The late Prince Rainier III

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I think we just need to give him a chance and see where he takes Monaco. He seems very capable when it comes down to his work. He just needs to get control of his "out of control" personal life. (ie.. illegitimate children, NC interview, CW photos.. etc)

Then people will see more clearly what he is trying to accomplish and take him more seriously. But I think he has what it takes. Its just being overshadowed by all of this tabloid nonsense.
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Gorgeous pictures of Rainier.

How long after Louis II's passing was Rainier enthroned? Was there an official three month mourning period? Did they have to do some kind of "passing rite" for Charlotte or was just a statement released? It was such a unique situation, I'd really enjoy as much information as everyone can share.

As I recall, no one thought much of Rainier until he married Grace and chased out Onassis. I don't recall the "Builder Prince" moniker until the 1960's. Albert at least has made some strides from the go as "the Green Prince".

Princess Charlotte ceded her rights to Rainier on May 30 1944.Louis II died 5 years later in Paris (he moved there in 1946) on May 9 1949.The same day Rainier became Sovereign Prince of Monaco.I found this at Wikipedia i don't know anything else sorry..
Hope this old picture hasn't been posted before OLYCOM)
From 1974 (OLYCOM)
Did Charlotte cede her succession rights when she was formally adopted so that Rainier became the immediate heir apparent?

Rainier became Prince Rainier III on the day Louis II died same as Albert became Albert II on the day Rainier died though he wasn't formally Sovereign until after the three months mourning ended in early July... 12th? (though Rainier died April 6, 2005).

I'm asking if it was the same for Rainier. Louis II dying, everyone waiting three months and then Rainier's formal enthronement. Does anyone have a date for Rainier's ceremony---was it May or August?

And when/how did National Day come into play as November 19th? I know its because the patron saint for Rainier and/or Monaco has their day then, and Albert kept it for tradition (and because it was so close to his own on November 18th).

I think Rainier got better looking with the gray hair and beard. Albert is aging similarly. I thought him too boyish in his school days. If he could just make a clean line of his stomach so that he could see his shoes, Albert would be quite the looker.

Is it easier to get close to Albert because he's so boisterous or is it the times of needing openess? Rainier was a loner and kept things close to his vest, more so after Grace's passing. But the press was more polite then.




playing golf with Caroline (on the car)

Nice pics Nina.... Thanks for posting

Another one from Photolife

Thanks for this pics Tbhrc ,it's very rare !:)
some others..............
(PDV, Aci)



Rainier really looked better with facial hair.

Albert looked okay with his moustache but he doesn't carry it off like his father.

Some of my favourite pics: ACI, APL


Does anyone still have the pic of him sniffing the rose? I can't find it right now....
Ullstein Bild


Rainier and actress Giselle Pascal

Some from Neue Revue

I mean abosolutely no disrespect to Prince Rainier. But does anyone know if he was seriously involved with anyone after Grace's death? I remember stories of how he and Albert were rumored to be unrepentent womanizers. But I have no knowledge of him ever being involved with anyone after Grace's death. And he certainly appears to have been so devoted to her. I was just wondering. It must have been tbhrc's picture of Rainier crying . . .
tbhrc said:
Some of my favourite pics: ACI, APL

Does anyone still have the pic of him sniffing the rose? I can't find it right now....

That photo is one of mine favorites..Here it is;


Prince Rainier with his former girlfriend Gisèle Pascal (OGGI)
Glistening Seas

:) hey everyone. this thread will always be my fav. the pictures on this page are definitely my fav as well. without a doubt Ranier did his job well and while i'm sure the loss is great he left a good foundation for the future which is i'm sure a comfort to all of us here in Europe but to monaco as well. :)
RainierIII was a good father,husband, grandfather, and ruler to Monaco for 56 years he ruled that tiny little country we know as Monaco with great dignity and honor he is a treasure to the people of Monaco and his family. May we not forget his legacy and his great deeds to his nation ,people and his family and also the world.
2 years ago, a wonderful man and a great prince, has left his family and the world to be with the love of his life - Grace Kelly. May he rest in peace, he's missed, that's for sure.

Some great pics:

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Thank You Tbhrc for the wonderful pics and you are right he is missed may his family get through this day okay.
Princess Ira von Fürstenberg

julianneneville said:
But I have no knowledge of him ever being involved with anyone after Grace's death.

There was a very serious involvement with Princess Ira von Fürstenberg, who is a daughter of Prince Tasziló and Princess Claire Jeanne von Fürstenberg born Agnelli (from the dazzling rich founder family of FIAT automobile indistries).

Princess Ira has previously been married to Alfonso Prince von Hohenlohe, with whom she got two sons. After a divorce and a short second marriage with a Brazilean industrialist, Princess Ira is single for more than 46 years.

There were very serious talks about a marriage between them, but the two of them decided to continue as best friends and not to engage in a marriage on their advanced ages. Princess Ira is related to Prince Rainier of Monaco via Lady Mary Hamilton, daughter of the 11th Duke of Hamilton and 8th Duke of Brandon. She is a great-grandmother to both Prince Rainier and Princess Ira. She was married to Prince Rainier's great-grandfather Prince Albert I of Monaco. And she was married to Princess Ira's great-grandfather Tasziló Count Festetics de Tolna (a Hungarian but now Dutch noble dynasty).

Princess Ira is a grand name in the media in Italy (due to her Agnelli descendance) and in France, since she lives there.

Princess Ira von Fürstenberg (at the right, with the flowers on her skirt)
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Indeed today is his 2nd anniversary, I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Prince Rainier was a great ruler and human being. He like Princess Grace will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace.
tbhrc said:
2 years ago, a wonderful man and a great prince, has left his family and the world to be with the love of his life - Grace Kelly. May he rest in peace, he's missed, that's for sure.

Some great pics:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I agree with you tbhrc, he was a wonderful human been, I miss him for sure, imagine his family and friends must miss him very much. May Good rest his soul.:flowers:
What a beautiful tribute thread for Rainier. Lovely pics everyone. After looking at some of the pics in this thread I definitely can see a father-son resemblance between Rainier and Albert.
It is hard to believe it has already been two years since the passing of PR.
Glistening Seas

:flowers: well no doubt Ranier will be missed and as always everyone's wishes them great comfort of course. however, the memory of Pss. Grace and P. Ranier will always be alive as PA so resembles his dad to many traits which he carries with him and Monaco for the future. while for them i am sure it's bittersweet that for all the excitement and anticipation of the future they had to endure such a great loss; however; it is after all, what he was groomed for. so the future certainly looks bright indeed. :flowers:
Prince Rainier's Periclean Era

I will always remember HSH Prince Rainier as a man of who comported himself with singular personal dignity.He was responsible for creating Monaco's Periclean era becoming the master builder.Prince Rainier had abundant charisma coupled with enormous humilty.He had a sense of fun but knew his duties and obligations.His timing was superb.The anniversary of his passing into Upper Jerusalem only reminds us of how much we have yet to achieve.
He is survived by marvellous progeny,who are invariably now taking his mythic legacy to another,higher level.
Jaya said:
Prince Rainier had abundant charisma coupled with enormous humilty.

Euh.... I disagree, sorry, Prince Rainier was a grey mouse par excellence. The man had no any charisma at all. It was his wife, Princess Gracia, who brought charisma into the dull and sleepy princely family of Monaco.

But of course, Prince Rainier was the person who changed his principality into an empire of luxury at the sunny Rivièra. But the guy really did not splash from the screens with his charisma.

Looking at the pics above, I suddenly remember his youngest daughter Stephanie..Princess Stephanie resembles her father very much...
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