Summer Holidays in Mallorca: 2005

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Imperial Majesty
Apr 28, 2005

Letizia Palma de Mallorca's vacations it will return to assemble the Royal Family in their summer rest. Now the area of attention is the baby for that there wait the inheritors, who also will visit to the family of the Princess in Asturias.

THE bay of Palma will return to receive this summer, since it happens for more than three decades, to the Spanish Royal Family. One more year, the island inhabitant of the Balearic Islands will turn into the point of meeting of a family increasingly numerous that, carried away about the sea, decided in the year 1974 to turn Majorca into the traditional destiny of theirsummer vacations.
If last summer the innovation in Palm was the presence for the first time of the Princess of Asturias, this year the attention will return to centre on Dona Letizia and, especially, on the baby that the Princes wait by the ends of November. But the cameras also will look for the only daughter of the Dukes of Palma, Irene, who might expire two months in the island.


Trip to the Azores

Since it is traditional, it will be precisely the ditch of the Copa del Rey , who is celebrated the first week of August, which it marks the beginning of the vacations of the Royal Family in Majorca, though at the end of July, between 21 and 24, Don Juan Carlos, Don Felipe and predictably Dona Cristina they will move also to the island to take part in the ditch Breitling.
But this year, before moving their summer residence to Palm, the Kings have foreseen to realize a short trip deprived to the islands Azores, invited by the president of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio, and his wife, Maria Jose Ritta. At the end of July, Don Juan Carlos and Dona Sofía will cross for three days the most emblematic places of these Atlantic islands.
Later, they will return to Palm for the Copa del Rey.


Without displacements

Another innovation of this summer is that, for the first time in many years, the Prince of Asturias will not have to interrupt his vacations to be present at the, capture of possession of a Latin-American president. This summer, after his stay in Palm Majorca, is very probable that Don Felipe and Dona Letizia pass a few days in the natal land of the Princess of Asturias, since they did last year with the family of the journalist. Removed from the cameras, the Princes will find in Asturias the intimacy and the tranquility for that they look after the intense pace of work that they have supported in the last year and before the agenda crammed with acts that already waits for them from September. And also with the nerves that will have in November.

Only a note on this news, according to a newspaper can that the Princes are in Asturias on the 31st for Baremboim's concert inside the acts of the Anniversary XXV of the Foundation of the Prizes Prince of Asturias; so probably they walk a few days in Asturias before going to Palm and not later like they did last year.
Are the King and Queen already vacationing in Mallorca?
zarzuela said:
Are the King and Queen already vacationing in Mallorca?

Not, they still are in Madrid. This weekend probably travel to Majorca because there is a ditch, but the next week they are going to pass a few days to Portugal invited by the President Sampaio and his wife.
The Kings come this evening to Palm to begin their summer vacations


Their Majesties the Kings of Spain will come this evening, proceeding from Madrid, to the airport of Palma to begin their summer vacations, as reported sources of the Royal House.
The rest of the Royal Family will be coming to the island, since it is in the habit of being habitual, of gradual form and depending on their labour commitments. It is foreseen that the King don Juan Carlos takes part in the Ditch Breitling that is celebrated this weekend, where there is accustomed to take part also the Prince Felipe and, in some another occasion, the infanta dona Cristina.
In the Palace of Marivent, all the personnel are already ultimando the last preparations for the arrival of the Kings, with which one gives the shot of exit to the summer in Majorca.
lula said:
Not, they still are in Madrid. This weekend probably travel to Majorca because there is a ditch, but the next week they are going to pass a few days to Portugal invited by the President Sampaio and his wife.

In wich days they come to Portugal?
Do you know that they're going to visit?
Where will they be staying?
The visit is oficial or private? :confused:

Thanks! ;)
For what I have read the visit it will be the next week, I believe that they go to the Azores in a private visit, invited by Sampaio.

The Kings travel today to Majorca, establish their in Marivent
Madrid, 19 jul. The Kings will travel this evening to Palma, where they will establish themselves in their official residence in Marivent's Palace, they informed sources of the House of the King.
In the next days there will come also the rest of the members of the Royal Family, the Princes of Asturias and the Dukes of Lugo and of Palma, with their children, though they have not promised to be the dates of their movement.
Don Juan Carlos will continue in Marivent's Palace with his activities of office, and next August 1 he will receive the prime minister, Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.
It is habitual that the chief of the Executive, who will pass in August in Lanzarote with his family, visits the King at least once during August.
Besides, the Kings will interrupt for three days his stay in Marivent to travel to the islands Azores, in a private visit that they will realize close on July 27, 28 and 29, invited personally by the Portuguese president, Jorge Sampaio.
During his stay in Majorca, the King will reconcile his activities of office with the practice of nautical sports, to which they are be very fond all the members of the Royal Family.
The forecasts point that both Don Juan Carlos and the Prince of Asturias will inform at the end of the same week in the third test of the circuit Breitling Med Cup, the ditch Breitling-Illes Balears, which will take place in waters of Port Portals (Palma).
From August 1 Don Felipe and the Infanta Cristina will celebrate in the bay of Palm the edition XXIV of the Copa of the King of Vela, in which they are accustomed to compete the King, in different crafts.
The arrival of the Kings today to Majorca is foreseen for half an evening, and they will be got for the principal authorities of the archipelago.
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The Kings land in Palm for comezar their summer vacations


