Summer Holidays with the Swedish Royal Family: 2016-2023

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Summer Holidays with the Swedish Royal Family (2016/2017/2018/2019/2020-22)

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As the summer holidays approach please use this thread for posting anything summer holiday related ,happy posting!
Today is probably one of the summer holiday's highlights for Daniel. Today is the traditional Victoriagolfen, where Daniel participated first time in 2012 and has played every year after that.
Today, we can see that Daniel plays with a GEN-PEP cap. GEN-PEP is the health initiative The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation launched last week.

Article and photos at Expressen
Daniel in great shape for his wife's golf tournament
Usually it rains from the open sky at Victoriagolfen. But this morning when Prince Daniel teed up for this year's competition there was clear blue sky, and already over 25 degrees - a weather that Daniel never before experienced in the golf tournament.
- Maybe it means luck, said Kay Wiestål, organizer of the competition.
Several consecutive years, Daniel has been close to winning his wife's prestigious golf tournament, but fell at the finish line. (notice: this is a team competition, even though Daniel is a good golfer that might not help).
Daniel has all the chances to win the competition. In previous years, his handicap has been 4. Now this year he has got his handicap below 4.
Daniel trained yesterday at the Ekerum golf course with a friend. For hours they stood and practiced tactic for today.
Daniel's expectations for the race today?
- We'll see, he laughed. Without a doubt exciting.
The shape? Looked radiant. In warming, he did clean out shots and got spontaneous applause, just such a thing strengthens confidence.
In the afternoon, we know if Daniel finally gets his long-awaited victory and becomes king of the golf course - once and for all.
Kay Wiestål had its view clear:
- Could be a thriller. Regardless, Daniel is incredibly talented. This will be a race to be reckoned with. There are not many who have royalty in the first ball.
Prins Daniel i storform inför hustruns golftävling _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Article and photos at 24Kalmar
The prince is a keen golfer and plays with the impressive 3.9 handicap. Daniel plays together with his friend Håkan Lundstedt, Patrik Hedberg and the ceo of Ekerum Resort, Magnus Lagerlöf.
24Kalmar was in place at the 3rd hole, a short hole par three. There the prince's ball was clearly the best and the team got a good chance to chase a birdie. The game form is Texas Scramble Shootout.
BILDEXTRA_ Kunglig glans på Victoriagolfen _

ROYAL: Prince Daniel schwingt den Golfschläger
Another gallery with good quality photos
Ölandsdags! _ Kungligt

Photo from Expressen Kungligt Instagram

Så värmer prins Daniel upp inför Victoriadagen _ Svensk Damtidning

Prins Daniel slår första bollen!
Prins Daniel i högform på Victoriagolfen - Östra Småland
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Madeleine, Chris and Leonore were seen shopping at ICA in Borgholm today.
Här shoppar prinsessan Madeleine och Chris tillsammans _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Victoria, Daniel and children arrived on Friday afternoon from Öland to Bromma Airport. Margareta Thorgren said that they don't comment on family's trip and that the family will return to Öland. Daniel said on Victoria's birthday that they will spend as much time they can in Öland in the summer. Lindwall speculates that Victoria and Daniel have a large circle of friends, perhaps someone is getting married and that's why the family left Öland. Like I said, it's nothing we comment, said Thorgren. och daniels blixtresa&hideSimilar=0
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Still about Daniel golfing last week.
Här visar prins Daniel att han är kung på golfbanan _ Svensk Damtidning
Photos from Victoriagolfen from the official website of Victoriadagen, by photographer Per Jahnke.¦êland-900x646.jpg

