State visit to Finland: 6-8 September, 2016

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Jun 22, 2007
Norwegian royal couple to make state visit to Finland in September
King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway will make a state visit to Finland from 6 to 8 September 2016 at the invitation of President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö and Mrs Jenni Haukio. The royal couple will visit Oulu as well as Helsinki. Several minsters will accompany the King and Queen. The programme for the state visit will be announced at a later date.
Norwegian royal couple to make state visit to Finland in September* - The President of the Republic of Finland
I like the Queen´s hat - it looks different from what she usually wears.

But - yet another appearance at the state banquet of HM´s almost 20 years old (!) evening dress she 1st wore for her 60th birthday....
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King Harald and queen Sonja arrived to Oulu. Minister of Economic Affairs Olli Rehn and his spouse, as well as senior members of the city administration, are the hosts to the royal couple in Oulu.
Lapset toivottivat Norjan kuningatar Sonjan tervetulleeksi Ouluun ruusuilla _ Kotimaa _

Queen Sonja had a brooch when arriving to Oulu
It's the "Dream"-brooch from finnish Kalevala jewelry designed by Kirsti Doukas, probably a present from the presidential couple.
On 1 June 1906, the Finnish Estates accepted a new Parliament Act and Election Act. On that day, Finland, which was still a Grand Duchy of Russia, established the world's most modern Parliament, which ensured universal and equal suffrage.
The Dream jewelry collection celebrates the centennial of equality pioneers. The festive theme has inspired Kirsti Doukas to combine delicate sprightly elements into a strong form. Doukas' jewelry is a harmonious arrangement of silver and three beautiful precious stones: topaz, green quartz and smoky quartz. With subtle powerfulness, Dream tells a story of individual courage that, when amassed, can change the world.
Dream brooch

Gallery of the photos of the readers of Kaleva, will probably be updated
Lukijat kuvasivat Norjan kuninkaallisia Oulussa | Kuvagalleriat |

The king and queen visited the University of Oulu
Norjan kuningaspari tutustui Oulun yliopistoon _ Oulun yliopisto
Rehtorin tervetulopuhe Norjan kuningasparille 8.9. _ Oulun yliopisto

King Harald got the Oulu City Medal at the lunch, it is the city's highest honor, the king's medal is number 43. Previously the Oulu City Medal has been awarded among others to the Kings of Nepal and Sweden and president Mihail Gorbachev.
Photos from the Facebook of the City of Oulu
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very busy days for the Royal couple
thank you for all the links Ladyfinn
Visiting Nokia Siemens Networks Rusko in Oulu

Galleries from Oulu
Norjan kuninkaalliset Oulussa _ Kuvagalleriat _
ROYAL: Harald und Sonja in Finnland, Tag 3

Photo from the Twitter of the Minister of Economic Affairs Olli Rehn. He and his wife said farewell to king Harald and queen Sonja at the airport.
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