Sophie Gives Birth to a Son: James, Viscount Severn - December 17, 2007

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Breaking News : Baby Boy born this afternoon.
Ohhh....wonderful news :flowers: Congrats to the Earl and Countess on their new baby boy. :wub:
More details : Baby born by c section at 16.20pm. Eighth in line and all that. Mother and baby healthy.
A boy is born to Sophie: December 17, 2007

I just read that Sophie gave birth to a healthy baby boy!;)
bbc news has a short story on it online. He was born at 1620 today. Good for her. I'm glad to hear that everything went fine. I bet she is estatic!!!
I wonder if the little one will just be a Viscount or a prince of the UK...
Oh he'll just be a Viscount. Small, round and covered in green foil.
Wonderful news! Congrats to Edward, Sophie, Louise, and their families! :flowers:

Just seen the story on Sky News. Apparently he weighs 6lb 2oz, and was born by c-section at Frimley Park Hospital (which I think is as lovely gesture).

I'm really really pleased for this family and their early Christmas present!!:wub:
Oh wonderful! :king2:A little baby boy in the British Royal Family!
great news ! so glad it is a boy
Wonderful News!! Congrats to the Wessex's!!

God Bless!! What wondeful news!!! Good for Edward and Sophie!! What a wonderful Christmas present and I am sure the Queen must be so happy!
Great News! Wonderful! Congratulations to the happy family! :wub: :flowers:
Congatulations to Earl and Countess of Wessex!!
I see Sky news has just announced from BP Sophie had a boy well done all.
Congratulations to all the family
Congrats to the proud parents on their new baby boy :flowers::wub:
very great ;)
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Congratulations to Sophie, Edward and Louise!!
The baby boy was delivered today (by Dr. Marcus Setchwell, the royal gynaecologist) at 16:20 (4:20 pm), Monday, 17 December 2007, by Caesarean Section, at the Frimley Park NHS Hospital in Surrey.

He weighs 6 lbs:2 oz (2.8 kg)!

Eighth grandchild for Her Majesty and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh!

Eighth person in the line of succession!

Welcome to the World, Viscount Severn!!!!

It is expected that the Countess and the new Viscount will stay in the hospital for the next few days.

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Very Happy News! Congratulations to the family! Just in time for Christmas. Can't wait for the photos!
How nice, a BOY! :flowers: So good news!
:clap:Congratulations to the whole Family!:clap:
Congratulations to the family!! Wonderful to hear all went well and mom and baby are doing fine! :flowers:
What wonderful news, Congratulations to the couple.
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