The Duke and Duchess of Bragança and Family: January 2015 - present

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How wonderful to see Rafael joining the royal family of Portugal.

Just a thought, Maria Francisca would be an ideal candidate as a future royal spouse for Rafael... An age gap of 11 years is a bit large, but her parents seem to make it work!
Yes she would have been perfect, but they are both over 21years of age so the age gap isn’t that bad. Unfortunately she’s engaged now so no chance
The Duke of Bragança appeared on a radio program.

Video of the mass in memory of King D.Carlos and Prince Luís Filipe who were murdered in 1908.
D.Duarte, Duke of Bragança and his son, Afonso, are attending mass.

D.Duarte and D.Isabel spoke about their daughter's engagement.
“Suddenly, I feel that my daughter has grown up, but I am very happy, because she is very happy. We are very fond of our future son-in-law and what all parents want is for their children to be happy and have people by their side who add to each other's lives, and we are no exception. We are really happy", said D. Isabel, confessing that, despite everything, she still does not feel ready for her daughter to leave home: "I think that leaving the nest is always difficult, and I still haven't really become aware that it will happen. I think it will be difficult for everyone, but I believe that for fathers it must be even worse than for mothers, because there is always a special bond with daughters. But it is part of the process and we will have a new member in the family.”

D. Duarte said: “Of course it will be hard for me to see her leave the house, but they will stay in Lisbon and that reassures me. I'm not one to worry about what's not under my control. And actually, we are really happy. We love Duarte and his family very much, it was just unnecessary for my daughter to have chosen a husband with the same name as her father [laughs]. It will cause a lot of confusion [laughs].”

The ceremony, scheduled for next October, is already starting to be prepared, as D. Isabel said: “They already asked me for help, as there are several things involved, since the wedding will be their way and a party for us, but also for the Portuguese who have followed Francisca since she was born and will certainly also enjoy meeting Duarte.”
Last Saturday, the 27th of May, the traditional anniversary tour of the Royal Association of Lisbon took place which, this year, with the support of Núcleo do Oeste and the Real Associação do Ribatejo, had as its destination the monumental village of Óbidos. With the participation of around one hundred associates and supporters, the visit was attended by the Head of the Royal House, Dom Duarte de Bragança who was accompanied by the Prince of Beira, Dom Afonso de Bragança.

Inaugurated, in the presence of Dom Duarte de Bragança, Duke of Bragança and Head of the Portuguese Royal House, the 18th International Garden Festival of Ponte de Lima.

Duke of Bragança at the Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles award ceremony for the environment and landscape, in Ponte de Lima.
A relic of the Blessed Emperor Carlos of Austria and Hungary was delivered to the Basilica of the National Palace of Mafra during the mass presided over by Abbot Heiligenkreuz, D. Maximilian Heim, in a ceremony organized by the Royal Brotherhood of the Blessed Sacrament of Mafra, on the 30th of July.

The Dukes of Bragança and their children Diniz and Maria Francisca, as well as her fiance Duarte and other family members attended the ceremony.
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The property that belongs to the Dukes of Bragança and former residence of the Infante Dom Miguel de Bragança, Casa das Fidalgas, in Santar, has been recovered and converted into a 5-star boutique hotel, the Valverde Santar Hotel & Spa. The inauguration took place on the 26th of July and was attended by the Portuguese Royal Family.

The Dukes of Bragança were with Pope Francis:
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It's was the catholic youth day I believe? The first time in some years. Nice for them that they were able to see HH.

A sensible thing to do with the property. The Duchess works in real estate of course.
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The first copy of the medal of the Royal Wedding of the Dukes of Coimbra with gold plating offered by Medalist Lusatenas was presented at the Santa Cruz monastery in Coimbra to D. Duarte, Duke of Bragança and the members of the Heraldic Council of the Oureana Foundation, the department responsible for design and editing.
Is there a photo of the medal? Or perhaps we will be surprised by it on the wedding day itself.

Edit: I see the facebook link has the medal. It has the monogram of the couple on it.
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Yesterday, at the Lapa Palace Hotel, in Lisbon, another working lunch was held between directors of the Lisbon-Dusseldorf Initiative and the Portuguese Delegation of the Real Circolo Francesco II di Borbone/Royal Club Francis II of Bourbon.

On the occasion, under the presidency of Dom Duarte, Duke of Bragança, Honorary Member of Real Circolo - Portugal, several joint projects were discussed, of bilateral interest under the Collaboration and Reciprocity Protocol signed between the two institutions.
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