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Arms of King Charles III

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Prince Charles has guest-edited the 40th anniversary edition of black British newspaper The Voice.

Founded in 1982, it is the only newspaper in the UK that predominantly covers black issues and culture.

The royal said he was "so touched" to be asked, saying the paper had "become an institution" over the years.

Clarence House said Prince Charles's edit celebrates some of the achievements of the black community over the last four decades.

Lester Holloway, The Voice's editor, said: "Our readers may be surprised at the parallels between the issues which The Voice has campaigned on for four decades and the work the Prince of Wales has been involved in over the same period, often behind the scenes."
King Charles as Founding Patron of Business in the Community attended a celebration for the 40th anniversary of Business in the Community (BITC) at the Central Hall Westminster in London today, December 7:

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:previous: Video from the visit today

King Charles as Patron of The Queen's Green Canopy has written the foreword for a new book in honour of Queen Elizabeth, entitled "The Queen’s Green Canopy", it will be out in June 2023:

** Copy of the foreword **
King Charles as Patron visited the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford today, December 12, in celebration of the RNC's 150th Anniversary:

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One of the five men trapped in the submersible that is currently lost -and for which a rescue mission is ongoing- is Shahzada Dahwood, a Pakistani-British millionaire who is also one of the global board members of The Prince's Trust. He also brought his 19-year old son with him on this expedition (that costs 250.000 USD per person).

So, I am sure that king Charles is following closely how this rescue mission evolves as the two know each other well and their chances of survival are diminishing by the hour. At the moment there is most likely about 36 hours of oxygen left... (estimates are until around noon UK time/6-7 am EST on Thursday)

An overview of all the men currently trapped in the submersible.
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