The Swedish Royals at the Polar Music Prize: 2004-2024

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Here is one from Getty of the Queen with her eldest child behind her arriving at the Polar Music Prize:

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I get the impression that the King is "in the mood" where he just doesn't like the media. Good that Victoria makes up for it.
Originally posted by King Christian@May 25th, 2004 - 4:58 pm
I get the impression that the King is "in the mood" where he just doesn't like the media. Good that Victoria makes up for it.
Hm, I´ve thought the opposite..he looked relaxed and happy yesterday...I even wanted to write something about it...
Singers Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and Gilberto Gil have been named the 2005 winners of the Polar Music Prize.

Gil, who is Brazilian, and Germany's Fischer-Dieskau, will each receive 1 million kronor (£76,600).

Fischer-Dieskau, 79, and Gil, 62, are expected to travel to Sweden to collect the award on 23 May.
The Swedish Royals at the Polar Music Prize: 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009

First pic from the polar music prize:
Brazilian composer and musician Gilberto Gil C receives the Polar Music Prize 2005 from Swedens King Carl Gustaf at the Stockholm concert hall 23 May 2005. The prize is an annual award presented to prominent musicians. EPA Fredrik Sandberg c dpa - Report (FOTOMARKTPLATZ)

From Getty images:
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil poses 23 May 2005 after receiving the 2005 Polar Music Prize at a Stockholm concert hall as King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden applauds.


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Unfortunately so far the agencies with big pics haven´t photos of the Royal ladies at the polar music prize. But IBL has thumbnails. And what I can recognise is great. Victoria doesn´t wear a) a ponytail...b) pants....c) black.

Here are the thumbnails...and now I will go and will wipe the puddle of water (-> tears of joy) up ;)


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Dear Lena, thanks a lot for the pics & your funny words!
My deep sigh of relief must be echoing all over the continent as well... I can't believe it: Neither black, ponytail nor glasses on CP Vitoria?!
We're blessed. She looks DAMN good with her hair like this and WITHOUT glasses- her new square ones are absolutely hideous IMO, making her look like an ill-fitted middle-aged extra on the set of 'The Matrix'. So good to see her appear like this: Fresh, young, sexy, and at ease.
And wait a minute, new outfits both for her and Queen Silvia?! They FINALLY went shopping, and they didn't buy pants - Thank God.
In other words, both mother & daughter look great. Queen Silvia is a class act again. And even if CP Victoria isn't interested in fashion, as she has stated a few times too many, she still should enjoy herself at public engagements in the clothes she's wearing - and this time, it looks as if she finally does. Can't wait for bigger pics.
(It seems that Victoria has been hiding great legs under all those pantsuits and oversized skirts. Hope we'll see more of them - it doesn't hurt a 'regal' appearance, just take a look back at Princess Diana or at CP Mary nowadays.)
Again: What a relief. (I'll join you cleaning up that puddle of tears of joy, Lena.)
I agree with both Lena and Boris - how surprising and wonderful to see Victoria dressed in something that is not black or unflattering and made for someone quite a lot older, without those uggly big glasses and without a ponytail! Wow, God must have been on our side tonight! :D

I watched the Polar Music Prize gala on TV tonight, they showed bits of the gala with the music performances, when the recipients received their prizes and then they had interviews of the recipients of this year's prizes from their homes. The royals really seemed to enjoy themselves, and especially Queen Silvia (she and Gilberto Gil, one of the prize recipients this year, share the Brazilian heritage). The Queen was all smiles and even sang along with Gilberto at their seats (not in a microphone, just for themselves) as artists performed one of his songs on stage.
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Boris said:
Dear Lena, thanks a lot for the pics & your funny words!

You are welcome, Boris. After reading your post I must say, it´s not me (not that I´ve ever thought I´m), who is master of funny words, but you. Nice comparison of Victoria and "an ill-fitted middle-aged extra on the set of 'The Matrix'" :D
I agree, that she has great legs...and should show them more often...and just look, how much more beautiful, she looks with "open" hair. She simply isn´t a type for ponytails...

