The Palace of Versailles

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The ongoing restoration of sculptures and statues at the restoration workshop at Versailles,most of them I've never seen before.

The ongoing restoration of the stonemasonry at the chapelle Royale .

A video on the Le Salon des Nobles de la Reine or the Great apartment of the queen.

Beautiful footage of the recent wintry weather in France and snow covered Palace of Versailles.

The beautiful restoration of the apartments of Madame Du Barry at Versailles.

The restoration project of the Royal tennis court/Salle du Jeu de paume
A look inside the Théâtre de la Reine / The Queen's theatre at Versailles.
It was built between June 1778 to July 1779 and opened in 1780 and thankfully escaped the attention during the French Revolution and was restored in the 19th century.

Get dressed up, go to Versailles, have fun ...

The Fetes Galantes was again recently held at the Chateau of Versailles.

If you have instagram, there are absolutely wonderful photos and videos being shared under the #fetesgalantes2022 hashtag.

Stunning costumes, courtly dances and games, fireworks. All within the rooms of the palace.

(Sorry, I can't link.)

Easy to find, these posts are more lively and dramatic than some of the more official videos.

Amazing effort put in by people, even making their own costumes. Details down to shoes and underwear.

Seeing these posts brings Versailles alive.
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A look at the now destroyed The Ambassador's Staircase at Versailles
In September,1783 ,the Montgolfier brothers carried out a Hot Air Balloon flight from Versailles and in the presence of Louis XVI ,Marie Antoinette and and the French Royal family .

The first hot air balloon flight
Documentary about the Palace of Versailles
As part of the ongoing restoration the sculptures in the Apollo fountain were returned last month after 12 months.
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