The Casiraghi Family

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Afra's wedding, summer 2006
The bride and Marco
Andrea and Fernanda
Afra walking next to Caroline and Alexandra, who carried the rings
Afra and newlywed Carlo Marchetti
Caroline and Fernanda
Marco, father of the bride :flowers:
Afra talks to Charlotte

* Article from !Hola! online

* Townsend's scanned pictures and article from Hello!
Afra and Carlo are both lawyers. The article on Townsend's website says only that Carlo is a "Milanese lawyer," but I think Afra must also practice law. Unless there is another Afra Casiraghi in the Milanese area.... see here

Lamu, Kenya in 2001
Afra and Gianmarco with Charlotte on the beach
Charlotte, Afra, Andrea
Gianmarco (far left) with Charlotte, Afra, Andrea plus the Hannovers

Paris, February 2000
Afra and Andrea walking in front of Prince Ernst August and Spyros Niarchos
Afra and Andrea
Afra and Andrea
Afra and Andrea

Fernanda and Marco

Sources: !Hola!, Worldroots
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Here's a nice pic of Fernanda and Giancarlo Casiraghi:

Whoa, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering? He's got my respect.
This may seem stupid, but what is Mechanical Egineering?
Its a form of engineering that deals with building machines and mechanical things. Such as cars and motorized stuff (GM, Ford, Boeing..airplanes). It deals with a lot of math and formulas but since the use of computers more engineers do less of the math themselves, but plug things into programs.

The man is very smart in lots of ways. I'm impressed that he is such a savy businessman that helps runs so many companies.
Ah, thankyou for telling me what it was. I had no idea.Wow, he is smart.
You can find an interview with Fernanda on this site:



Q: Mrs Casiraghi, what memories do you have of your childhood?
A: I was born and raised in Milan and my family was a good one although perhaps not in the traditional sense since I never knew my father, who died before I was born. For this reason my mother decided to go and live with my Aunt who became for me a second mother and whom I remember with great affection. Then when my mother decided to remarry, I remained with my aunt who at that time was the owner of a company that imported coal mainly from Poland, Germany and South Africa.
Q: A business woman – that was quite unusual in those days…
A: Exactly and this was a bit of luck for me given that I was able to pursue my studies. When I was 17 years old the Second World War broke out and since my aunt had serious health problems I began to work for the company and make my contribution......

3 pics:
As a chairwoman of the Monaco's Italian Entrepreneurs Association Fernanda Casiraghi awarded the "Golden Sheet" Prize to Patrizia Mirigliani the organizer of the Miss Italia beauty contest:

a few days ago j saw an interview to rosalba casiraghi,stefano's sister, during a program on rai uno public italian tv. rosalba is member of administration council of banca intesa san paolo the most important in italy and is considered one of the 30 women most important in italian economy according corriere della sera
Hi guys, I know I'm not around much, hardly ever but I found this little professional bio on Afra Casiraghi and wanted to share it in case some people haven't seen it. It says Afra studied at university of Milan, also in Paris and Boston, at MIT and Harvard, and she completed the Milan bar exam in 2007. She now specializes in negotiating contracts as an associate at a Milan law firm. Well, here it is: Bird & Bird Afra Casiraghi
Yesterday, LAURA CASIRAGHI, sister in law of Caroline, wife of Daniele Casiraghi, died.Tomorrow the funeral at 15,00 p.m. in Fino Mornasco with Caroline and children.
Oh...that's so sad :(
My heart goes to Daniel and family :(
Glistening Seas

:harvest: Was she close to her sis-in-law. Naturally, this must be a sad moment for them in their loss.
Laura was Pierre's godmother, Caroline is very close to Casiraghi Family.

According to IL GIORNO Laura was 53 years old, another young person dead in Casiraghi Family.
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October seems to be an illfated month for the Casiraghi family...
My deepest symphathy to Mrs. Fernanda as well as all her loved ones.
May she rest in peace. And may God be merciful to the Casiraghis and to P. Caroline, struck again for such a blow... :easter:
" HOLA " has some pictures of Caroline, Andrea ,Charlotte and Pierre in Fino Mornasco for Laura Casiraghi' s funeral.
She was only 53. Prayers are with them.:sad:
I know such kind of events are the integral part of the life.:sad:
I wish they will be as less as possible.
The Casiraghi Family is one of the most beautiful ones, unfortunately, beauty doesn't guarantee people's happiness.:ermm:
It's so nice to see Andrea with his grandmother. Fernanda appreciates him so much:)
The picture of Andrea smoking outside the church impressed me.
This lazy gentleman is he able standing normally ?
It's so nice to see Andrea with his grandmother. Fernanda appreciates him so much:)

I once read a story about Andrea and how he was impressed by a photograph of Stefano he saw at his grandmother's house. He asked Mrs Casiraghi for it and she, obviously, gave it to him. Then it's said that Andrea took days studing, the photo, admiring his father style... I think Mrs Casiraghi sees Stefano in Andrea. That would explain why she seems ( or is ) so attached to him.:wub::wub::wub:
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