Expressen's article about the summer of Victoria and Daniel, telling again about their Villa Skönvik we have read so many times before.
It was the day after Crown Princess Victoria's birthday that she and Daniel left Öland for a flying trip to Stockholm.
The court refused to comment on why, but it was a flying visit. Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria will now spend the rest of the summer on Öland. Daniel met Expressen last week and revealed the family's summer plans:
- It will be mostly Öland, no doubt. We thrive after all extremely well.
Victoria's glorious summer on Öland with Daniel and daughter Estelle and her son Oscar, simply. Earlier this summer they have been with Daniel's parents Ewa and Olle Westling in their summer house in Acktjära.
- We'll just be on Öland in the summer and spend time with the family, Daniel continued
What do you do during the day?
- Everything possible. Be outdoors as much as possible. The important thing is to be together.
Will there be any more golf?
- We'll see. That went rather good recently, Daniel tells and refers to Victoriagolfen that he played the day before of his wife Victoria's birthday.
- The royal family has now holiday. The king and queen will on Tuesday attend at the Öland Inhabitant of the Year at Solliden Palace, says Margareta Thorgren.
Så spenderar Estelle sommaren på Öland _ Kungligt _ Expressen
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King Carl Gustaf was yesterday seen out on the sea with his boat before the award delivery in the afternoon. Lindwall writes that the king and queen enjoy their summer in Solliden.
Queen Silvia says:
- Solliden is our oasis, our place to refresh and spend time with the family and all grandchildren. Most important with the summer is that we are together. Of course we hope for good weather. On Öland the farmers want now rain because there is a need for water, but the fine weather would also not be wrong. Summer is short as Tomas Ledin sings. And so it really is. So it is extra important for us in the family to feel that we are together. Because it's a recovery. We do a lot of things together and try to just hang out.
Kungen och Silvia njuter på Solliden på Öland _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Lots of photos of the family
The royal family had invited some photographers to Solliden on Friday 15th July to take photos of the family. Margareta Thorgren says that there is a big interest in the royal family and that is why these photos were taken. The photoshoot was done before the lunch and Thorgren says that it was a great photoshoot with all family members. This reminds the tradition the king and queen had when their children were young. Thorgren says that they will see if this becomes a tradition now too. Now these photos were taken and we will see what happens next year.
Nya bilden på hela kungafamiljen på Öland _ Kungligt _ Expressen
Här är kungafamiljens soliga sommarhälsning från Solliden
Äntligen samlades hela familjen – Se nya bilden _ Svensk Damtidning
9 bilder som får oss att älska prinsessan Estelle _ Svensk Damtidning
Sötchock! Se när Leonore rymmer från sommarfotograferingen _ Svensk Damtidning
Äntligen! Här får vi se mer av prins Alexander _ Svensk Damtidning

Here is a video of the photoshoot, Leonore ran all over the place and didn't want to come to the photo. Finally Madeleine caught her and she could be photographed too. "And now we are quick", the photographers say after Leonore was at the group too.
Harvinaiset kuvat Ruotsin kuninkaallisista_ koko perhe koolla – Chrisillä täysi työ rimpuilevan prinssin kanssa, Leonore viiletti kuvasta ulos - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat

Big gallery from IBL, photos taken by Karin Törnblom and Charles Hammarsten.
IBL Bildbyrå

Photos from Dana Press. Click "more media" in the bottom, you get more photos.
ROYAL: Fototermin auf Öland mit der schwedischen Königsfamilie!
ROYAL: Ein Arm voll Glück für Victoria und Daniel
ROYAL: Wildfang Leonore eroberte den Garten
ROYAL: Oma ist die Beste, nicht wahr Estelle?

Photo from court Facebook

Expressen's video at their Youtube channel

For instance Svensk Damtidning has quite big photos at their galleries, you just have to open the photos in new tab.
Stort bildspel! Här är de kungliga fäderna in action _ Svensk Damtidning
Prinsessmammorna – Se de nya bilderna _ Svensk Damtidning

Kungafamiljens unika sommarbilder _ Stoppa Pressarna
Se nya bilderna på HELA kungafamiljen – med alla småprinsar och prinsessor _ ELLE
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Lovely photoshoot of the family! Prince Alexander is the most adorable little baby!!

You can see in the video Chris getting quite frustrated with Leonore's behaviour!
Beautiful photoshoot.

I can see no resemblace in Alexander' face. I see an average looking baby.

The most funny face is the one of lite Oscar!
The kids are adorable. Leo runs around a lot. Sofia should have rethought what she wore considering she was being photographed in official pictures: pants too tight, especially in the front.
Swedish royal babies steal the show at family photocall
Swedish royal babies steal the show at family photocall Read more: Swedish royal babies melt hearts at family photocall The Swedish imperial family invited two fresh introductions this year, making their yearly summer photocall all the all the more inspiring. Sovereign Oscar and Prince Alexander, who were conceived a month and a half separated, stole the appear, close by their more seasoned cousin Prince Nicolas, who has recently turned one. The three children were the photo of charm and tantamount to gold as they postured for the family representations at Solliden Palace, the royals' late spring living arrangement. Third-in-line to the throne Prince Oscar was supported by his hovering mum Crown Princess Victoria, who remained by her better half Prince Daniel. Their little girl Princess Estelle had pride of spot between her grandparents Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf.
source: royalam: Swedish royal babies steal the show at family photocall
What a great summer gift from the Swedish Royal Family.

The children are too cute for words. I guess Leonore has learned a lot from Estelle in being wild. Nicolas, Oscar and Alexander have stolen my heart.
I just wished the royal court would upload the official pics on ther website! So far I haven't seen high-quality or large pictures!
What language is Leonor speaking and they speak to her? Chris doesn't speak much Swedish so i wondered would their children speak English first?
You can tell from the video that Chris is not so comfortable on front of the cameras and he did not choose the royal life.
I hope this becomes a tradition. Beautiful pictures!
What language is Leonor speaking and they speak to her? Chris doesn't speak much Swedish so i wondered would their children speak English first?
You can tell from the video that Chris is not so comfortable on front of the cameras and he did not choose the royal life.

