The Duke of Sussex and The Invictus Games: 2014 and 2016-2018, 2020

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The article talking also for Invictus Games for that i put it here!
The article talking also for Invictus Games for that i put it here!

Gotcha! My fault for not reading the article. A lot of times I skip over articles from the DM.:flowers:
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I remember Harry doing that at one of the war anniversaries last year too. It's very cute!
I was there today!

And almost as soon as I walked up the entrance, saw Prince Harry! he was at the side in an outdoor interview area for ESPN. I took a few snaps, and later more when he was done. I will try to post them tomorrow.
I saw the final wheelchair basketball games, first Denmark vs Netherlands, then US vs uk. the whole experience was so inspiring, I don't want to seem trite, it is difficult to describe. the venue was perfect, clean, everything was perfectly managed and the athletes were simply fantastic, you didn't focus on their body parts that were missing, just their grit and skill. I am so glad I was able to see at least as much as I did.
As far as Harry's involvement, he declares in the program, "I was inspired to create the Invictus Games..." BTW he is better looking in real life:flowers:
Wow, how exciting, Frelinghighness! To actually be there would be terrific. The atmosphere when watching the competitors must be electric! Glad to hear that Harry was there being supportive of his wounded comrades as usual and is even better in real life! Everyone concerned, including Harry, should be so proud of how this week has gone.

A lovely story of support for all the teams, this one.
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Oh Harry !! He has just been amazing so proud. He is a natural

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Prince Harry delivers a rousing speech at the Invictus Games closing ceremony

At the end of the contest Harry said: 'Thank you so much to everybody here, for making unbelievable memories for every single competitor.
'Fair enough USA, I give it to you, it's only right in your home games you end up taking most of the golds, but let me remind you, this has never been about the medals as you know.
'This is about bringing amazing people together, sharing experiences and literally watching lives change in front of you in this arena, outside in the pool, wherever it is.
'And you've witnessed it and we're the lucky ones to have witnessed it together.'
- See more at: Prince Harry closes Invictus Games
Harry was presented with a poster in a frame with the word 'Unconquered' in gold on it and the signatures around it of every athlete who competed in the Invictus Games. It shows how connected he was with them all!

Well done, everyone!
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Congratulations to all who contributed to the success of Invictus Orlando!
Big congrats to everyone involved, the athletes and those who organized, planned, ran and volunteered for it. :flowers:

Prince Harry did amazing work with it, great seeing him so involved at the event. He really found his niche since he left the army, this and walking with the wounded. His passion and dedication to the cause is so evident.
Yes, Harry's empathy with wounded vets does shine through, as in this great photograph.
Very nice that Harry handed the medal over on Elizabeth's behalf. Nice picture of the two, BTW.
Great pictures. Wonderful to see Harry at the hospital handing over the medal and thanks of the American veteran for their help:flowers:

Nice to see the Duchess of Gloucester there as well.
Countessmeout, the handover didn't take place at the hospital... the team from Papworth travelled into London to meet with PHarry at Kensington Palace
And I hope a good time was had by all! It looks like it.
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