Wow, God must have been on our side tonight!

True! But as you say "tonight". After these ups and downs, I´m prepared for the next round of "black-in-black, honed with a little ponytail" Well I shouldn´t meet the trouble halfway...but after watching the time after Australia, one tries to be carefully...
wow, Victoria looked fantastic! I hope there will be some larger photos soon!
Lena, many thanks for posting the little pictures from IBL from Polar-music-prize-award.
Do you see pictures from the queen by World Childhood Gala 25.04.2005 in New York and pictures from Meeting Mentor-Foundation 21./22.04.2005 in Genf? In newspapers I haven't find any pictures.
Many thanks for your help in advance.
Seegerpress has many but for some reason my computer only wants to save them as bmp so I have to reduce the size to save them as jpeg:confused: .

Anyway here is one of Victoria, not in pants, not in black, not with glasess, not with severe ponytail and looking truly sensational...Silvia and Lillian also look wonderful but they usually does. I so wish Victoria will look at the pictures and see how much better she looks with the hair this way and continue to wear it like that:)


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Here are the rest from Seeger Press.


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Thank you for posting the pics from Seegerpress, Larzen and Marezdote.
Here are those from Fotomarktplatz:


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Boris said:
She looks DAMN, Victoria looked fantastic

It´s good to see that others have come to this conclusion. Makes one feel a tad better in one´s opinion. Ha ha ha. That´s okay. I was prepared to stand alone in my belief. ha ha ha. Thanks, Larzen, Marezdote and Lena for these wonderful photos. It´s good to see the family out and about especially Lillian. But as for Victoria, I just might quote an old song from Berlin, no not Irving this time, but I´ll just say that she can always "take my breath away..."
Victoria looks amazing!! It is weird to think how much a hairdo can ghange an apperance, she just looks stunning :D
Thanks for posting the lovely pics from Polar-Music-Prize award. The women looks very nice and happy.
CP Victoria looked amazing!!!!! The dress the hair, beautiful. :D
Monday 22/5
> T.M. The King & Queen, H.R.H. The Crown Princess, H.R.H. Princess Lilian
Attendance at the awarding of the Polar Music Prize in the Concert Hall and the following dinner at Grand Hôtel
from facetoface


and from reuters via yahoo

Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf (R) stands together with John Paul Jones (2nd L) and Robert Plant (3rd L), members of British rock band Led Zeppelin, and Zoe Bonham (L) after handing over the Polar Music Prize in the Concert Hall of Stockholm, Sweden, May 22, 2006. Zoe Bonham is the daughter of deceased drummer John Bonham. Led Zeppelin disbanded after Bonham's death in 1980.


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wow, it's Royal Glam Season people!
there's a lot of glitter and glam those days in the acts in Europe:D
wow....this is by far the best i have ever seen victoria look. absolutely beautiful and stunning.
Wow! Victoria looks amazing. Great dress, hair, shoes and makeup. I'm glad she's becoming a little more glamourous now, she's such a beautiful girl, she should show off a little. :)

By the way purple_platinum, love your avatar. ;)
Are there any pictures of Anni-Frid Lyngstad Reuss attending the Polar Music Prize?
I know she was there , but I didn't see any pics yet!
Her_Majesty said:
Are there any pictures of Anni-Frid Lyngstad Reuss attending the Polar Music Prize?
I know she was there , but I didn't see any pics yet!
she was there. here's a picture of her from facetoface :

purple_platinum said:
she was there. here's a picture of her from facetoface :

Thank's alot Purple_Platinum! :) She still looks stunning.
thanks for the photos, PV looks stunning- just perfect
young and up date, just love the flirty hem on the dress, fabulous shoes but don't really look comfortable hope she didn't have to stand very long.
my only complaint is her hair scraped back, perfect dress for letting it down.
She looks stunning! But it would have been nice to see her hair down or in a glammourous updo.
Victoria looks fantastic! I really loved everything, the dress, the shoes, the make-up, the hair. Just great, hope she keeps it up.
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