Sophie Gives Birth to a Son: James, Viscount Severn - December 17, 2007

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wonderful news i'm so glad baby and mother are healthy and safe. what a happy holiday in their house!
Yay for a baby boy! Now the Queen and Duke have 4 grandsons and 4 granddaughters. I'm really glad to hear both Sophie and baby are doing well. I can't wait to hear his name.
Congrats. A baby boy thats nice and seems to be healthy.
All the best to the newborn Viscount and to his family:clap::cheers:
It's nice to know the birth has gone smoothly after the troubles she has had in the past. The weight is a little low, but perhaps they decided to deliver him a little early.

Nice for the Queen and Prince Philip to have symmetry with 4 grandsons and 4 granddaughters. Also it means that there is an heir for the title Earl of Wessex (and it is said that Edward will eventually become Duke of Edinburgh, so an heir for that too.)
A little Viscount!! I was right!;)

Congrats to Edward, Sophie, Louise, and their families at this happy occasion!!
How long will it be before they release the name?
A they have a little boy!!! Congratulations to the Earl and Countess.

Is the little boy healthy?:flowers:

I'm so happy, a little boy :) I can't wait until they release the pictures and we find out the baby's name!
Wouldn't it be a feather in the Duke's cap if they named him Philip? I think that would be such a wonderful gift to a man who seems to really be close to Edward from everything I have read.
Congratulations to all the family, I'm happy this time everything went well.
I wish all the best for them.
Sophie, Edward
and Louise.

:wub:A baby boy to complete the family:wub:
Given Sophie's problems with her previous pregnancies, it is good that she has had one that ended with little complications (judging by the reports). Very interesting to have a little Viscount Severn, though I don't know how much we'll see of him, judging by the past experience with Lady Louise.
The official word from the Palace is that the Countess is in "tremendous form". Maybe she only is staying in the hospital for a few days because the doctors wish to monitor her condition. Given her medical history, it seems logical they want to watch her to make sure she stays stable. Do you think that is the only reason? I hope so.
I am so happy for the whole family. I still wish that he had his HRH title, but I won't go on about that! Now we wait for the name.
^ Don't worry! :D He does have his HRH title. Only a new Letters Patent could take the HRH away from him. He's just a prince wearing a disguise as a viscount. A prince undercover I guess. Prince Edward wanted a more normal style but had to be HRH Prince, so now he is giving the gift of a private life to his children. Because he can. :cool:

;) Although of course we at TRF know the truth........... :lol:
thanks that makes me feel so much better. I don't know why but I really want they to have their titles!
What fantastic news! Congratulations to Edward, Sophie and Louise, as well as both Edward and Sophie's families! :flowers::flowers::flowers:

When can we expect a name?
Wouldn't it be a feather in the Duke's cap if they named him Philip? I think that would be such a wonderful gift to a man who seems to really be close to Edward from everything I have read.

This will be a nice gesture.I think it's a bit strange that niether of the queen and prince Philip grandsons had been named after them.
I'm so thrilled for them, mainly thateverything has seemed to go smothly! Congrats to all!
wow thats soooo great i was waiting for this when do we find out his name? i hope its leopold lol
I posted this in the wrong thread but again Congratualtion to the Earl and Countess of Wessex.
Congrats to them...having a boy and girl is cute.
Congratulations to the entire family. It will be nice for Lady Louise to have someone to grow up with other other then just her parents.
The Queens has grandchildren at all different ages, I hope in her older age she gets to spend more time just being "granny".
I also hope that they name him after Prince Philip, does anyone know why none of the grandsons carry that name?
Congratulations to the Wessex family. I'm glad that Edward was able to be present this time around and that the event was so much calmer.
What a lovely piece of news, a wonderful Christmas present !

What is wonderful is that it seems to have happenes quietly
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