her trained arms and muscles have got a lot of comments, when the royal court published it.

Can Victoria call herself a bodybuilder? On Instagram, the royal family has shared a photo where it becomes clear that Victoria hasn't been lying on the lazy side. The comment field has been filled with encouraging words about her muscles.
Personal trainer Elin Junsjö Bjärkstedt has seen the picture of Victoria's muscular upper body and, like many others, thinks that she looks strong.
What do you need to do to look like Crown Princess Victoria? How do you think she works out?
- This is a woman who has been training for a long time and regularly. I hope we have a crown princess who trains with barbells and heavy weights, which I wish more women did. She is a good role model.
Victoria also likes to go for a run together with her husband.
Kronprinsessans nya superarmar – visar upp musklerna _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Stand up comedian Måns Möller at his interview about he and his son Viggo meeting Victoria
- Crown Princess Victoria was with us at a running event at Hellasgården (in 2019) and she was fantastically professional. She was there to participate, not to show off in a nice and heartwarming context. She was braising sausages and handing out Festis (youth still drink with many flavors and a unique packaging design) to the kids. Viggo still talks about her. Victoria is genuine. I take my hat off to that lady.
Måns Möller och sonen vittne till Victorias beteende _*Svensk Dam

Måns Möller's son Viggo has autism combined with a mild developmental disability. Möller founded The Viggo Foundation in 2015.
Daniel was seen at pub Tegelbaren on Råsundavägen very close to Haga Palace a couple of weeks ago.
- He came with a cap and jeans and was very nice. Not as you are used to seeing him officially with slicked back hair and a coat. It felt like he wanted to be Daniel, not Prince Daniel. (..)

Prinsen firade med stor stark och AIK-musik på Tegelbaren _ Mitt i
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Daniel visited the Lophiel perfume brand launch yesterday.
Daniel with Ramin Norouzi, founder and creative director of Lophiel:
"When Royal family meets Royal perfumery!
It was an honor to meet H.K.H Prince Daniel of Sweden on the first day of our brand launch @lophielofficial
Thank you for the fantastic job you do to support all entrepreneurs in Sweden!
May your highness grant us luck and strength on this long journey."

Victoria and her scarves:
Crown Princess Victoria's simple fashion detail - the favorite she uses year after year
Så stylar kronprinsessan Victoria scarfen _ Femina
Swedish historian, author and guide Christopher O'Regan has been interviewed by Svensk Damtidning. He was asked if he has met anyone in the royal family?
Christopher tells that he has been to a gala dinner at the palace and got to say hello to them. Prince Daniel also got in touch once and wanted to meet Christopher and ask a little about him and his business. It was a really relaxed and casual conversation about this and that.
SVT-profilen plötsligt uppringd av prins Daniel_ ”Ville träffas...” _*Svensk Dam
At SVT's "Året med kungafamiljen" (The Year with the Royal Family) we see the Crown Princess family visiting the exhibition "Vasa to Bernadotte, 1523 –1973 –2023. Culture in Service of the Realm" on 11th May.
Producer Sara Bull told to Svensk Damtidning that the visit was in the evening after a long day at school. But Estelle and Oscar were happy, fooled around a bit and seemed to think it was nice to walk around together with mom and dad. Estelle asks how tall Gustav Vasa was. They were very surprised that he must have been 1.90 meters tall! You know that because the grave has been opened and measured. Of course they stopped a little extra at the cradle in which Estelle lay as a child. It was special to walk around there together with two future queens. For them, it is not only the story of the Swedish monarchy, but also the story of their own family.
Dramatik bakom kulisserna i SVT_s Året med kungafamiljen 2023 _*Svensk Dam
Oscars upptäckt på slottet – gulliga orden till Victoria_ _Där är du mamma!_ _*Svensk Dam

Some screenshots of the visit:


Victoria's best looks in 2023
Victoria is known for her confident style and for often choosing Swedish design. Her hits in 2023 – including strong colors, bare shoulders and unexpected patterns.
In 2023, the crown princess offered a real color party in terms of style, with several fun and exciting touches such as neon and animal patterns. Now we look forward with excitement to what surprises await in 2024.
Året som gått_ Victorias snyggaste looks 2023
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Anders Pihlblad, the host of "Kungahuset", TV4's annual program of the royal family, reveals to Svensk Damtidning that Daniel has a very big heart in private and does a lot in silence.
He really cares about the issues and people he meets in all the engagements he has. Not least questions related to organ donation, says Anders Pihlblad and explains that Daniel has visited patients who have recently undergone surgery. Pihlblad has heard from others that Daniel has made surprise visits after someone had an operation. Pihlblad understood that they took this to their hearts and were very happy to see Daniel in the ward.
Daniels fina gest på sjukhuset – så överraskar han patienterna _*Svensk Dam

