Swedish State Visit to Australia: November 7-12, 2005

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dannie said:
thanks all for the photos! My daughter is still talking about the visit and now wants to know everything about the queen!

That is excellent. Luckily, you have people here who know a lot about the queen and her family! :) Enjoy the site.

Danielle said:
I agree with you there, but I don't know if they were the most appropriate outfits to wear in Australia. Heavy jackets and woollen coats maybe fine in Europe, but when it was over 30°C when she was here, it just isn't very practical.
Yes, you are right. That being said, the Queen was her normal stylish self. God bless the Stylish Queen! But a lot of recycling nonetheless.

"This turquoise skirt reminds me of something, a person, who has gotten 50% of her chromosomes from the classy lady, has worn in Oz as well"

O, good. So it wasn't just me then. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that skirt. :D I know I would find it annoying too if I visited Australia and they kept asking me about Mary. This is a rather awkward pose by both men:


The king must have been distracted by something...


I love the pink/fuschia gown that Silvia wore. The outfit with the bolero was good too. Boleros are not worn often enough.


ha ha ha. Having fun with the singers.:)

I love the photos at Uluru. What an impressive site.


King: So you are our new player we are going to have next year in Germany? :D It's good to meet you.
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It's a bit late, but I found this article from the Brisbane newspaper 'The Coureir-Mail' dating from the time of their visit. It's a shame that most of the royal visits we get in Australia nowadays are not from our own royal family:cry:


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Here is a gallery:


The Queen wore beautiful outfits. My favorites are the white evening gown, the white dress, and the blue and red suits.
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