The van Vollenhoven Family, Current Events & Pictures Part 1 (December 2005 - )

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The press meeting for this year's Hollandse 100 charity competition (to raise money for research about lymphoma). It will take place on March 19.

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The Hollandse 100 charity competition has taken place in Heerenveen today, March 19.

Great to see that many members of the family!

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So, this year it's Bernhard and his family, his parents and Floris, Aimée and Lucas?!
I always have mixed feelings with that charity: organizing a competition for family and friends and donators while at the same time Bernhard van Vollenhoven can, effortlessly, transfer the whole revenue out of his own pocket.
Princess Margriet, Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven, Princess Aimee, Prince Floris, Prince Pieter-Christiaan and Princess Anita attended the 12.5 year anniversary of the musical Soldier of Orange in Valkenburg today, April 30:

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And today it's Pieter's birthday!
The kick-off/press meeting for this year's Hollandse 100 charity competition (to raise money for research about lymphoma) has taken place on the Jaap Eden Ice Rink today, February 27.

The competition will take place on March 24.

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This Saturday the yearly event 'Hollandse 100' is taking place. It is organized by Prince Bernhard's foundation 'Lymph & Co'. Each year prince Bernhard and other members of the Van Vollenhoven-family participate in this event. The main event is 10 km of ice skating and 90 km of cycling.

Side events include:
The Half Hollandse 100: 5 km of ice skating and 45 km cycling
Junior 10: 10 km of ice skating (for those under 18)
The family/group relay: ice skating for as many 400 m rounds as possible in one hour
Walking Challenge: walking 10 or 20 km

Edit: On the website I found the following royal family participants:
- Bernhard & youngest son Benjamin for Team Levi 9 (Bernhard's company)
- eldest son Samuel & nephew Lucas (son of Maurits & Marilene) for Team De Spierpijn Sponsors (the Muscle Pain Sponsors)
- wife Annette for Team De Meisjes (The Girls)
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I think we only saw the sons of Prince Bernhard and the son of Prince Maurits. The daughter of Prince Bernhard apparently studies or interns in New York at the moment.
Nice to see Margriet and Pieter at this event. They have raised sons who all seem to have a stable and happy families themselves.
It looks like prince Pieter-Christiaan also participated! No surprise there as he is by far the most sporty within the royal family.

Of course, princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven were present to support their son as they do each year (no more ice skating for the princess it seems). Glad to see that although prince Maurits didn't participate this year, he supported his son who did.

And I wouldn't have recognized Lucas either, had his father not been walking next to him... Being in the military might have changed him physically as well.
Blauw Bloed created an overview of the 11 grandchildren of Margriet and Pieter; including a few more recent pictures I hadn't seen before.

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