In the video, it sounds as if Madeleine was speaking swedish with Leonore. I think the her children will be raised blingual. IRRC, Chris said that he is learning swedish and that he understan a great deal of it, but speaking it is another thing.

It looked to me he was annoyed because Leonore was difficult to control and not for the cameras.:flowers:
What amazing pictures, what a fabulous present!!! Maddie's kiddos are so beautiful, I love the spunk of little Leo, she is a hoot, love her but papa didn't look very thrilled with her:lol:. What I love the most is watching all the momma's soothing their babies, Victoria comforting little Oscar, made my heart melt. Looks like he might be teething, Alexander is a cute little chunk of a baby, I think he looks like his mom. Beautiful Beautiful children. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!!!!:flowers:
what a nice summer photo session. In a few short years the family has grown alot and already 5 grandkids. Its nice that they are able to get together while the kids are young, things might change, but they look like they enjoy their get together. Although Chris looks a bit tense

Leonore running all over the place LOL.
and Nikolas grabbing Sofia's hair :lol:

Royal Babies' first family photo! King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden gather their brood together at their summer residence Solliden Palace* | Daily Mail Online
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I wish I had a baby's head to kiss! Love seeing the parents dote on their little ones.
Chris seemed exhausted. He has a full time and demanding job of course. The children weren't exactly cooperating either. Two year-olds are such a hand full! With x photo camera's there it is difficult to correct the child too I suppose.

When the boys are one or two years older perhaps they can run around and play a bit perhaps, it gives more interesting photos and will be a bit easier for the parents.
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Looked to me like Madde and Chris are having some parenting debates on Leonore. In the Expressen video I thought I heard Chris say to Madde "she's like that, just ignore her".
I do have to admit, some disciplining of this cutie would maybe be needed from time to time.

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Whew! A handful. :flowers: Estelle looks to be getting a bit moody. Growing. Second time I've noticed it. ;)
Seeing a Princess run after her own daughter and a husband who looks helpless in the middle of it all is all kinds of funny, awkward, and endearing.
I agree Chris seemed a little tense. I think at one point in the video Daniel asks Chris if he should go get Leonore and Chris says, "she won't come, just ignore her." Dealing with stubborn two year olds can certainly wear you down and, IME, "just ignore him/her" is often the quickest way to get them to quit their antics and start behaving again.

I can't believe how quickly Leonore has changed in her looks. She used to be a clone of her father but now I see much more of Madeleine at that age.

I didn't think Estelle looked moody but rather a little tired and maybe bored toward the end.

It was a lovely photoshoot and I hope it becomes a tradition!
Camelot23c: I agree. I thought Estelle seemed tired. She seems like such a happy, cheerful child. She is my favorite Royal, along with her mother and King Willem-Alexander. Smile...
I felt sympathetic to Chris. It is no fun to have a child running all over the place and refusing to come to the parents when asked. It's tiresome. Several family members tried to help: Queen Silvia, Daniel, Carl Philip.
It was a lovely group. It must be a bit of a surprise to all of them to have increased their numbers so much; 5 grandchildren!
Lovely surprise to come home to:flowers:

The babies are all so cute. Oscar looks so much like Estelle. Nico is such a looker with his eyes. Both he and his sister have such amazing eyes.:)

Estelle looked a bit bored/tired. I think she would have liked to join Leo. I am surprised they didn't put her on the bench with Estelle, there was room. Leo seems to have a bond with her cousin. :flowers:

Chris seems like he was not into the photo to begin with and didn't see any need to start a fight and make Leo behave. Nico wasn't too happy either. Madeleine was the only one in her family happy to be shot.

With the king's birthday this year was good idea.
They tried to get Leonor to sit on the bench with Estelle and Queen Silvia, but she wouldn't and ran away.
I think Estelle looked bored. Maybe, because she didn't understand why Leonore couldn't sit still for a moment so that the photos could have been taken. Or because the photoshoot took a longer time because Leonore was running and Estelle had to sit there in front of the photographers. And Victoria and Daniel left Öland soon after the photoshoot, maybe Estelle was already waiting for that.

Expressen's fashion expert has given points for fashion
Prinsessorna Victoria, Madeleiene och Sofias stil på Öland _ Kungligt _ Expressen

ROYAL: Naturforscherin Estelle - Was hat sie da entdeckt?
ROYAL: Oscar zahnt - Finger sind zum Nuckeln da

Sommar på Solliden! _ Kungligt

The king, queen, Madeleine and Sofia went this evening to Badrock at the Borgholm Castle ruins, it started at 20.30. There is only a few minutes walk from Solliden to Castle Ruins. Madeleine had her friend Katarina von Horn with her. Singer Björn Skifs (who sang at Victoria's and Daniel's wedding) tells, that he sent a discreet invitation to the royal family. Badrock celebrates its 30th anniversary.
Kungafamiljen släpper loss – till Badrock _ Kungligt _ Expressen
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