Suits Worn by the Royal Ladies: May 2004 - March 2008

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Dec 16, 2003
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I hated that third outfit. Too bright for my eyes. And is the material satin? A bit flashy for daywear, wouldn't you say? Otherwise, I like the pics with the hats.
I now but is day wear, is from a garden party or something.
I like first and fourth

first Sophie attends horse ascot with her husband

fourth Sophie attends Queen Mother's 100th birthday i think so! i like her hats looks greats!

Sara Boyce

p.s. if you have pictures of Princess Diana? she attend public engagement before she died?
So what does everyone define as the "Perfect British Suit" for women? What makes it perfect? What makes it uniquely British? Is it just the attitude of the women who wear it, or is it something in the cut and the choice of fabric?
I think its so brithish as somehow it is traditional...i think you see this kind of suits sine the late Queen mother. somehow old fashion but uptodate.
The Countess of Wessex always looks so elegant and stylish in her day wear. Her suits for her recents visits have been delightful.
Blasers and coats

I decide make this thread nowing that nomally they don't have many replays. Any way i decide did him because is something that i like and is alwyas some1 that replay.
So, this thread is for posting pics from blasers and coats that every royal wear.
I gona star with some.


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How about British Royal Family?

Princess Diana? Countess of Wessex? Duchess of York? and lots of more member of British Royal Family

Sara Boyce
Ok, i open and i gona make some for this thread...


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micas said:
One of the things that i like a lot is from the combination that womens do with the suite and the hats, gloves, purses and shoses. So i wish see more pics from that.... You are free to post day wear cloth to.

Thanks all}}}}

My favorite Royals for fashion are Lady Helen Taylor and Lady Sarah Chatto-I love Lady Chatto's suits! Almost Edwardian. :)
Maxima in a suit dress, jacket & with a matching hat but i think its very elegent - picture
Maxima in bright color pink, not her best, would you consider this as a suit ? - picture
mette-marit in great suit but not her age imo, its a great color - picture
queen beatrix in a sky blue outfit - picture
Maxima in a brown suit (dress & coat) with a matching hat - picture
I love suits. I especially adore Letizia's ! Well, most of them ..
i really liked the suit MC wore at her third child's christening....
I really like the suites of MC and CP letizia - very stylish and elegant!
a suit worn by Mary Thursday 13 May 2004, at the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen - picture
princess alexandra at the Copenhagen City Hall 12 May 2004. - picture & another pictiure outside the Parliament in Copenhagen, 13 May 2004.
Princess Mary the opening of a stamp-exhibition in Forum 05-11-2004 - picture & a white pant suit on a trip to Germany 8-11-2004
Princess letitiza in a navy blue suit during the official reception to celebrate the 30 years of Juan Carlos I as King of Spain 23 November 2005 - picture
a pink suit, i liked the jacket fit at Sabadell village before visiting the Lawyers House in Sabadell near Barcelona, Spain, 22 June 2005 & a grey pant suit leave the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona, 07 June 2005,
Even with suits, there is a perception that Royal Ladies should wear skirts and Not pants.

When I first saw this thread title, I was hoping for pants photos, but they are so rare!
Suonymona said:
Even with suits, there is a perception that Royal Ladies should wear skirts and Not pants.

When I first saw this thread title, I was hoping for pants photos, but they are so rare!

i think crown princess's wear pant suits, ill have to post some. but the older generation like the queens always go for skirt suits. im not sure if thats a dress code that they should obtain for skirts rather than pants
we are forgetting the most famous of pants suits- the one that put Letizia on the map--her Engagement Suit!!! As soon as she wore it, it became a big news, and was copied, many times! Elsa M. posted several pictures of it in another thread. link.
Marie-chantal of Greece
Picture - The Parliament lunch at City Hall in Stockholm, April 30, 2006.
Picture - 14 DEC 2004

Princess Mary
Picture - meeting at EU headquarter in Brussels, Monday 6 November 2006. this was a great suit, very professional.
Picture - a shiny pant suit,not flattering at all imo, 03 MAR 2005
Picture - a white pant suit, November 8, 2004
Picture - a great missoni skirt suit, 2004-11-15
Picture - a grey pant suit, which i think is a great fit, November 29, 2004
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