Their Majesties the Kings, don Juan Carlos and dona Sofía, landed this evening in the airport They are Sant Joan of Palm, where they were got for the principal authorities of the Executive inhabitant of the Balearic Islands, headed by the president Jaume Matas, whom the king greeted first, the delegate of the Govern, Ramon Socías, the president of the Parlament, Pere Rotger and the mayor of Palm, Catalina Cirer.
This way, the Kings came to the Majorcan capital without company of any member of their family, and they forgave specially the Princes of Asturias, dona Leticia and the Prince Felipe, who will come tomorrow. The rest of the family, the dukes of Lugo and the dukes of Palm, accompanied of all their children, who will come to the island in the next days.
;) I believe that already you Know of my disability to place photos. For whom it wants to see or to put them them here there are photos of the Kings in the airport of Palm in Terra and Getty. :D
Arriving at the airport of Son Sant Joan, in Palma de Mallorca.

Photos from Terra (specially for you, Lula ;) ):


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Elsa M. said:
Arriving at the airport of Son Sant Joan, in Palma de Mallorca.

Photos from Terra (specially for you, Lula ;) ):

I see the photos in the Web, but later profit not to finish understanding how I must make to place them here. I feel a little useless. :confused:
King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia arrive at Son Sant Juan Airport in Palma de Mallorca, for their traditional summer holidays at Marivent Palace.
From GettyImages:


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(It is an experiment, I hope that it leaves or, but leaves or, I feel it.;) )

From Terra:


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lula said:
(It is an experiment, I hope that it leaves or, but leaves or, I feel it.;) )

From Terra:
Thank you Elsa :D :D :D :D :D
You did it, girl! You're welcome ;)
any one know when the CP couple...the two Infantas and their family are going to Palma de Mallorca for holiday?
a few of the close up of the King and the Queen


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bigheadshirmp said:
any one know when the CP couple...the two Infantas and their family are going to Palma de Mallorca for holiday?

The Princes come today, and the Infantas still it is not known, but also they will travel to Palm.


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the king today confirmed to the press that felipe and his wife letizia will arrive today to palma. he also said that the dukes of palma will arrive some weeks later due to some other arrangements.
I saw in the spanish journal ABC that Letizia is going to spend her vacations in Asturias and Palma. Do you something about this?

the queen is. like always, elegant. I like very much her jewlery
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The Kings arrived yesterday at Majorca to enjoy days of rest. Their Majestys will remain in the island until September principles


The King nothing else declared to step on Majorcan ground that already had desire to rest. "they needed these vacations to Me. I am going to take advantage of to the maximum my stay in the island ". Of this likeable way Don Juan was expressed Carlos before the numerous mass media that yesterday covered the arrival with the Kings to the island. Their Majestys landed ten minutes before the seven of afternoon in the air base of Are Sant Joan, in an airplane Falcon 900 of the Spanish Air Force. Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía goes ahead thus to the rest of members of the Royal Family and initiates their vacations of summer in Majorca where they will be until September principles. Coming from Madrid, the Kings were received on the foot of the stairway by the main local and autonomic authorities: president of the Govern, Jaume Matas; the delegate of the Government, Ramon Socías; Pere Rotger, president of the Parlament; and the mayoress of Palm, Catherine Cirer. Also the president of National Patrimony, Yago Tip of Coaña and the delegate of this institution in Majorca saluted to their Majestys, Mercedes Conrado. Diverse military administrations were united to the encounter with Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía - who arrived accompanied by Irene from Greece and the head by the Real House, Alberto Aza -, among them, the commanding general of the military zone of Balears, the commander Jose Emilio Paschal Roldán; the maximum person in charge of the naval sector, Francisco Javier Jáuregui; the delegate of Defense, Cristóbal Sbert; and the head of the aerial sector and the base of Is Sant Joan, Fernando Martinez Martinez. Under a suffocating sun, the King, who dressed clear trousers and jacket navy blue, conversed during several minutes with the there present ones and he was interested in the journalists "you have passed much heat", asked to them. To her side, Doña Sofía shared some laughter with Catherine Cirer. Reina dressed in this occasion a fresh suit jacket in white and pink tones that accompanied with a small purse to game. After the brief interchange of opinions, the Kings left the air base in volvo black that the own monarch lead and who transferred to them, presumably, to the palace of Marivent. The unfolded safety measures in the occasion of the real arrival were increased with respect to the last year. More than seven cars with escorts they accompanied to his Majestys in his stroll until his residence of summer.

