State Visit from Romania to Spain: November 26-28, 2007

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La Reina won the students of Juan de Austria

Dressed in a suit with shades tile, well attuned to the fall, and Queen Dona Sofia appeared in the playground of CEIP John of Austria. There already were expecting the hosts, the mayor Bartolome Gonzalez and councilor of Education, Francis Bernáldez, who later joined the counselor of Education, Lucia Figar, the delegate of the government, Soledad Mestre, the director of Area Planning Madrid This, Maria Dolores Garcia Castro, also accompanied by the director of Juan de Austria.

With the first lady Romanian
Minutes later came the wife of the president of Romania, Maria Basescu, invited exception to an event that had as its main objective to experience first-hand the work of integrating immigrants being done in Alcalá.

Diario de Alcalá - La Reina conquistó a los alumnos del Juan de Austria

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las imagenes del diario - Visita de la Reina a Alcalá / Javier Cardenete
Thank you for the information. The queen is very pretty with these clothes, the colors favor her red and lilac.
I don't believe anyone has been negative. You might like an outfit or not. The gala pictures are nice and I think Letizia look better in the full skirt, than she did the other day during the Phillipine visit. Sofia, looks lovely. Her day suit was very smart. And, yes, those black stockings are awful on all.
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