The Extended Bernadotte Family, News Part 1: March 2017 -

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Count Christian Bernadotte (President of the Europäisches Kulturforum Mainau) and countess Bettina Bernadotte's husband Philipp Haug (Vice-President of the Kulturforum) awarded on 21st June Boshana Milkov, the winner of 12th Anneliese Rothenberger Singing Competition.

The renowned singing competition for young opera singers traditionally takes place every two years under the umbrella of the European Culture Forum Mainau at Mainau Castle.
competition _ European Culture Forum Mainau eV
Countess Marianne Bernadotte has today her 99th birthday.
Countess Bettina Bernadotte attended on 9th July the 10th anniversary celebration of Europa Minigärtners (Europe Mini Gardeners). Countess Bettina initiated Europa Minigärtners 10 years ago.
More than 50 mini gardeners from all over Baden-Württemberg came together on the island of Mainau to celebrate their graduation and the 10th anniversary of the European mini gardeners.
Minigärtner feiern 10-jähriges Jubiläum - Europa Minigärtner
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The Mentor Foundation's charity rose was presented on the island of Mainau in May.
Inspiring, motivating and empowering young people – that is the vision of the Mentor Foundation Germany. To achieve these goals, the Mentor Foundation Germany offers mentoring programs at numerous locations in cooperation with schools. In addition, the Mentor Foundation has launched the Mentor Academy to strengthen and train adult mentors.
To support the Mentor Academy, W. Kordes‘ Söhne has bred the Mentor rose, the sale of which supports the Mentor Academy. For every Mentor rose sold, Kordes donates one euro to the Mentor Academy.
As part of the opening of the Academy on the island of Mainau, Managing Director Wilhelm-Alexander Kordes presented a first copy of the Mentor Rose to Countess Bettina Bernadotte, Chairwoman of the Mentor Foundation Germany's Board.
Rosen ermöglichen Zukunftsperspektive

Photos from the launch of the Mentor Academy of the Mentor Foundation Germany.
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Insel Mainau/The Island of Mainau tells at its social media:
"The renovation work at Mainau Castle is progressing. Despite the ongoing construction site, the exhibition rooms and the castle café are accessible and open to our guests. Please note the current opening hours."


Composer Kane McLean has composed "The Mainau March". He tells at his Facebook that he has been invited to perform "The Mainau March" in the castle courtyard as part of a small concert and to personally hand over the score to count Björn Bernadotte in 2024.
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This is how Count Björn Bernadotte lives in the castle on the island of Mainau
The island of Mainau, not far from the shore of Bodensee, is known for its blooms. In the castle there, Count Björn Bernadotte lives under stucco and chandeliers. Pure luxury? No way, he says.
An oppressive heat prevails on Mainau, the famous flower island in the middle of Bodensee. Thousands of tourists crowd the winding paths along the countless flower beds on this August day. Gladioli, dahlias and roses bloom in their most beautiful splendor on this summer's day and a sweet smell of nectar permeates the muggy air in some places. Children splash in the fountains, Asian tourists try to hug the mighty sequoias. And at the end of the island, in the far east, is the magnificent castle.
So lebt Graf Björn Bernadotte im Schloss auf der Insel Mainau - Südwest - Badische Zeitung
A new part of the park has been created on the Mainau island, very close to the butterfly house on the edge of the arboretum: the Mainau gardeners have created over 3,000 square meters of over 8,000 trees, bushes and perennials - including 130 fuchsias and more than 2,000 ferns A large, lush green, jungle-like garden was created, which bears the title “Fern & Fuchsia” and offers ideal conditions for historical and newer varieties of the two namesake plants. Mainau managing director countess Bettina Bernadotte and Mainau garden director Markus Zeiler officially opened the new part of the park on Thursday 21st September.
Farn und Fuchsie_ Entschleunigung in einladender Dschungelkulisse _ Insel Mainau

Countess Sophia Bernadotte (daughter of count Jan Bernadotte) with Zinat Pirzadeh at vid Stockholm International Fashion Fair on 19th September.
TT gallery
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The traditional Count's Castle Festival (Gräfliches Schlossfest) on Mainau Island on September 29 - October 3.
A popular highlight on the autumnal flower island is the Count's Castle Festival, where the Bernadotte family traditionally opens the doors to the baroque Mainau Castle, built in the 18th century. This year's high-quality sales event once again has the motto: "Fashion, jewelry and fine accessories." The Coat of Arms hall, the library, the historic castle corridors and salons offer exclusive exhibitors from decor to fashion a top-class setting.
In the White Hall, the castle's baroque ballroom, a varied and entertaining supporting program awaits you every day with stylish musical performances, historical fashion shows and the popular Count's Hat Fashion Shows with the latest creations from Countess Diana's Hat Studio.
Gräfliches Schlossfest 2023 auf der Insel Mainau

