Tatiana Santo Domingo's Fashion and Style: June 2006 - November 2017

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Finally!!! She looks lovely.

Very nice outfit on Tatiana and one of the few ladies who wore a hat!
Best dressed for me. It's also an appropriate outfit for a summer wedding.
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Tatiana was the best dressed for me. She wears large-brimmed hats well.
Better than her usual I have to say love the shoes
She's actually better dressed than her SIL...quite surprising to me.

Tatiana Casiraghi was simply exqusiite & beautiful - like she stepped out of the pages of a summer catalog - perfection. :flowers:
Perfect outfit - and completely different to the "gypsy tents" she dresses normally!
Wonderful! Big Applause!
BYe Bine
Absolutely beautiful!!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
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She looks lovely - summery and chic. I think a flowing, flowery dress is not out of keeping with her usual style - which I am one of the few to like!
Absolutely stunning. Out of her wedding is her best appearance ever. And this is a hat for the event, not Charlotte s one
She was the best dressed guest there, just beautiful. This is one of her very best looks and I hope to see more of this for she is an attractive woman. I loved that hat and the fabric of the dress, soft and flowing and pretty.
I thought Tatiana was dressed pretty much how she always dresses, very boho. I never think she is best dressed or fashionable, she is generally pretty casual at even very formal events. She doesn't look bad, just informal. I think her look is more suitable for a casual outdoor wedding than a formal church wedding but as I said it does look like her style.

Lovely color and a nice style but Iw wish her hair was pulled up softly, the open hair and the oversized sleeves didn't work for me.

One of the worst looks at the wedding. The dress was so washed out, the print wasn't pretty and the overall was boring.
The dress worn to the wedding was okay. But I'm in love with the red reception dress. It looks perfect on her.
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