Anders Pihlblad has followed Victoria to the program and also met Rio.
Anders Pihlblad tells about the meeting with Rio in Tiveden National Park and about the love that Victoria feels for the furry family member.
- It is a very nice dog, I must say. I've never heard it bark. Just the kind of dog you would like to have yourself. They seem to have a good handle on it. The Crown Princess said in Tiveden that it was almost climbing there at times and that it was good to have a small dog that you can carry over the more difficult parts.
Sanningen om hunden Rio, 3, ute – Victorias ord _*Svensk Dam
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Victoria said at TV4's documentary "Tronen" that it has been incredibly important to have her parents there to be able to observe, you learn everything little by little.
Queen Silvia said at "Tronen" that since Victoria was little, she has been very observant, she is very present, a very wise person. She is open to joking, she can lighten up a situation if someone is very nervous. She will make a good regent.
Royal expert Sten Hedman believes that if you were to generate a kind of perfect heir to the throne, the result would be very similar to Victoria (..)

Victorias omställning – kronprinsessan redo för nästa fas _*Svensk Dam
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Victoria, Daniel and children are skiing in Åre, a person has told to Hänt Magazine, after having seen Victoria at VM6 (a ski lift). She was very fast and dragged her skis up the steep hill to the lift, very impressive.
Victoria and Daniel have also met friends. On Thursday afternoon, they had lunch at the popular Timmerstugan.
- They seemed to have such a good time. They were sitting with another family and it was such a good atmosphere, says Jenny Larsson who was standing in the bar.
Victoria och Daniels nyårsmys i Åre med Estelle och Oscar! _ Hänt

Victoria and Daniel were also last year in Åre, and visited also Timmerstugan.


Anders Pihlblad, the host of "Kungahuset", TV4's annual documentary of the royal family, told at TV4's News morning today, that when he and the Crown Princess family were on their way to the Princess Estelle Sculpture Park, Daniel started playing tag with Estelle and Oscar - and then Anders was chased too! He just played along.
A short clip of them playing tag:
Kunglig kull – Anders dras med i kungafamiljens lek

Anders Pihlblad posted a video to his Instagram "Crown Princess Victoria's 2023".
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Victoria is interviewed at TV4's documentary series ”Astrid Lindgrens älskade filmer” (Astrid Lindgren's beloved films).
It is well known that Astrid Lindgren has meant a lot to Victoria. Her stories and characters have followed Victoria through life, from her childhood to now reading the books to Estelle and Oscar. Victoria also had a private relationship with Astrid Lindgren, she met her many times.
Victoria reveals that her favourite Lindgren character is Ronja, it feels so solid somehow, with the cry of spring. You can almost recognize yourself in it, Ronja who has been locked up all winter and gets to come out and experience the world she has heard so much about. I always think of Ronja in the spring, Victoria says.
Victoria bekräftar i tv – teorin visar sig stämma _*Svensk Dam


Victoria's most glamorous outfits - from 2023
Kronprinsessan Victorias glammigaste outfits - från året som gått - GALA magasin
At TV4's documentary of the royal family, "Kungahuset", program host Anders Pihlblad was with Daniel when he gathered the researchers and doctors at the Royal Palace in connection with World Kidney Day in last March.
- With the fact that I have my own experience of having kidney disease and that I have a transplant, I feel a certain responsibility to be part of this to spread knowledge and try to encourage people to sign up for the donation register. My simple philosophy is that if you are ready to receive an organ or if you are ready to receive an organ for your child. In the event that your child or you become ill and need a liver or a heart or kidneys. Then it should be an easy choice to sign up for the donation register.
Prins Daniels tuffa hälsokamp – nu talar han ut _ Hänt
New year has started and it will be interesting to see, how many trips abroad Victoria and Daniel will make this year
In 2023
Davos, Switzerland 17.-19.1. - Daniel
Canberra and Sydney, Australia 13.-15.2. - Victoria and Daniel
Wellington and Hamilton, New Zealand 16.-18.2. - Victoria and Daniel
Tbilisi, Georgia 29.-30.3. - Victoria
London, Great Britain 5.-6.5. - Victoria
Amman, Jordan 1.6. - Victoria and Daniel
Svalbard, Norway 15.6. - Victoria
Helsinki and Loviisa, Finland 20.-21.9. - Victoria and Daniel
Copenhagen, Denmark 15.10. - Victoria, Daniel and Estelle
Trondheim and Oslo, Norway 8.-9.11. - Daniel
Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, Germany 17.11. - Victoria
Berlin, Germany 19.11. - Victoria and Daniel

Since Haakon and Mette-Marit visited Sweden in May 2022, maybe Victoria and Daniel will make a visit to Norway with a trade delegation this year.