Models from the hat fashion show at the 2023 Count's Castle Festival. Countess Bettina Bernadotte, countess Diana Bernadotte and her their children Paulina and Eric with models from the hat fashion show.
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Count Björn Bernadotte was a member of the Jury of Mentor Foundation Germany's Mentor Student competition:
"Behind the scenes of our mentor student competition:​
We would like to thank our jury from the bottom of our hearts for the time they invested."
Count Björn Bernadotte, member of the Board of Trustees of Special Olympics Baden-Württemberg, hosted the athlete participants of Special Olympics Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Austria and Liechtenstein on Mainau on Saturday 7th Oktober.

Count Björn:
“I like to support people who have fewer opportunities in life to participate equally in social life. This fits in very well with the guiding goals of Special Olympics Baden-Württemberg and I am very happy to be involved and to be able to do my part. I also want to find out more about athletes and experience them while doing sports.”
Kuratorium SOBW
Count Björn Bernadotte at the presentation of the Christmas Garden on the Island of Mainau, 27th October.

The Christmas Garden Island of Mainau presented the new highlights of its approaching third season on Mainau at a media conference: From November 21st, there will once again be a magical journey on a two-kilometer-long, newly designed circular route across the magically illuminated flower island guarantees a wonderful winter open-air experience for young and old.
Neue Themen und Stimmen auf der Mainau_ _Chrismas Garten 2023_ eröffnet am 21. November - Konstanz
The Bernadotte Art Awards from the Bernadotte Artist Fund were delivered at Odd Fellows on Monday, October 30.
This year, the 99-year-old Marianne Bernadotte could not attend, but her granddaughter Sophie Lagergren (..) This year's scholars: Angelika Prick, Karon Nilzén, Jade Cropper, Rebecka Wallroth. The diplomas are all signed by Marianne Bernadotte.
Bernadotte’s konstnärsfond – stipendieutdelning Cawa Media
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Count Björn Bernadotte, countess Bettina Bernadotte and countess Bettina's husband Philipp Haug attended the 1st Mainau Climate Dialogue today.
Count Björn Bernadotte, executive board member of the Lennart Bernadotte Foundation and Mainau managing director: “We would like to bring together actors from different specialist areas at the Mainau Climate Dialogue today and in the future and thus combine expert knowledge, because only together can we achieve success on one of the most urgent issues of our time – climate change.”
1. Mainauer Klimadialog_ Wege zur klimaneutralen Schifffahrt auf dem Bodensee _ Insel Mainau
How is life on Mainau, Count Björn? The lord of the castle reveals these secrets
The Flower Island is not only a tourist magnet, but also home to count Björn Bernadotte. How does the 48-year-old live in the castle? What does he have in the fridge? And what was his childhood like on the island of Mainau?
Wie lebt es sich auf der Mainau, Graf Björn_ Diese Geheimnisse verrät der Schlossherr! _ SÜDKURIER

The Lennart Bernadotte Foundation has a website:
"Gardening for the sake of people and nature"
The founders
In 1974, Count Lennart and his second wife Sonja, née Haunz, brought the entire island into Mainau GmbH, whose main shareholder is the non-profit Lennart Bernadotte Foundation.
Die Stifter _
The board
Vorstand _
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Christmas Garden on the Mainau Island again.

Mainau Island at its Instagram yesterday:
"Today the time has finally come, the magical journey in the Christmas Garden on Mainau Island begins again
Discover a newly illuminated circular route and let yourself be enchanted by the wonderful atmospher We look forward to your visit!"