Today Princes de Asturias arrive

Own Don Juan Carlos was the one in charge to announce that the Princes de Asturias, Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, will arrive surely "today" at the island to settle in Are Vent, its residence deprived within the complex of Marivent. The King indicated in addition, that the princess, embarrassed of five months, is "wonderfully". With respect to the Dukes of Palma and Lugo and the children of these, the monarch aimed that they will arrive later at Majorca because "they have still some commitments that to fulfill". The vacations of the Royal Family will extend this year until September principles although the Kings will interrupt during next the 27, 28 and 29 of July its stay to move in visit deprived to the islands You embarrass where they have been invited by the president of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio. In its agenda of activities, an office with Jose is included at least Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. The encounter will take place next the 1 of August and by such reason, the head of the Executive will have to be transferred from Lanzarote, where she spends the summer with his family, until the Majorcan residence of the monarch. Don Juan Carlos will arrange its official commitments with the practice of the nautical sports to which very the members of the Royal Family are become fond of. The King will participate on board in the Loafer, of the Catalan shipbuilder Josep Cusí, in the regata Breitling-Illes Balears that the next Thursday in waters of Portals Port takes and where also the presence of prince Felipe is predicted. Don Juan Carlos announced yesterday in addition its intention to comprise of the crew of the boat in the XXIV of the Glass of the King of Candle. If the officious agenda of the monarch follows the parameters of other summers, Admiral Juan de Borbón will be able also to be seen him in the delivery of trophies of the regata of time boats, who pays tribute to his father. In addition, their excursions on board of the yacht will be habitual Fortune that berths in the naval base of Portopí, and which they use some members of the Royal Family to sail by waters balears. With the arrival of the Kings a point of flexion in the Majorcan summer takes place that, will be, without a doubt, marked by the presence of the princess Letizia who waits for her first son for the next month of November. The news, the one of the pregnancy, that occurred to know in the first official visit Princes de Asturias the islands and that place in the month of May took.
two more pics from a balearean journal.


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The Kings arrive at Palm to pass their holidays of summer

Mr. Juan Carlos and Mrs Sofía landed yesterday afternoon in the Island for initiate their traditional holidays and they announced that the Princes will arrive today Mr. Juan
Carlos and Mrs Sofía to their arrival to Majorca. Photo: TERESA AYUGA
The Majorcan summer already is officially inaugurated. The arrival of the Kings, that took place yesterday afternoon, gives the shot at the outset to the summer epoch socially speaking. Mr. Juan Carlos and Mrs Sofía arrived aboard an airplane of the Spanish Air Force at 18.50 o'clock to the air base of they Are Sant Joan, with a quarter of an hour behind schedule on it predicted. The monarchs were received by the main authorities of the Island, the president of the Govern, Jaume you Kill; the mayor of Palm, Catalina Cirer; the delegate of Government, Ramon Socías, and the president of the Parlament, Pere Rotger. Besides, of the military José Emilio Roldán, general commander of Balears; Francisco Javier Jaúregui, leader of the Naval Sector; the delegate of Defense, the colonel Christopher Sbert; and the chief colonel of the Air Sector and of the base of they Are Sant Joan, Fernando Martínez Martínez. In the delegation of welcome also they were found Yago Stung of Coaña, president of National Patrimony, and the manager of Patrimony in Balears, Mercy Conrado.
After the initial greetings, in which also the leader of the House of the King was found, Alberto Aza, the Kings chatted cordially with the high-ranking officials. Subsequently, Mr. Juan Carlos approached to the professionals of the press worrying about the heat that these could be passing. Besides, Their Majesty indicated that already they wanted to enjoy its traditional holidays, «already did lack», added. It assured that they will be to September with the typical departures and come, due to their official commitments. The King announced that the Princes will arrive today, although did not need the hour, and indicated that Mrs Letizia carries its embarrassment «well». In turn, the dukes of Palm and those of Lugo they will arrive later to the Island.
Besides, Mr. Juan Carlos assured that he will participate so much in the regata Breitling and in the Cup of the King. «I will participate in everything that he be able, in everything that they leave me», the Monarch joked. Subsequently, the Kings rose al car, an I Return black, that conducted Mr. Juan Carlos. In another of the official cars, the princess was found Irene of Greece, the sister of the Queen, that arrived in the same airplane. After the march of Its Majesties, Catalina Cirer aimed that «is a very special date not only for Majorca but also for the remainder of Balears, since marks the calendar of summer of the Islands». On the imminent arrival of the princes of Asturias, Cirer indicated that during the first official visit of Mr. Felipe and Mrs Letizia «we did them the request that al the same as the Prince, the future son of the couple to grow among us. As we were so exacting insurance that pay attention ourselves». For August 1 is predicted the official office in the Island between the King and the president of the Government, José Luis Rodíguez Zapatero.
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