Get inspired by the crown princess's classic and stylish style - 10 sustainable purchases
When Crown Princess Victoria visited SOS Alarm together with Prince Daniel the other day, she shone in an outfit that was equal parts elegant, tough and timeless. Dressed in a black calf-length leather skirt, a light short-sleeved knitted sweater and a pair of tall leather boots.
Her outfit has already been praised on several sites and by followers on Instagram. Her style was elegant but at the same time tough and wearable, and could be adopted by many in everyday life. We have selected ten stylish garments that give the same stylish and wearable look, perfect for a number of different occasions, such as for example at a dinner, a party or the office.
Kronprinsessan Victorias snygga och klassiska klädstil _ Femina
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Marcus Oscarsson, a political commentator and journalist, studied with Victoria at the diplomatic programme at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for a year.
Marcus was a guest at Carina Bergfeld's talk show and Carina tried to get him speak about studying with Victoria and asks how many questions Victoria asked. (..)

Marcus Oscarsson vägrar svara på frågan om kronprinsessan _*Svensk Dam

Victoria's well-trained arms have been the focus of both Swedish and foreign press recently. GALA magazine contacted celebrity trainer David "D-Flex" Seisay for advice and tips on how to get Victoria's super arms. (..)

Stjärnornas PT_ Så får du Victorias superarmar - GALA magasin
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18 entrepreneurs are accepted into Prince Daniel's Fellowship's mentoring program for entrepreneurs in 2024-2025.
This is the seventh round of the Prince Daniel's Fellowship's mentoring program for entrepreneurs. To apply for the mentoring program, you must be an established company with an annual turnover of SEK five million or more, or a start-up company with a clear growth ambition and conditions for profitability. 82 entrepreneurs have been accepted into the Prince Daniel's Fellowship's mentoring program since its inception in 2013.
Här är de nya adepterna och mentorerna i Prins Daniels Fellowships mentorsprogram 2024-2025 - Prins Daniels Fellowship
A little more about how the mentees are chosen to the Prince Daniel's Fellowship's mentoring program:
Utvald av prins Daniel • _Jag känner mig hedrad

Interesting to hear that Daniel is so much involved in the choosing project of the mentees, he spends a lot of time to it by meeting all the candidates.
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Alexander Stubb, the Finnish president-elect, told at his press conference today, that he has got many congratulations after the elections yesterday and that also his good friend prince Daniel congratulated him with a nice personal message.
Stubb has previously told that he and Daniel are friends and send text messages to each other. He has said that their worlds of values are also quite similar. He appreates Daniel, he is a good guy and Stubb knows Daniel well. They have similar interests.
At Finnish MTV3 News the reporter asked about Daniel's message, what did he say in it? Alexander Stubb said that it was personal, so he will not say. He said that everytime when he is in Stockholm or Daniel visits Helsinki, they try meet each other.

I think that Alexander Stubb and Daniel met the first time when Victoria and Daniel were on an official visit to Finland on 1st November 2010, photo of Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Stubb and his wife Suzanne Innes-Stubb with Victoria and Daniel:

The Minister for Finance Alexander Stubb and Daniel at Slush entrepreneurs' event in Helsinki on 11th November 2015.

Professor Alexander Stubb hugging Daniel and Suzanne Innes-Stubb greeting Victoria at the reception at the Swedish Ambassador's residence in Helsinki on 20th September 2023.
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Composer Lasse Holm lives by Brunnsviken close to the Crown Princess family. He tells to Svensk Damtidning that from time to time he therefore runs into Victoria when he is out walking his dog at Haga Park. Victoria has Rio with her. And then their dogs usually run around there. Holm has also met Victoria when she was a very little girl, on Öland when he was performing there. Holm says that Victoria is wonderful and nice and also very relaxed.

Maybe Lasse Holm and Victoria meet again at Solliden, Lasse Holm performs at Solliden Sessions on 25th July.

Here is a nice photo of Oscar and Daniel at Swedish Cup's football match AIK-Gefle last Saturday
Victoria is 8th at Expressen's list "Women of the Year 2024", published yesterday, on International Women's Day.
"You always feel safe when Victoria represents Sweden. Dressed in black, she gave a speech in German in November in the Parliament building in Berlin to honor the victims of the war in Ukraine. And when anti-Semitism increased in Sweden after the outbreak of the war between Hamas and Israel, she visited the synagogue in Stockholm on her own initiative."

Victoria is 4th at Aftonbladet's list
When Aftonbladet/Demoskop asked the Swedish people which woman they think has excelled in a particularly positive way over the past year, 11 percent of the Swedish people agreed that their daughter excelled particularly positively during the year.
1. "My daughter"
2. "My wife/partner"
3. Magdalena Andersson, 57, leader of the Social Democratic party
4. Crown Princess Victoria, 46
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Press release from the Marshal of the Realm Fredrik Wersäll:
"On behalf of His Majesty the King, I hereby report that the King is on a state visit to Mexico on March 11-16, 2024. During this trip, He is prevented from fulfilling his duties as Head of State", writes the Marshal of the Realm in a letter to the Ministry of Justice.
As it is written in the Instrument of Government, Victoria acts as temporary Head of State/Regent ad interim on March 11-16.
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