Christmas Garden Insel Mainau 2023_2024

Count Björn and countess Bettina Bernadotte yesterday at the inauguration:
Full of anticipation, the invited guests gather in the palm house before the tour of the island for the opening of the Christmas Garden.
Insel Mainau_ Bilder vom Start des Christmas Garden 2023 - Teil 2 _ SÜDKURIER
The 3rd season of the Christmas Garden on Mainau ended last Sunday. For around seven weeks, the flower island shone with colorful lights. Despite some adverse weather conditions and two cancellation days due to storms, the Christmas Garden recorded 75,000 guests, just as many visitors as last season.
Countess Bettina: “For the third year, guests from near and far away came to Mainau to experience the island in the winter lights. The number of visitors and many positive feedback from partners, especially from the hotel and catering industry, underline the importance of the Christmas Garden for Bodensee tourism and securing jobs. The Christmas Garden on Mainau is therefore not only a great benefit for us, but also for the entire region.”
Count Björn: “The Christmas Garden was once again a unique experience this year. The atmospheric illuminations offered a perfect complement to the colorful floral splendor of the warmer days of the year on the cool winter evenings. Some of our guests were at Christmas Garden for the first time, but might now want to explore the island during the day - we would be very happy about that!”
Christmas Garden Insel Mainau auch in dieser Saison wieder erfolgreich _ Insel Mainau
The island of Mainau wants to prepare for the future and change a few things. A plant showroom and an event center are to be built in the gardening area. Countess Bettina Bernadotte speaks of “low buildings” that should fit into the landscape and topography.
Existenzsicherung oder Gewinnmaximierung_ Worum geht es bei den Plänen der Mainau_ _ SÜDKURIER

On Tuesday February 6 countess Bettina Bernadotte presented the the Glonki Order of Der Hofnarrenzunft Mainauer Paradiesvögel (the Court Jesters' guild of the Mainau Birds of Paradise) to SWR presenter and reporter Sonja Faber-Schrecklein on Mainau.
Sonja Faber-Schrecklein erhält den Glonki-Orden der Insel Mainau - SWR Aktuell
Countess Bettina Bernadotte celebrates today her 50th birthday.

Countess Bettina and her husband Philipp Haug at this photo the Mainau Island posted to its social media:
"There is something to celebrate: Mainau is continuously improving its environmental performance and has now been EMAS certified for over 25 years. Sustainability has long played a major role on the island: in 1961, Count Lennart Bernadotte signed the Grüne Charta - one of the first German sustainability documents. We will share further milestones on the journey to an environmentally friendly Mainau future with you in the coming weeks."

The Mainau Island congratulates countess Bettina on her 50th birthday in Swedish "Grattis på födelsedagen!"
Countess Bettina and Count Björn Bernadotte opened yesterday the flower year 2024 on Mainau Island:
With colorful, imaginative exhibitions and multi-faceted installations in the park, the Mainau gardeners will let the power of flowers speak in 2024 under the motto “Flower Power” and underline the radiance of Mainau as a flower island in Bodensee Lake. Several newly created parts of the park also invite Mainau guests to take in the power of the beauty of nature and the flowers in these places.

A small island with a pavilion has risen in the water lily pond on the south side, to which two bridges lead. Mainau says the inspiration for this came from Monet's garden.
With the start of the Flower year 2024, the 50th birthday of Mainau managing director countess Bettina Bernadotte was celebrated.
The well-wishers included, among others, the European mini gardeners, which Bettina founded in 2013, the Mentor Foundation Germany, which Bettina chairs, and the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, of which she has been President of the Board of Trustees since 2008.
The official celebration was held last Saturday in the Comturey restaurant on the island of Mainau. The highlight of the celebrations was the christening of a newly bred orchid hybrid presented by the mini gardeners: The swan orchid ( Cycnoches ), was bred in the Ecuagenera orchid nursery in Ecuador and is now called 'Gräfin Bettina'.
Press Release on the 73rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
As of today, more than 650 Young Scientists have been selected for participating in the 73rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. From 30 June to 5 July 2024, they will have the chance to meet well above 30 expected Nobel Laureates in an informal setting and use these personal interactions as inspiration for their future careers.
“In a situation characterized by crises and conflicts all around the globe, the exchange of scientists from different countries, cultures, and generations cannot be valued highly enough,“ says Countess Bettina Bernadotte, President of the Council.
Countess Bettina Bernadotte inaugurated yesterday the new children's area on Mainau Island.
There is something new to discover for the youngest guests and their families: the 1,100 square meter Mainau children's area with its adventure playgrounds “Water World”, “Blumi's Uferwelt” and “Zwergendorf” has been expanded to include “Blumi's excavator playground”.
Countess Bettina was happy about the many little construction site helpers who came to the opening and who have already tested the new play equipment extensively: “There was already a lot of construction site activity here over the past Easter weekend and there was already a lot of excavation and crane operation. We look forward to many more dedicated construction site assistants at Blumi’s excavator playground in the future.”
Countess Bettina Bernadotte was awarded today The Order of Merit of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann presented the Order to 22 people for outstanding services to the state and its population.
Countess Bettina Bernadotte
The boss on the flower island of Mainau

The island of Mainau at its website about countess Bettina receiving The Order of Merit of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg:

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