State Visit from Chile to Spain: March 7-9, 2011

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Sebastián Piñera, the President of Chile of visit Spain on an official visit from March 7-9, 2011.

March 7
Welcome ceremony at the Palace of El Pardo
Official lunch with the King & Queen
Gala dinner offered by the King & Queen
Does this gala dinner mean white tie aka tiara alert?
(Yes, I'm that superficial :), but it's for a tiara)
lol, Charlotte, I was thinking the same.
It's a pity this is not an State Visit with tiaras, but at least we have a gala dinner. I hope the ladies will wear gowns at the very least, white tie and tiaras are very unlikely.
If he is received in El Pardo and there is gala dinner, it is a State Visit.
There have been official visits with gala dinners, are they never received in El Pardo in those cases?
(I hope not and that this is really a SV ;) )
As far as I know, only on State Visits, upon arrival the guests are being received at El Pardo, usually followed by a lunch at Zarzuela, followed by a State Dinner at Royal Palace.

On official visits, guests are usually received for lunch at Zarzuela, followed by dinner of honour at Royal Palace (or Zarzuela, depending on imporatance) but depending on schedule either might be scrapped.
There have been official visits with gala dinners, are they never received in El Pardo in those cases?
(I hope not and that this is really a SV ;) )

The structure of a State Visit is always the same one ... reception in El Pardo, lunch in Zarzuela, gala dinner in the Royal Palace ... there isn´t this structure in normal visits.
Thanks, I hope this is a SV then. We'll know for sure this friday, if nothing appears on the press first, when the Royal Household publishes the agenda.
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I know this is out of context, but I really really really want to see the new tiara(or some tiara at least :) )
State Visit of Their His Excellences the President of the Republic of Chile and Mrs. Piñera
Madrid, from March 7 to March 9, 2011

March 7

King and Queen

Official reception in El Pardo Palace

King, Queen, Prince and Princess

Lunch at Zarzuela Palace

Gala dinner at Royal Palace

March 8


Queen Sofia will visit with Cecilia Morel the Center Queen Sofia for patients of Alzheimer

Prince and Princess

They will inaugurate with the President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, the exhibition " Don Qui. El Quijote de Matta", at Cervantes Institute of Madrid

King and Queen

The President of the Republic of Chile and his wife will offer a reception in honor of Their Majesties in El Pardo Royal palace

March 9

King and Queen

Official farewell
The State Visit starts today at 10.30 a.m. with the official welcome at El Pardo, I'm impatient to see pictures :flowers:
Maybe a moderator could change the title from official visit to state visit, for future searches :flowers:
TM the King and the Queen welcome the Chilean president and wife in Pardo palace on March 7th 2011.
Getty gallery via daylife
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Photos from the lunch:

Letizia in a black dress and her usual tiara at the gala, I saw it just on RTVE. Hoping for photos soon... The queen in red dress with floral tiara.
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Thank you all for the pictures! All the ladies looked great, now it's time to see their gala attires.
To all the photo experts, how long before we see pictures? :flowers:
WOW! Letizia looks stunning in my opinion, even though the dress is a repeat, it's a good look for her! The Queen looks good as well but as usual her tiara base is so prominent in her hairstyle. Everyone looks quite happy, to bad the Infantas were MIA. Thank you everyone for the pictures. :)
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